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Men’s music festival fashion how-to

| Thursday, August 27, 2015

MusicFashion_Banner_WebJanice Chung | The Observer

In today’s world, artists’ music is just not paying the bills like it used to. The fact is, no one is buying CDs anymore. Moreover, illegal downloads — along with services that pay very little for music, like Spotify or Apple Music — make it impossible for artists to reach the riches of artists past. Yet, there is a small silver lining for us music lovers — artist are now forced to perform more in order to recoup some of the lost revenue. This is where festivals come in.

Nowadays, every major city across the globe boasts a music festival fully loaded with an impressive lineup of artists from all genres. Whether it is Barcelona’s Primavera Sound or Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival (the one I graced this summer), festivals are popping up all around world and consistently selling out. Which beckons the question I grapple with every time I go anywhere: What sort of stuff should I bring?

Have no fear, after a full four days in the midst of music festival mayhem this summer, I have gathered some advice, which I shall bequeath to all the men out there with similar innate cluelessness. This is not a tale of fashion; this is a story of pragmatism. Every piece I selected serves a purpose: Between the heat, the long hours and large crowds, it is crucial to pack smart. Take heed, or next summer when you and your squad take the local festival, you won’t be a happy camper.

Shorts, T-shirts and tanks should make up the most of your suitcase. However, it’s important to take the material into consideration. Any light, preferably water-wicking material will help prevent against chafe and keep you cooler in those chaotic crowds. Sock material is also very important to consider — dry fit is essential.

Speaking of feet, shoes can make or break the experience. Its no secret being at Festival involves a lot of walking, yet many don’t put this into consideration when bringing shoes. A solid running shoe does the trick and while you are it, throw a support insole into that puppy. Don’t stop at one pair though: One muddy day and your shoes could be toast, so bring an extra or two.

Think back to this summer — you see a picture of some kids you went to high school with at a music festival, and what are the guys wearing on their backs? Hydration backpacks (CamelBak being the most popular brand), of course. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after some research, I settled on a Teton hydration backpack. Once you get past taking sips of water out of a backpack, having a large supply of portably cold water was a lifesaver. Even better, most hydration backpacks allow for easy storage for things like sunscreen, wallets and poncho. Ponchos are also essential: If not for wearing in rain, they at least make great blankets for sitting during those slower shows.

No matter what you end up packing, make sure you’re not the guy who takes up half the car with his things. Festivals are some of the most fun and amazing places on earth, but they are certainly not glamorous — especially for guys. Try rolling your clothes to help conserve space in those cramped cars.

As we begin to approach the fall and the cold air that comes with it, let’s try to not forget that festival season is just two short semesters away. Yet, with presale tickets becoming more readily available, it’s never too early to begin getting your summer festival plan together.

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