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Scene’s ’90s TV spin-off ideas

, , and | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

90'sSpinOff_TopBanner_WebERIN RICE | The Observer
ERIN RICE | The Observer

As ’90s babies, we all are very fond of the TV shows we grew up with. And with the spin-off of “Zoey 101” recently released for our nostalgic pleasure, our collective imaginations here at Scene came up with the best childhood TV shows we would love to see revisited, if only for one more time.

Kelly McGarry

Spin-offs based on shows from the “Zoey 101” era and anything prior to that are rampant. Any show that I would speculate having the “next” spin-off has actually already had one that failed so badly that I wasn’t even aware it happened. “That 70’s Show” was followed by “That 80’s Show,” “The Cosby Show,” was followed by “A Different World,” even “Full House” has a spin-off “Fuller House” in the works. Notice a trend in these spin offs — they all fail miserably. Not only that, but they have the effect of deprecating the original show. I would only wish a spin off on a show that was horribly lame to begin with. A perfect candidate would be “Friends” but lo and behold, “Joey” has already been attempted.

Miko Malabute

Give me “Rocket Power.” I remember back when I was even more naïve and silly than I already am, I fully believed that I could shred and catch some gnarly waves just like the squad from the show. Fun fact, I even begged my mom to buy me some inline skates just so I could maybe tear up the neighborhood streets with my awesome skating skills. If you know anything about me, you could guess what happened next: I went down a hill too fast and totally wiped out. Thus, while my ill-fated shredding career had to come to a premature end, I think that a “Rocket Power” spin-off would help me live vicariously through the main characters. Although on second thought, perhaps the entire spin-off would be how those kids eventually grew up and matured. I could learn something from that, too.  

Adam Ramos

Although a bit crude, “Ed, Edd n Eddy” always had an interesting appeal.  Created by adult cartoonist Danny Antonucci on a dare to create a children show, “Ed, Edd n Eddy” found success in a wide range of demographics. Even today, revisiting old episodes is an experience as poignant as it is funny. A spin off of “Ed, Edd n Eddy” where the boys, along with the rest of the show’s characters, are all grown up would be intriguing to say the least. Maybe the boys finally hit the jackpot with one of their wild schemes and have some sort of “Entourage”-esque camaraderie, that’s a show I could get behind, well, as long as Rolf is still around.  

Kathy Minko

Though it may be crude or offensive, society would definitely benefit from a “Hannah Montana” spin-off. That’s right. A show picking up where it left off after Miley and Lilly graduated from Stanford — anyone else curious about how that happened? To reach its ultimate success, though, the show should portray each character how they are now. Who wouldn’t love to see a permanently blonde — and permanently pixied — Miley Ray Stewart/Hannah Montana? Would she twerk in front of her tween friends? Are Lilly and Oliver still together? Does Jackson ever make something of his life? Is Billy Rae still singing Achey Breaky Heart by his lonesome? These are important questions that — though they might not be appropriate for Disney — should be answered to ease their loyal fans’ anxious thoughts.90'sSpinOff_Bottom_Web

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