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Bouts finals matchups set

| Tuesday, November 10, 2015

By Dominic Ianelli

Jessica Wilson def. Kyra Powers

In the first bout of the day in Ring B, Ryan sophomore Jessica Wilson defeated McGlinn sophomore Kyra Powers in a competitive fight decided in split-decision fashion.

Wilson, wearing gold, dominated for most of the first round, but Powers continued to fight. After a back-and-forth battle, Wilson appeared to take the lead. In the second round, however, Powers was able to close the gap, using her quick hands to get in several punches on her opponent.

The third round featured the two noticeably exhausted competitors trying to prove who deserved to be crowned the winner. Both fighters were able to finish out strongly, but, in the end, Wilson was awarded the victory.

Kelly “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” Smith def. Meg “Hunt” McLean  

Lyons junior Kelly Smith defeated Pasquerilla East sophomore Meg McLean in a tough fight decided by a unanimous decision.

Smith, wearing blue, started the first round with several strong blows to McLean’s head. However, McLean followed with a big move, knocking down Smith with a strong punch towards the end of the round.

As the fight continued into the second round, both boxers got in multiple body blows, and neither slowed down in round three. McLean did not back down, but it was Smith who came out of the matchup with the hard-fought victory.

Junior Kelly Smith and sophomore Meg Hunt exchange punches  during Sunday’s semifinal round of Baraka Bouts.Sarah Olson | The Observer
Junior Kelly Smith and sophomore Meg Hunt exchange punches
during Sunday’s semifinal round of Baraka Bouts.

By Anthony Zappia

Caroline Skulski def. Carrie “Scary” Christmann

In the match between Lewis junior Caroline Skulski and Pangborn freshman Carrie Christmann, experience had the upper hand as the junior Skulski won by a unanimous decision.

Skulski was able to take advantage of her significantly longer reach to repeatedly land punches to the head and upper body. Christmann was forced to stay on the defensive for much of the match and struggled to land punches. The punches Christman was able to land lacked the power of those thrown by Skulski, especially after she became fatigued in in the later rounds.

Shannon Martin def. Holly O’Brien

In a battle of seniors, Shannon Martin defeated Holly O’Brien in a unanimous decision.

The match got off to a quick start with a lot of action and movement right from the opening bell. Martin quickly became the aggressor, forcing her opponent to move around the ring. Martin used a combination of a left jab followed by a right hook to O’Brien’s head. O’Brien tried to fight back, but by lowering her gloves to throw punches of her own, she opened herself up to more shots from Martin, ultimately allowing Martin to claim a clear victory.

Katie “Swerving” Irving def. Keenan White

Senior Katie Irving defeated freshman and South Bend native Keenan White in a split decision.

The match was fairly even early with a significant number of punches thrown by each side. White’s strategy of changing levels by punching high then low was successful early, but by the third round, a fatigued White lost some of her power and technique, lowering her gloves and exposing herself to punches from Irving. Irving maintained her power throughout the duration of the fight, ultimately enabling her to be victorious.

Maria Aranguren def. Melissa Budicini

In a matchup between two sophomores, Maria Aranguren defeated Melissa Budicini in a split decision.

Aranguren came out of the gate with a lot of energy, throwing a significant amount of punches early in the first round, though she landed only a small percentage. The taller Budicini aimed high with her punches, focusing on the head of Aranguren while Aranguren focused on landing punches to the body of Budicini.

Aranguren’s tenacity and rapid-fire punching technique gave her the upper hand in the match as she was able to push Budicini around the ring, especially in the third round. Aranguren came out swinging in the third ultimately allowing her to take the victory.

Erin Bradford def. Jenna “Navi” Ivan

In the match between sophomore Erin Bradford and senior Jenna “Navi” Ivan, experience did not determine the victor as Bradford won in a split decision.

The first round was even, with neither Bradford nor Ivan throwing more than a few punches before separating. Ivan appeared to have the upper hand early in the second round, but Bradford went on the attack with a furious rally which shifted the tide of the fight. Bradford continued to attack in the third, but Ivan held her ground maintaining her form and power until the end. It was Bradford however who was ultimately victorious thanks to her aggression near the end of the match.

Mariana “Make them sorry” Tumminello def. Meg Lloyd

In the match between junior Mariana Tumminello and freshman Meg Lloyd, the junior had the upper hand as Tumminello won in a unanimous decision. The first round was high energy and evenly matched with both boxers landing punches early. Tumminello started to take control late in the first round as she became the aggressor and forced Lloyd around the ring. But Lloyd did not go away easily as both boxers continued to land powerful punches to the head until the final bell of the last round. However, Tumminello was declared victorious and will advance.

Kaley “Let’s Go” Cohen def. Erin Bishop

In the fight between senior Erin Bishop and junior Kaley Cohen, Bishop was victorious in a unanimous decision. Right from the start of the first round, it was clear Cohen planned to be aggressive. Using an effective left jab-right hook combination, Cohen was able to land several punches early. Bishop was forced to spend much of the fight dodging and blocking Cohen’s attacks. Bishop struggled to land punches of her own and spent a majority of the fight trying to fend off the aggressive Cohen. Ultimately, Cohen’s strategy paid off as she was declared victorious.


By Victoria Llorens

Serena Chan def. Emily DeRubertis

The bouts commenced in Ring A as Lewis freshman Emily DeRubertis from Pearl River, New York, faced off against Cavanaugh senior Serena Chan from Hong Kong.

With high energy, both landed blows on the other, especially to the head, in the first round. Round two was back and forth, with neither fighter looking like she had the upper hand. The third round saw less action as both fought more conservatively, neither giving the other a chance to land powerful hits.

Chan pulled out the victory by unanimous decision.

Casey “Burn the Bouts” Gelchion def. Patricia Fernandez de Castro Samano

Casey Gelchion of Badin and Patricia Fernandez de Castro Samano fought in the second bout in Ring A.

Although Gelchion dominated the first round, Samano redoubled her efforts to take control of the second round. The third round held a little less action and could have gone either way.

Gelchion won on a split decision.

Renee “Rage Cage” Griffin def. Mary Grace Lewis

In the third match, Pasquerilla West freshman Mary Grace Lewis from Belleville, Illinois, clashed with Farley junior Renee “Rage Cage” Griffin.

Griffin dominated the ring the whole match, but Lewis put up a hard fight and never backed down. Neither let up, though, and as the third round neared its end, the referee paused the match due to Lewis’ bleeding nose.

Griffin won the match by unanimous decision.

(Editor’s note: Renee Griffin is a sports writer for The Observer)

Kiley Cox def. Sharon Chiang

Badin senior Kiley Cox from Western Springs, Illinois, exchanged blows with Welsh Family junior Sharon Chiang from North Potomac, Michigan.

Both girls passionately began the fight, landing punches on each other but negated many of the blows with defensive technique. Cox’s headgear popped off at the end of the first round, causing a delay as the trainers fetched a new one, and the second round continued with gusto. Chiang landed a strong sequence in the second round and forced Cox to stay on her toes and duck from punches most of the round. With a boost of energy, Cox kept Chiang on the defensive for the third round and came away with a victory by unanimous decision.


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