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Scene picks the next Eddy Street restaurant

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Over the weekend, your very own Scene editor took a little road trip. As with all good road trips, the selection of fast food and restaurants along the way was delightful and pleasing to the soul, leaving customers begging for more. Thus sparks the question: If you could change the selections available, which restaurants and eateries would you like to see at Eddy Street?

Kelly McGarry

What Eddy Street needs is an authentic Mexican restaurant. I hold out on Taco Bell Quesaritos as the closest thing I can get on campus. Once a week, I get the treat of North Dining Hall Burrito Friday, which is fabulous but doesn’t quite quench my craving for authentic taqueria-style Mexican food. When the time comes for a burrito or tacos, Chipotle doesn’t even come close. There is no combination of the bland meats and toppings at the overrated “Mexican” stop that compares to real Mexican flavor. As a Mexican food enthusiast/connoisseur, I’d love to see Chipotle replaced by an authentic locally-owned taqueria, ideally open late with a full range of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tortas and tostadas.

Dakota Connell-Ledwon

For me, Eddy Street is a place to go when I want a quick meal but I’m tired of the dining hall. BarBici is by far my least favorite restaurant on Eddy Street. The food is fine, but why would you pay for pasta when it’s available in the dining halls every day? I want something on par with the deliciousness that is Chipotle, Blaze and Five Guys. Something like Chick-fil-A, to satisfy my need for grease, chicken, pickles and fantastic peach milkshakes. The nearest location is 15 minutes away, and I’m just not going to be able to make it that far in the winter, with or without a car. I need the chicken close to home (dome).

Nick Laureano

Best way to get funny looks from your classmates in the dining hall? Fill a bowl with just spaghetti — no gravy, no meatballs — then walk away from the pasta line. No, I don’t eat plain spaghetti. If onlookers weren’t so quick to judge, they would see my futile attempt to create a four-way: spaghetti, chili, onions and cheese. The four-way is my go-to meal when the lines for more traditional entrées are unbearably long. Unfortunately, the dining hall’s Texas chili is no substitute for real Cincinnati-style chili. (Get at me, Texans.) It’s for that reason that I dream of a Skyline opening on Eddy Street. And since we’re dreaming, wouldn’t it be nice if that grease-shack Five Guys closed?

Adam Ramos

Not too many people know the joys that come with being a Cuban American. Unfortunately, when most people think of my family’s home country, it’s politics and history that overshadows everything else — the cuisine, often overlooked.  Yet this wonderful culinary amalgam of Spanish, Caribbean and African influences is exactly what Eddy Street needs. Many people assume Cuban food is similar in taste to Mexican food, but this is a common misconception. Believe me, Chipotle and this hypothetical Cuban-food-wonderland could coexist, in a beautiful Hispanic relationship. From sweet plantains to breaded steak, to rice accompanied by a fried egg, Notre Dame students should no longer be depraved of Cuban cuisine. Now if we must remove a restaurant, my pick is Five Guys, but only because of my nut allergy — and selfishness.

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