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25 Days of Christmas: The Mount Rushmore of holiday drinks

| Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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It’s that time of year again, where the temperature is consistently cooler, and people do what they can to bundle up and stay warm. However, no amount of down vests and beanies can match the warmth (and accompanying heart-warming) the perfectly holiday drink can provide.

Apple Cider

As anyone who has tailgated in the Midwest can tell you, the best way to brave the cold isn’t necessarily with a beverage reserved for the over-21-year-olds  — it’s the piping hot mug of apple cider. The sweet, rich taste of apple in the hot beverage slowly travels down the throat and courses through the veins up and down the body. People instantly feel the warmth from that perfect cup of apple cider and are liable to break out into Christmas carols.


One of the most polarizing of the holiday drinks, eggnog (and here I am, of course, are referring to the nonalcoholic version) is one of those drinks that people hear and — if they have never tried it — will instantly shudder and shy away from. But there’s a reason why it’s been around as long as the holiday itself. In fact, speaking of Mount Rushmore, George Washington himself was known to partake in the sweet, creamy drink. Thus, it’s hard to say no when one of our founding fathers gave the drink his seal of approval.

Hot Chocolate

If you still can’t bring yourself to the presidential level of Washington and down a cup of eggnog, then this drink is the way to go. The foolproof drink appeals to everyone, and whether you’re seven, 17 or 70 years old, an inviting cup of hot chocolate will always get your heart singing your favorite Christmas tunes. Just a word of the wise to keep you more Santa than Grinch: Stay away from simply using chocolate syrup and milk and throwing it in the microwave — you deserve better. Bring out the pots and melt some of your high-end chocolate, then mix in the milk.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I know, I know. People will read this and instantly roll their eyes, as the infamous drink has been known to draw many people’s ire and scorn. But here’s the fact of the matter — people secretly love it, and everyone knows that once those leaves turn a different shade of color and drop to the ground, they’re instantly craving that autumn/winter concoction. Call it whatever you want: basic, cliché or even played-out. You can discuss it with everyone else standing in line for the “PSL.” Word to the wise, instead of simply putting milk into it, try the flavored syrups. You still get the caffeine with less calories — it is a win-win. It tastes like Christmas.

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