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Saint Mary’s and Planned Parenthood

| Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In response to Dr. Mooney’s statement regarding the Planned Parenthood display on the Saint Mary’s campus, I see it to be inadequate, hiding behind the secular “academic freedom.” As Pope John Paul II said, “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” My family has had three young women (two of my sisters and myself) graduate from Saint Mary’s, ’04, ’08, ’10 and my brother who graduated from Notre Dame in ’12. My parents gave us a wonderful gift by supporting us there. We have a true love and devotion for the school and have kept in close contact with other alumni, affiliated families and present employees. We hope to see future generations from our family attend Saint Mary’s College and Notre Dame.

Unfortunately, in spite of Dr. Mooney’s explanation of what occurred, I fear the bulk of those who hear of this affair,  which is now nationwide, will not respond in a positive way to what they “perceive” has occurred. Perception can be just as vital as the reality. Planned Parenthood was started by a woman who believed strongly in controlling population by contraceptive methods and abortion. She was a eugenicist. And while Planned Parenthood offers other services (services offered by many other organizations that are in line with Church policy), their mainstays, both philosophically and economically, are abortion and contraceptives — most significantly abortion, as it provide the greatest amount of financial return to the organization.

So, for those people “out there” who are strongly pro-life, in line with Catholic teaching, they are seeing this episode in a very unfavorable light towards the College. And, for those who are seeing this demonstration in a positive light, they are apparently being deceived into thinking Saint Mary’s is open to Planned Parenthood. A loss to Saint Mary’s on both sides. It will be very hard to explain this to all those to whom we have previously spoken, with such affirmation, for Saint Mary’s. I think that sometimes, even an educational institution, no, especially an educational institution, needs to take a stand against a few students and faculty members who desire to misrepresent to others a position that is opposed to a core foundation of the Catholic institution.

With great respect and admiration,

Francesca Morgan

Saint Mary’s class of 2004


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