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Boxers fight in quarterfinals of 86th Bengal Bouts

, , , and | Thursday, February 18, 2016

137 pounds

Atticus “Finch” Coscia def. James “Don’t Try to” Argue

Coscia, a junior in Siegfried, started the first round with a flurry of punches and proceeded to pound his opponent right from the get-go. Argue, a junior in Sorin, tried to hold on, but he could do little to stop the barrage until the bell brought an end to the round. The second round started in the same fashion, as Coscia controlled the round again and chased Argue around the ring. Argue tried to get in close and land a few punches of his own, but Coscia continually countered with shots to Argue’s head and body. At the start of the third round, Argue attempted to gain the upper hand, but Coscia kept up his steady attack. In the end, the referee called the fight early and awarded Coscia the victory by referee-stopped contest.

Matthew Muliadi def. Jonah “Clown Baby” Poczobutt

The fight between Poczobutt, a sophomore in Morrissey, and Muliadi, an off­-campus senior, was fairly even from the beginning, as both boxers were of similar stature and fitness. They traded punches throughout the first two rounds, with neither competitor taking a decisive advantage in the fight. Muliadi was able to eventually overpower Poczobutt and land several successful combinations of punches late in the match, which earned him the win by split decision.

Chris Dethlefs def. John “Goose” Hunter

The first round began with both fighters trading punches, but Hunter, a sophomore in Fisher, had the longer reach and was able to land more of his shots. Not to be undone, Dethlefs, a sophomore in Sorin, chased his opponent around the ring throughout the remainder of the round in an attempt to limit Hunter’s reach advantage. At the start of the second round, Dethlefs came out on the attack, but Hunter evaded Dethlefs’ strikes. Both fighters traded punches throughout the remainder of the round. The third round started in a similar fashion as the second, with Dethlefs opening with an aggressive attack. Hunter attempted to maintain his distance and use his reach advantage, but Dethlefs kept the fight in close quarters and was able to land several good shots before the final bell sounded. Dethlefs was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Michael “Munchkin” Kappaz def. Cam MacGregor

The first round between the two fighters from Alumni began with each competitor launching a barrage of hits. Kappaz, a junior, quickly took the advantage by landing several big blows while evading the senior MacGregor’s punches. MacGregor eventually managed to land some hits of his own, however, just as the bell sounded to end the round. The second round started with both fighters coming out swinging, but MacGregor was able to take control, land several strong blows and force Kappaz on his back foot for most of the round. The final round was a dogfight as both men went for the win. MacGregor looked to take control once again, but this time, Kappaz was able to counter and land several body shots on MacGregor. Kappaz maintained control for the remainder of the round, and he was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

144 pounds

Alex “El Cadejo” Alcantara def. Thomas Manno

The fight between Manno, a sophomore in Zahm, and Alcantara, a junior in Alumni, began with both men rushing toward the center and trading punches. Neither fighter was able to block the other’s blows, but Alcantara’s strength gave him a slight lead heading into the second round. In the second, with loud chants in the background supporting him, Manno came out with intensity, but Alcantara landed a strong combination to the head and drew a standing count from the referee. After the short break, Alcantara took control with another combination of punches and forced a second standing count. In the third round, Manno was aggressive but unable to overcome Alcantara’s relentless attack. In the end, Alcantara was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Steven Ramos def. Chase “Birdlike Frame” Hundman

Hundman, an off-campus graduate student, and Ramos, a sophomore in Zahm, traded punches throughout the first round in a tightly-contested opening stanza. Eventually, however, Ramos was able to take control of the fight, using his quickness and superior punching speed to exhaust Hundman late in the fight. Although the fight remained tight throughout, Ramos’ ability to wear Hundman down earned him the victory by a split decision.

Zahm sophomore Steven Ramos lands a punch against off-campus graduate student Chase Hundman during Wednesday’s quarterfinals.Monica Villagomez Mendez | The Observer
Zahm sophomore Steven Ramos lands a punch against off-campus graduate student Chase Hundman during Wednesday’s quarterfinals.
Matthew “Mr. January” Yoder def. Jeffrey “J-Weezy” Wang

Yoder, a sophomore from Alumni, quickly seized the advantage in the first round and dropped Wang, a senior representing Knott, early after catching him off balance. Wang tried to get back into it, but Yoder ended the round with another big hit, earning him a clear advantage. Wang started the second round looking to come back strong, but Yoder continued to land big hits on his opponent. Wang was on his back foot for the entire round, and although he landed several hits, the round ended with Yoder still in the lead. The third round started with both fighters trading punches, but as time went on, Yoder continued to land blow after blow. Wang stuck in it, but when the bell sounded, Yoder was declared winner by a unanimous decision.

Danny “Nacho Tigre” Espinoza def. Conor “Baby Face” Ward

Espinoza, a senior in St. Edward’s, went punch for punch with Ward, a sophomore in Knott, in the early stages of the fight. However, Espinoza used his experience in the ring to eventually overpower the younger Ward, who faded as the fight went on. Espinoza ultimately outlasted Ward and earned the victory via unanimous decision.

152 pounds

Kieran Carroll def. Shawn Lee
Austin “The Sleeper” Cartier def. Liam “Trooper” Chan

Alumni senior Chan gained early control of the fight against Dillon junior Cartier by using his advantage in reach, but Cartier managed to land more punches on his lengthy opponent in the second and third rounds. Although Chan looked strong throughout the fight, Cartier pulled through in the end with quickness and agility to win the bout and advance to the semifinals by unanimous decision.

Timothy McDermott def. Patrick Yerkes
Alexander “LaForte 3” Jones def. Philip “Gunz” Park

Although Jones, an off-campus graduate student, had an advantage in fighting experience, Morrissey freshman Park initially held his ground, landing several punches in the early stages of the match. However, Park faded towards the end, and Jones took advantage by overpowering the younger fighter. Jones won the match by a unanimous decision to move on to the final four.

157 pounds

Sean Himel def. Michael Feijoo
Chip Blood def. Matt “Yeoman” Schaefer

Blood, a junior from Sorin, used his body control to overpower Schaefer, an off-campus senior, early in the fight, tiring his opponent out and causing Schaefer to fade in the latter stages of the match. In the second round especially, Blood maneuvered Schaefer around the ring while landing multiple body blows. Although Schaefer landed several successful combinations over the course of the fight, Blood was able to emerge victorious, defeating his opponent by unanimous decision.

Patrick Lawler def. Ryan Dunn
Michael “Greasy” Grasso def. Dean “The Undertaker” Swan

In the first round, Grasso, a senior from Stanford, came out strong with several hard punches to the head of his opponent, Swan, a sophomore from Dillon. In the second round, Grasso continued his barrage, repeatedly pounding his punches into the head of his opponent, causing a stoppage in the match. Swan was able to land a few punches during the second round, but in doing so, he put himself in reach of Grasso, who was frequently able to counterattack the head and body of Swan. Early in the third round, Grasso came in with a combination of a punch to the head, an uppercut to the jaw and another punch to the head of Swan that forced the referee to call a stop to the contest in favor of Grasso.

163 pounds

Patrick Shea def. Mark Egan
Rudy Bernard def. Peter “Pound” Loughran

The ensuing bout pitted Loughran, an O’Neill freshman, against Bernard, a sophomore from Zahm. Both boxers fought a tentative first round, with no hard punches thrown as both men appeared content to feel out each other’s styles and conserve their energy for the later rounds. Bernard showed strong technique in the second round, using good footwork to control the center of the ring and land multiple punches to the head of Loughran when the freshman ducked away. In the third round, Loughran was able to land a few uppercuts, but Bernard again used his technique and length to keep himself out of trouble, landing multiple blows to the head of Loughran. In a controlled fight focused on technique, Bernard pulled out the victory by split decision.

Ryan Chestnut def. Alex “The Aztec” Cervantez (forfeit)
Joe Quinones def. Edwin Onattu

In the first round, the boxers came out in a frenzy, initiated by Quinones, a sophomore from Keough. His opponent, off-campus senior Onattu, eventually stumbled after a good punch by Quinones. However, Onattu rebounded and was able to land multiple punches to the face when on defense, using his longer arms to ward off Quinones’ attacks. Quinones continued his strategy of attacking Onattu in the second round, using several effective combination moves and punches to push Onattu against the ropes several times. With the match looking like a draw coming into the third round, both sides’ supporters began cheering loudly. Quinones landed more punches than his opponent, who was visibly gassed, and took the competitive match by a split decision.

175 pounds

Zack “Bedrock” Flint def. John “Big Wet” Wetzel

The bout got off to a slow start, as both Siegfried senior Wetzel and St. Edward’s senior Flint seemed focused on the defensive aspect of the fight. Wetzel threw the first punch, but Flint made the first true offensive move, forcing Wetzel to lose his balance. The second round began slowly as well, but both fighters went on the offensive at the same time, trying to take each other out with strong punches to the head. Flint took control in the third round, however. After evading some early attacks by Wetzel, he took his opportunity and went on the offensive. He went for his opponent’s head and the torso simultaneously, as Wetzel looked increasingly tired. Flint won by unanimous decision.

Wes Chamblee def. Tai “Phoon” Verbrugge

Chamblee, an off-campus graduate student, started strongly in the first round, as he landed several punches to the head of Knott freshman Verbrugge, causing a brief stoppage. Chamblee was able to evade the long arms of Verbrugge for the most part, although Verbrugge managed to land one combination that included a shot to Chamblee’s head. Chamblee’s athleticism and balance served him well in the second round, as his ability to dodge punches led to strong counterattacks, including one sequence in which he battered Verbrugge along the ropes with several shots to the body and head. In the third round, Chamblee maintained his steady control of the match, eventually knocking Verbrugge down with a huge punch right before the bell and securing the victory by unanimous decision.

Michael “Muscle Hamster” Krecek def. Nicholas “Stud” Walter

The fight got off to a quick, action-packed start, with momentum shifting repeatedly. Both fighters were aggressive, but Walter, a Siegfried senior, was the first to take advantage, trapping Krecek, Morrissey freshman, against the ropes. Krecek escaped, trapping Walter in return, and kept him up against the ropes as he moved his opponent around the ring, eventually trapping Walter in a corner and forcing him to go on the defensive. In the second round, Walter was able to better defend himself but began to look tired, as he got caught in a corner on multiple occasions. Krecek took immediate control in the final round, knocking Walter over with his first punch. The referee halted the match with 42 seconds left in the round, giving Krecek the win by referee-stopped contest.

Jack “Not the Guy From Lost” Shepard def. Chris “McCart” DeLillo

The next bout on Ring B saw Shepard, a senior from Knott, take on DeLillo, a law student living in Keough. Shepard’s superior height and reach gave him an advantage from the start, as he landed multiple punches from long distance to keep DeLillo at bay. While the first round belonged to Shepard, both fighters traded strong blow for strong blow to the head of their opponent in the second round, with Shepard finishing the round with a strong combination. A close match entering the third round, Shepard used his length and quick reflexes to overpower DeLillo, knocking him to the ground with a combination of punches to the head. In all, Shepard caused two stoppages during the final round with several punches to the head of DeLillo, whose shorter stature made him an easy target for the long arms of Shepard. Shepard was awarded the victory in a unanimous decision by the judges.

182 pounds

Brian “Cheese” Willis def. Adam “Bear” Rainey

The fight got off to a slow start, as both fighters failed to make contact on several punches. However, Willis, a Fisher senior, took the more aggressive approach from the beginning. He nearly knocked Rainey, a senior from Duncan, over with one especially solid punch to the head. Willis also kept Rainey backing up with multiple feints. Willis was able to take more control in the second round and appeared much more solid offensively. However, Rainey’s defense improved, allowing him to duck a significant number of punches. The third round came to a quick end, as Willis was able to land a strong blow on Rainey. The referee ended the fight in the middle of the round, giving Willis the win via referee-stopped contest.

Patrick Rahill def. Dan “Thunder Road” Andree

The first round featured Rahill, a senior from St. Edward’s, landing several shots early on in the fight, before Andree, a junior in Alumni, was able to match Rahill with a couple of strong punches of his own. The second round remained close, as Andree was aggressive at the start of the round but unable to take control of the fight. The momentum shifted in the third round, when Rahill knocked Andree to the ground. Rahill used a strong combination of punches to bring Andree down, and the ref stopped the fight to attend to Andree’s bleeding. In the end, Rahill was awarded the win in a split decision.

Eamon “Gravy” McOsker def. Derek “Duane the Rock” Meyer

The two fighters appeared evenly matched from the start. Both took an aggressive approach, looking to land solid punches to the other’s head. McOsker, a senior from Fisher, appeared to have the offensive upper-hand, but Meyer, Duncan sophomore, skillfully evaded a number of McOsker’s attacks before landing an impactful right hook to the head that almost caused McOsker to lose his balance. In the second round, neither fighter seemed to control the fight, although McOsker’s punches seemed to do more damage than Meyer’s. Meyer was caught in the corner on multiple occasions but escaped each time by keeping himself low. In the final round, each fighter’s punches seemed to be less effective, with the referee pausing the fight on multiple occasions. McOsker was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Jack “Hammer” Corrigan def. Rodrigo “El Tigre” Benavides

During the first round of the fight, both competitors traded punches and landed several shots to their opponent’s head. Corrigan, an off-campus junior, started the second round on the offensive, as he landed several square blows against Benavides, a sophomore in Dillon. In the third round, as both fighters were visibly exhausted, Corrigan was able to take control of the fight and remain on the offensive, earning him the win by unanimous decision.

Dillon sophomore Rodrigo Benavides, left, and off-campus junior Jack Corrigan compete during the quarterfinals Wednesday night at the JACC. Corrigan won the fight by unanimous decision.Monica Villagomez Mendez | The Observer
Dillon sophomore Rodrigo Benavides, left, and off-campus junior Jack Corrigan compete during the
quarterfinals Wednesday night at the JACC. Corrigan won the fight by unanimous decision.

191 pounds

Jason “Downtown” Ellinwood def. Cam “Crash Cadillac” Nolan

The first round involved plenty of movement around the ring, as each boxer sized his opponent up. Halfway through the round, Ellinwood, a senior from Fisher, knocked Nolan off balance, but the Duncan freshman was able to recover. In the second round, Nolan came out aggressively, determined to get in some punches, but fell off-balance and was forced to undergo inspection. Ellinwood appeared a little more patient throughout the round and then took the initiative in the third round, landing a huge blow to the head of Nolan that resulted in another stoppage. Nolan refused to give in, but Ellinwood ultimately seized the win by unanimous decision.

Courtney “Court of Law” Laidlaw def. Chris “Clown Baby” Euell

Both fighters started out fast in the first round, and both were solid with neither establishing a clear advantage. In the second round, however, the graduate student Laidlaw initially overpowered Euell, a sophomore living in Knott, with the two in close proximity. Euell responded with a combination of punches, though, and cornered Laidlaw. The fight remained close into the third round: Laidlaw was forced to retreat, but then landed a powerful blow to Euell’s head. Both were visibly exhausted towards the end of the fight, and Laidlaw was declared the winner by a  split decision.

Jack “Irish Lion” Ryan def. Chris “El Camino” Vazquez

Ryan, a junior from Knott, got off to a strong start by taking an aggressive approach. His long reach allowed him to defend himself well from the law student Vazquez’s attacks while simultaneously aiming for Vazquez’s head. This also forced Vazquez to try to change the pace of the fight by getting as close to Ryan as possible and aiming for his torso. In the second round, neither fighter put significant pressure on the other until well into the round, when Ryan began to aim for Vazquez’s head. In the final round, Vazquez came out more aggressively but was still forced to put in significant effort to avoid Ryan. Ryan sealed his win with an impactful right hook to Vazquez’s face and was declared victorious by unanimous decision.

Jack Considine def. Diego “El Matador” Rayas

The bout between off-campus junior Considine and Keough senior Rayas got off to a quick start. In the first round, Rayas kept Considine on the ropes, before Considine was able to turn him around and answer back with a counterpunch. Rayas nearly lost his balance early in the second round as Considine began to establish himself, but Rayas refused to give in and responded with repeated jabs to Considine’s chest. The third round began with Considine forcing a stoppage, as Rayas needed inspection. Considine provided a constant, steady stream of hits forcing a second stoppage later in the round and eventually was declared victorious by unanimous decision.

207 pounds

Pat Gordon def. Ryan “Minnesota Menace” Richelsen

Gordon, a Keough sophomore, got off to an aggressive and impactful start with a strong combination of punches to the head and the torso of Richelsen, a Morrissey freshman. While Richelsen escaped, he was quickly caught in the corner again. Gordon laid down another strong series of punches to force Richelsen off balance, although Richelsen was able to catch Gordon in a headlock. Richelsen came back with more spirit in the second round, skillfully evading Gordon and laying down some solid punches at the same time. However, Gordon took some control by attacking Richelsen’s head hard and knocking away most of Richelsen’s jabs. The final round appeared more evenly matched. Neither fighter seemed particularly tired, and both of their hits remained fairly strong and impactful. It was Gordon, though, who won by unanimous decision.

Joseph Stevens def. Patrick O’Shea
Montana “The Louisianimal” Giordano def. Matt “Mama’s Boy” Freda

Giordano, a Morrissey freshman, came out of the gate strong with a clear game plan. He attacked Freda with strong, quick punches to the head and the body. By mixing up his points of attack, he forced Freda, a senior in Alumni, to remain alert and constantly defensive. In the second round, Giordano continued to attack. He was able to force Freda into a corner and prevent him from returning any punches. Freda proved unable to protect himself and lost his balance, nearly falling. In the final round, Giordano took complete control of the fight with his strong punches to his opponent’s head, nearly toppling Freda on multiple occasions. Freda was forced to keep as much space as possible between the two as a means of defense, but it was not enough, as Giordano won by unanimous decision.

Christopher “Mantequilla” Quiroz def. Conner “Next Round’s on Me” Futa

Quiroz, a San Diego native and off-campus senior, took charge in the first round, keeping Futa, a South Bend native and Duncan freshman, on the defensive for the majority of the period. However, Futa finished strong with a few punches. In the second round, Futa came out fast, pushing Quiroz into the ropes. Quiroz was able to rebound and closed the round with a few strong combinations. He did not let up in the third round, connecting on multiple strong body blows. Both fighters seemed tired and slowed towards the end of the fight, but Quiroz did enough to be named winner by unanimous decision.


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