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It is just a cigar

| Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Feb. 29, Stephen Raab wrote an article criticizing Knott Hall and the Knights of Columbus for promoting the consumption of cigars to raise money for charity and commemorate the life of perhaps the most influential and greatest man to sit at the helm of this university. His main point being that cigars cause cancer and go against the principles of both organizations.

This is ridiculous. If the author is concerned about the cancer-causing effects of smoking one cigar for one day of the year, he might as well never leave the house because the sun can cause cancer, never have a glass of champagne or wine for celebration because alcohol causes cancer or wear a radiation suit before microwaving any food.

Raab falls victim to the slippery slope fallacy. Does one day of smoking a cigar or two mean that soon “our campus [will go] up in smoke?” No. Certainly not. Should the tradition of pigging out on burgers and hotdogs while watching fireworks on the Fourth of July be stopped because that unhealthy eating will lead to obesity and damage to the environment from firework smoke? No.

Sometimes we do wasteful or irresponsible things for celebration or commemoration. Maybe the cigars that were smoked this past weekend were not good for my health, but even so, it was worth the reminiscence that was had on Fr. Hesburgh’s life and accomplishments.

Matthew Bartilotti

Alumni Hall

March 2

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