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Dr. Seuss spring break

| Monday, March 14, 2016

My spring break was not spent under a beating beach sun, nor was it spent coasting down a Colorado ski run. I spent my break watching two cousins of mine, two little girls ages seven and nine. In the house, a golden retriever aged only two and on the table a pile of papers telling what to (and not to) do. Early mornings spent waving goodbye to the bus after packing lunches where purple lemonade is an absolute must. Then it’s walk the dog, do the dishes, straighten couch cushions with care, grab a broom to battle tumble weeds of puppy dog hair.

“How did she do it?” I ponder aloud. Four kids, a dog, a cat, even turtles were allowed. My mom did this for much more than a week, and continues to do so … what an incredible feat. This is how she creates a home where love comes to life, just as here the girls will return to escape college strife. Through her example I watch the two girls grow day by day, full of dreams and the courage to confidently say, “I’ll be the athlete with records to beat, I’ll be a journalist researching lions in the African heat!”

They rush in the door in an uncoordinated mess, eager to share which part of the day was the best. While doing homework assignments with fractions and telling time, reading Dr. Seuss books full of confusing slant rhyme, each time Jess read aloud about Sneetches and stars, and as Em prepared for all those swim practices of hers, my college bubble popped in the land of mac and cheese, a land where the magic word is an often-forgotten “please?”

The girls were so curious about the world and about me, both often asking “what will YOU be?” They were so curious about my college life fables and they loved chattering about unicorns while eating Lucky Charms at the table. Over break, my inspiration came not from Pinterest nor the Bible, but rather, from the simple curiosity reflected by an unbounded smile.

Recall that one book about the Civil War nurse, or perhaps you were enchanted by Potter’s “Expelliarmus” curse. Either way, something was the foundation for your dreams, no matter how crazy or odd that reminder may seem. You once looked to the future without fear, without doubt. You wanted to know what this world was all about. It may seem hard to accept and believe as we turn to face grown-up world reality, but you know what? We’re here, making those ‘when I grow up’ essays come true. And just remember, not matter what you do, those childhood dreams will forever be a part of you.

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Kathryn Marshall, Saint Mary's College '17, is a Biology and Humanistic Studies double major. Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kmarshallSMC

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