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Baraka Bouts crowns champions

, and | Thursday, November 17, 2016

By Mia Berry

Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang def. Casey “Remind You of My Love” Gelchion

The first bout of the evening featured Welsh Family senior Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang against Badin senior Casey “Remind You of My Love” Gelchion. Both competitors started off the match strong by rapidly firing multiple shots at one another. Throughout all three rounds of the match, both Chiang and Gelchion were evenly matched with one another. It was difficult for fans to be able to tell which fighter would take home the win. In the end, Chiang won in a close split decision.

Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen def. Molly “Holy Right Cross” Giglia

Cavanaugh freshman Molly “Holy Right Cross” Giglia faced off against off-campus senior Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen. Cohen dominated the first round, coming out with an aggressive approach and forcing Giglia to focus her energy on defending herself. However, Giglia responded with a strong second round, which raised the stakes for the third and final round. After a close third round, Cohen was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Ryan junior Joy “No Mercy” Choe faces off against junior Caroline “Mad Dog” McAuliffe in a fight Nov. 10. Choe was a finalist winner.Claire Kelsey | the Observer
Ryan junior Joy “No Mercy” Choe faces off against junior Caroline “Mad Dog” McAuliffe in a fight Nov. 10. Choe was a finalist winner.

Amelia “I’m Not Here to Play School” Wittig def. Rebecca “RHaus” Hauserman

Welsh Family junior Amelia “I’m Not Here to Play School” Wittig took on off-campus senior Rebecca “RHaus” Hauserman in a fierce finals battle. During the match, both competitors exchanged a series of rapid shots early on in the first round. By the second round, Hauserman had lost her fire and was clearly tired. Wittig, living up to her nickname, took complete control of the final two rounds. The winner by unanimous decision was Wittig.

Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi def. Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta

The fight between Lewis sophomore Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi and Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta highlighted both offensive and defensive prowess. Kivi started the match displaying her strong offense skills repeatedly throwing rapid jabs to throw Micelotta off and force her to defend herself. Despite a slow start, Micelotta won the crowd over with her defensive moves that enabled her to dodge multiple quick jabs. In the end, though, Kivi won by unanimous decision.

Maddie “Monogram” McGovern def. Eileen “The Mean” McTigue

Off-campus senior Eileen “The Mean” McTigue faced off against off-campus senior Maddie “Monogram” McGovern in a ferocious fight for both fighters. Early on in the match, an accidental tackle by McTigue sent McGovern to the ground covered with blood from a nosebleed. After a timeout by the referee, McGovern emerged angry and fiery, as she rapidly landed shot after shot on McTigue, sending her into a retreat. Despite battling a bloody nose, McGovern won the match by unanimous decision.


By Alex Bender

Rachel “I Shaved My Legs for This” Ganson def. Megan “Shake and Bake” Villandre

To start off the match between Pasquerilla East senior Rachel “I Shaved My Legs for This” Ganson and junior Pyro Megan “Shake and Bake” Villandre, both girls took some powerful shots early on. Ganson was eventually knocked over before the round was over. The second round started with Ganson getting Villandre on the ropes, but Villandre battled out of danger. As the round wore on, fatigue was clearly setting in for the two big-swinging fighters. In the third round, both fighters swung less often, but the hits were powerful. It was Ganson that spent most of the time as the aggressor and it was enough to give her the victory in a unanimous decision.

Sophia “Hoops” Hooper def. Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte

As things got underway between McGlinn sophomore Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte and off-campus senior Sophia “Hoops” Hooper, both girls came out swinging fast and furiously. Towards the end of the first, Hooper was starting to land a few shots consecutively to the head of Schulte, but Schulte landed a couple of her own before the round concluded. The second round was similar to the first, with both fighters throwing punches with incredible quickness. But neither could keep it up, and they each were showing fatigue by the end of the round. The final round slowed a bit as both boxers tired, but Hooper was able to do just enough in this close match to win by split decision.

Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith def. Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce

In the fight between Walsh sophomore Albertina “Bertle Squirtle” Arce and off-campus senior Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith, Smith had some big hits at the start, and Arce would ultimately need to be checked on by the referee before the first round concluded. In the second round, Arce would again need to be checked on after a big hit by Smith. Neither fighter appeared to be tiring out, however, as the second round wrapped up. In the final round, both fighters used whatever energy they had left in a last-ditch effort to make their case. But Smith had proven herself in each of the three rounds, and deservedly got the unanimous decision victory.

Delany “Shark Face” Bolton def. Jess “Don’t Mess” Wilson

As the fight between off-campus junior Jess “Don’t Mess” Wilson and Farley freshman Delany “Shark Face” Bolton got under way, both fighters took their turn as aggressor in the first round, which was a tight affair. The second round was similar to the first, as each fighter got in her punches, but it was Bolton who owned the end of the round when she cornered Wilson. In the third round, both fighters were swinging wildly in an effort to land a solid hit. It was Bolton that got in the better of the punches, however, and she won by split decision as a result.

Samantha “Sam I Am” Davies def. Ashley “Big Berd” Berding

In the match between off-campus law student Ashley “Big Berd” Berding and off-campus senior Samantha “Sam I Am” Davies, both girls came out flying. They each had their turn at being on the attack, and both landed some big hits before the round had ended. In the second round, things slowed down a bit in comparison to the first, but each was able to land some punches. This set up an interesting final round. In the end, Davies was able to land just a few more punches than she had been in the past two, which gave her the split decision win in a close fight.


By Rachel O’Grady

Rachel “Not Pope” Francis def. Shannon “Ginger Snap” Hodges

Off-campus senior Rachel “Not Pope” Francis went head to head with off-campus senior Shannon Hodges, and emerged victorious in a unanimous decision. Both fighters began the fight with a flurry of punches and a number of powerful hits to the head, but Francis gained a quick advantage when she knocked Hodges to the ground at the end of the first round. Entering the ring for the second round, Francis made use of the ropes, trapping Hodges in the corners a number of times and forcing Hodges to exhaust her energy by moving around the perimeter of the ring. However, Hodges returned in the third round with a new level of energy and fight as she landed a number of vital punches to Francis’ head, but as Francis continued to force her into the ropes, Hodges quickly lost steam and fell to Francis in a unanimous decision.

Joy “No Mercy” Choe def. Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt

Ryan junior Joy “No Mercy” Choe’s speed and agility proved to be the key to her success, as Choe defeated Pasquerilla East junior Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt in a unanimous decision. Choe entered the first round ducking and dodging almost every one of Hunt’s hits, while landing several crucial punches to Hunt’s head. In round two, Hunt came out with a renewed energy, as she was able to execute a number of successful jabs to Choe’s head, but Choe responded with several quick and accurate punches. Choe’s evasiveness ended up being too much for Hunt to handle, as she exhausted herself in the third round attempting to avoid Choe’s flurry of quick hits, resulting in a unanimous decision victory for Choe.

Maeve “Maverick” Donovan def. Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis

In the final bout of the evening, off-campus senior Maeve “Maeverick” Donovan defeated Lewis senior Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis in a contentious split-decision fight. Skrbis started out strong in Round One, landing a number of good hits on Donovan early in the fight. However, Donovan dominated the second round with a number of successful, aggressive punches, eventually toppling Skrbis moments before the end of the round. As the two entered the ring for the final round, Donovan came out with passion and energy, and immediately executed several punishing jabs to Skrbis’ head. While Skrbis fought back, it was not enough to secure her the victory in the split-decision fight.


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