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Boxers clinch spots in finals matches

, , , and | Monday, November 14, 2016

By Darcy Dehais

Delany “Sharkface” Bolton def. Courtney “Watch the Right Hook” Wright

Farley freshman Delany “Sharkface” Bolton fought off-campus senior Courtney “Watch the Right Hook” Wright in an intense matchup. Wright started off strong in the first round, throwing quick blows to Bolton’s head and chasing her around the ring. However, Bolton quickly recovered and hit back with a strong combination. Both boxers slowed down in the second round, as Bolton gained the edge with punches to both Wright’s head and her torso, causing the referee to pause the fight for Wright to adjust her head gear. Ultimately, Wright let her hands fall too often in the final round, giving Bolton several openings. Bolton took advantage and won the fight by unanimous decision.

Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis def. Ariel Navotas

In a battle of seniors, Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis of Lewis took on Ariel Navotas of Welsh Family. The evenly matched fight began with Navotas relying on her defensive abilities while Skrbis showed off her technical skills. Both boxers circled the ring and remained patient, throwing few punches. Throughout the first two rounds, Skrbis utilized a series of jabs and fakes to target Navotas’ head, while Navotas showcased her quick footwork to dodge several blows. Both boxers patiently waited for an opening before lashing out. The fight was finally decided in the third round, as Navotas tried to go on the offensive but took several hard hits to the head, sending her flying back. Navotas fell against the side of the ring, and Skrbis claimed victory by unanimous decision.

Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta def. Tiffani “The Reaper” McCormick

Tiffani “The Reaper” McCormick, a senior from Flaherty, took on off-campus senior Nikki “Not Kelly” Micelotta in a very aggressive fight characterized by the quickness of both boxers. Micelotta, who was backed by a loud cheering section, used jabs to target McCormick’s head. McCormick kept her hands up, blocking many of Micelotta’s blows. The fight remained neck-and-neck in the second round, with both boxers delivering jabs to the other’s head. McCormick, who favored her left fist, came out determined and strong in the third round. However, not many punches from either fighter found their target because both boxers kept their arms up in defense. After the slower third round, Micelotta was named the winner by unanimous decision.

“C’mon” Eileen McTigue def. Amanda “Bad News” Brady

In the fight between off-campus seniors “C’mon” Eileen McTigue and Amanda “Bad News” Brady, both fighters were on the attack from the opening bell. Brady had a clear height advantage, but McTigue compensated by staying low and focusing on targeted blows to Brady’s stomach. McTigue remained persistent and quick through the match, picking and choosing spots to target. Brady slowed down early on, but still managed to land several blows to McTigue’s head. In the second round McTigue got low, dodged Brady’s hits and threw a few hooks to Brady’s sides. In the third round Brady dropped her arms to go offensive and was backed into the corner of the ring. McTigue sealed her win with tight defense, keeping her arms up until the referee declared her the victor by unanimous decision.

Rachel “I Shaved My Legs for This” Ganson def. Emma “Gloves of Glory” Speiss

Rachel “I Shaved My Legs for This” Ganson, a senior from Pasquerilla East, defeated Emma “Gloves of Glory” Speiss, a freshman from Welsh Family in a referee-stopped contest. Ganson forced Speiss onto the defensive from the start of the fight. While Spiess tried to recover by throwing a few hooks, Ganson took advantage of the openings and struck Spiess’ face repeatedly. The referee paused the fight several times throughout the first round, and Ganson maintained her aggression, not relenting in her attack. As the next round began, Ganson used several straight-on combinations to target Spiess’ face and head. The referee stopped the fight halfway through the second round, declaring Ganson the winner.

Jessica “Jess Don’t Mess” Wilson def. Caroline “Stringbean” Skulski

Jessica “Jess Don’t Mess” Wilson, an off-campus junior formerly of Ryan, defeated Caroline “Stringbean” Skulski, a senior from Lewis, in a close fight. The match began in exciting fashion as Skulski came out strong and Wilson lost her footing, sending her to the floor. Wilson recovered quickly from this poor start by ignoring any defense and hitting Skulski hard. Wilson remained relentless, getting low and aiming for Skulski’s gut. The second round began with a slower pace as each boxer waited for the other to strike first. They slowed down, dancing around the ring and looking for an opening. All signs of fatigue vanished in the third round, however, as both fighters use hooks and jabs to try and gain an edge. Skulski tried to dodge, but Wilson got several hits to her head in before the end of the fight. At the close of the third round, the referee raised Wilson’s arm in a victory by split decision.


By Molly Murphy

Joy Choe “No Mercy” def. Kelly “I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly” Smith

Kelly “I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly” Smith took on Joy Choe “No Mercy,” in a semifinal bout. Smith is a senior from Rochester, New York, and Choe is a junior currently living in Ryan from Kona, Hawaii. Choe began the match on the offensive, looking strong, quick and agile, her aggression pushing Smith back on her heels. Although Smith fought back with skill and even caused Choe to fall in the second round, Choe controlled the match, resulting in a victory for Choe by unanimous decision.


By Mia Berry

Casey Gelchion def. Kyra “I Got The” Powers

McGlinn junior, Kyra “I Got The” Powers faced off against Badin Hall senior Casey Gelchion in a semifinal fight. In the first round of the contest, both boxers were equally matched with each boxer exchanging punches tit-for-tat. In the second round, momentum shifted heavily favoring Gelchion as Powers fell victim to early fatigue. Gelchion prevailed and won the contest by unanimous decision.

Meg “Money Hands” Hunt def. Christa “BooBoo” Zubic

Pasquerilla East junior, Meg “Money Hands” Hunt faced Flaherty sophomore Christa “BooBoo” Zubic in the Baraka Bouts semifinals. Hunt started the bout strong and feistily, while Zubic tried her best to protect herself. Midway into the second round of the bout, Hunt connected on three successive hits to Zubic face, and the referee immediately stopped the match to check on Zubic. After several minutes of conversation between the referee and the athletic trainer on staff, the referee called the match giving Hunt the quickest victory of the night.

Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen def. Heather “Is Trying Her Hardest” Schloss

Off-campus senior Kaley “Let’s Get” Cohen took on Heather “Is Trying Her Hardest” Schloss, a Welsh Family junior. Cohen dominated the first two rounds of the matchup by connecting on multiple face shots, which caused the referee to stop the bout twice to check on Schloss. Schloss lived up to her moniker after rebounding from a slow start in the first two rounds, in order to dominate the majority of the third round. Schloss’ efforts fell short as Cohen defeated Schloss by a split decision.

Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte def. Marisa “One Punch” Perino

McGlinn sophomore, Madalyn “Mo Chuisle” Schulte battled the Pasquerilla East freshman Marisa “One Punch” Perino. Starting from the sound of the first bell, Schulte was both elusive and accurate. Within the first two rounds, Schulte was barely touched by her opponent, and she was able to string together strong combinations. In the third round, Perino was finally able to gain some momentum in the match and land a few jab shots on Schulte, but the final result was a unanimous decision in Schulte’s favor.

Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith def. Erin Guilfoile

The tenth matchup of the semifinal round featured Breen-Phillips sophomore Erin Guilfoile as she faced Welsh Family senior Alexandra “Al Pal” Smith. Starting from the first bell, Smith dominated the match, punishing Guilfoile with multiple jabs and undercuts. Despite being down most of the match and having the referee stop the match multiple times, Guilfoile refused to give up and continued to lunge toward Smith with wild jabs until some of them connected without fear of being hit in return. Smith defeated Guilfoile by unanimous decision.

Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang def. Emily DeRubertis

Welsh Family senior, Sharon “Ending Climate” Chiang and Lewis sophomore Emily DeRubertis had a fierce battle Sunday. Chiang controlled the majority of the match, starting off fiery and strong, as she landed multiple combinations. Chiang even caused the match to be briefly halted while the referee checked on DeRubertis. Late in the third round, DeRubertis was able to gain some momentum and string together a few combinations before the final bell rung. Ultimately, Chiang won by unanimous decision to advance.


By Joe Everett

Maddie “Monogram” McGovern def. Maura “McSavage” McHugh

Maddie “Monogram” McGovern, an off-campus senior, started the first round strong, battering Maura “McSavage” McHugh, a Flaherty junior, several times with a flurry of punches. McHugh held her own, however, and was able to land several big punches to McGovern’s face. The second round saw much of the same, with McGovern controlling the match and landing the majority of the punches, but McHugh landing quality punches when the opportunity allowed itself. In the third round, McGovern took control, backing McHugh into the rope several times with a flurry of punches to the head and midsection of her opponent, ultimately garnering a unanimous victory from the judges.

Albertina “Bertie Squirtle” Arce def. Caroline “Vanilla Thrilla” Spencer

The first started off in a frenzy, with both boxers, Albertina “Bertie Squirtle” Arce, a Walsh sophomore and Caroline “Vanilla Thrilla” Spencer, an off-campus senior, expending lots of energy in an effort to grab an early lead. Both boxers landed an equal number of punches to the head of their opponent, with no clear favorite appearing. However, in the second round, Arce took control of the match, pushing Spencer around the ring and constantly landing blows to Spencer’s face. The third round saw both boxers put their opponents on the mat with some tremendous punches, sending the crowd wild. However, Arce, in particular, finished the third round strong by constantly and aggressively engaging her opponent, earning her a unanimous victory.

Sam “Sam I Am” Davies def. Ann Marie “Jamón” Hamon

Off-campus senior Sam “Sam I Am” Davies dominated the first round, quickly tiring Ann Marie “Jamón” Hamon, a Pasquerilla East freshman, with quick and constant punches to the face, forcing the judge to give Hamon time to recover. Davies quickly asserted herself as the more physically aggressive of the two boxers in the second round, pushing Hamon to the railing on several occasions while raining blows the entire time, both to the head and midsection of her opponent. Both boxers were visibly exhausted in the third round and lacked enough energy to land many quality punches, but Davies still appeared to control the round by dictating how and where the round would be fought, and the judges awarded her a unanimous victory.

Molly “Holy Right Cross” Giglia def. Shannon “KaPow” Chiao

Shannon “KaPow” Chiao, a Cavanaugh senior, started the match strong, using sound technique and long, looping punches to control the first round. However, Molly “Holy Right Cross” Giglia, a freshman in Cavanaugh, was able to land many quality punches of her own. However, in the second round, Giglia improved her lateral movement and was able to land several quality, albeit isolated, punches to the side of Chiao’s head, seemingly sending the match into a draw entering the third period. Giglia entered the final round with more energy and was able to land more punches than Chiao, earning her a unanimous victory from the judges.

Amelia “I’m Not Here to Play School” Wittig def. Cat “Bout to be in a Cat Fight” Levy

Amelia “I’m Not Here to Play School” Wittig, a Welsh Family junior, controlled the first round, utilizing strong footwork and landing several one-two combos to the head of Cat “Bout to be in a Cat Fight” Levy, a Welsh Family senior, who was not able to punch her way out of many situations. Both boxers came out with a renewed energy in the second round, with Levy able to land a solid one-two to the head and chest of Wittig, knocking her backwards. Levy suffered an equipment issue in the second period, which allowed both fighters an extra period of rest. In the third round, neither boxer landed many quality punches, but Wittig both attempted and landed more punches of the smaller variety, and thus earned a split-decision victory from the judges.


By Kyle Barry

Sophia “Hoops” Hooper def. Renee “Rage Cage” Griffin

Off-campus senior Sophia “Hoops” Hooper, formerly of Breen-Phillips, won by a referee-stopped contest against off-campus senior Renee “Rage Cage” Griffin. This bout began with both Hooper and Griffin coming out swinging and firing on all cylinders.  Both were neck-and-neck until the round-ending bell rang. In the second round, Hooper came out firing again and started to take advantage as she connected a few hard shots at Griffin, which caused the referee to check on her twice. However, Griffin came back and finished the round strong. The final round would eventually take a turn for the worst for Griffin, as Hooper attacked hard and Griffin had to be checked by the referee again. This time, the referee made the official decision to end the fight mid round, giving Hooper the victory.

[Editor’s note: Renee Griffin is a sports writer for The Observer.]

Megan “Shake and Bake” Villandre def. MK Munro

It was a strong showing for junior Megan “Shake and Bake” Villandre of Pasquerilla East who defeated off-campus senior Mary “MK” Munro in a unanimous decision. Villandre started off the first round firing at will and didn’t show any signs of backing off throughout the round. Although Munro started off strong as well, she struggled toward the end of the round. The second round determined the rest of the bout as Villandre picked up where she left off from the first round, continuing to be aggressive towards Munro. Villandre had a strong showing until the final round bell rang to take the win by unanimous decision.

Rachel “Not Pope” Francis def. Mari “Make Them Sorry” Tumminello

Off-campus senior Rachel “Not Pope” Francis won by unanimous decision against off-campus senior Mari “Make Them Sorry” Tumminello. Both Francis and  started this contest strong as they responded to each other’s shots. However, Francis would have the upper hand at the end of the first round. The second round would be the same as the first as both fighters came out firing and were neck-and-neck the entire round. Both Francis and Tumminello were solid in round two. Although Tumminello stayed close for the majority of the match, it was Francis who finished strong and came on top to take the win.

Rebecca “RHaus” Hauserman def. Caroline “Vanilla Killa” Haley

Off-campus senior Rebecca “RHaus” Hauserman won by unanimous decision against sophomore Caroline “Vanilla Killa” Haley of McGlinn. Hauserman came out firing in the beginning and had a strong round. Haley also came out swinging, but finished the round slow. The second round showed Hauserman’s dominance as she took over the contest over Haley. Hauserman didn’t take her foot off the gas pedal the entire round and caused the referee to check on Haley multiple times before continuing the match. Hauserman would continue to be aggressive until the end to pick up the win.

Maeve “Maeverick” Donovan def. Taryn “El Gato” Gutierrez

Off-campus senior Maeve “Maeverick” Donovan won comfortably against off-campus fifth year Taryn “El Gato” Gutierrez in a unanimous decision contest. Every punch from Donovan seemed to come out of nowhere as her punches came out quick and left Gutierrez surprised with each shot. Throughout the contest, Donovan was tactical as she utilized all of the ring’s space and kept firing quick jabs towards Gutierrez. Donovan would go on and soundly defeat Gutierrez.


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