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Living without jack isn’t that bad

| Monday, November 14, 2016

I have recently gotten the iPhone 7 Plus after returning my Galaxy Note 7 due to its explosive battery recall. Though it is an amazing device, the iPhone 7 Plus is subpar in some specifications compared to the Note 7, such as the screen, bezel size, Iris scanner, stylus capability and of course, the headphone jack.

As a previous owner of the iPhone 6, I didn’t really mind most of the differences since the fluidity and simplicity of iOS made up for it, and I thought some of the features on the Note 7 were gimmicks. However, the removal of headphone jack really threw me off. For many decades, the headphone jack has been an essential part of many electronic devices, especially for heavy music listeners. I really needed that port for my headphones to listen to songs on my long walks to class from Carroll.

To reduce the frustration of their consumers, Apple provided ear pods with a lightning port and an adapter that people can plug in their headphones into the lightning port. But this has been raising a couple of small, yet very annoying, issues. One issue is when I have to charge or sync my iPhone while still listening to music. Another issue is that I have to carry my adapter to places in case I want to plug it in an aux cable in my Uber driver’s car or at my friend’s party.

Certainly, it isn’t the end of the world because of Bluetooth technology, something that Apple thinks is the future. I disagree. I was very annoyed at the idea that I had to charge my headphone every night and disconnect/connect each time I switched to my MacBook or iPad. But then, I was even more annoyed at the issues with the headphone port. So, I decided to invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

At first, I was very uncomfortable with the new headphones. I kept thinking to myself, “How hard is it to include a headphone port?” or, “Maybe was it Apple’s ploy to get more money?” I really regretted getting the iPhone 7 Plus and really wished Samsung didn’t make a mistake in their Note 7 production.

But after spending a week with the Bluetooth headset, I found the change to be less of a deal and realized why Apple thinks Bluetooth is the future. It has been convenient while exercising; the lack of wires made my range of movement wider and gave me more freedom. I found it helpful that I don’t have to unravel the cord every time I listened to music, since there is no cord. I adjusted to charging the headset before I slept and have been able to last a day on one charge.

Apple removing the headphone port might have been an unnecessary move, but at the same time, it might have been a smart tactic in pushing consumers to a more advanced technology. Just as how we are fine without a CD drive on our laptops, I think living without a jack isn’t that bad.

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