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87th Bengal Bouts commence with preliminary rounds

, , , , , and | Wednesday, February 15, 2017

142 pounds

Patrick “Lightweight” Donovan def. James “Jimmy” Hunter

Hunter, a freshman representing Keough Hall, went on the offensive from the opening bell. Hunter viciously landed a series of jabs that sent Donovan, a freshman representing Dunne Hall, to the floor within the first 30 seconds of the fight. Donovan regained momentum in the second round when he finally found an answer to Hunter’s jabs and successfully blocked three of them before landing his own vicious gut shot, which generated cheers from the crowd. By the third round, Hunter was completely exhausted, and Donovan capitalized by landing repeated body shots on Hunter. In what finished as a closely scored match, Donovan won by split decision.

Troy “I Hope I” Nguyen def. Frankie “El Piso Mojado” Brockman

The first round featured a furious start by Nguyen, an off-campus senior, as he immediately went on the attack and stayed on the offensive for the majority of the round. Brockman, a Morrissey freshman, also landed a few jabs before the first round concluded, though Nguyen maintained the advantage. As the second round began, neither fighter was landing many punches, as they kept their distance from each other. Eventually the intensity picked up but only for a short while, as each fighter was showing signs of fatigue when the bell closed out the round. With just one round left, both fighters erupted for a string of jabs, crosses and hooks while they simultaneously battled exhaustion. It was Nguyen, however, who outlasted his opponent, capturing the win by unanimous decision.

Arthur “Fuego” Ortiz def. Daniel Garcia

Garcia, a sophomore from Zahm Hall, opened the match with a series of right hooks and Ortiz, a freshman from Keough Hall, responded with an impactful right cross. The two appeared even at the close of the first round, as they traded blows throughout. Ortiz started the second round off strongly with jabs and right crosses, while Garcia took some big swings but was unable to connect on them. Ortiz came out for the third round with a huge right hook followed by a strong combination. Garcia continued swinging, even though he appeared exhausted. In the end, Ortiz was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Sophomore Daniel Garcia readies himself during his fight Tuesday at the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament at the JACC.Emma Farnan | The Observer
Sophomore Daniel Garcia readies himself during his fight Tuesday at the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament at the JACC.

John “Goose” Hunter def. Joo Sung Kim

Hunter, a junior from Fisher Hall, opened the round with combinations, while Kim, a Duncan Hall freshman, relied mostly on his jab. Both fighters showed patience in the ring, with Hunter largely dominating the number of blows landed in the first round. Kim came out aggressive in round two with a strong left-right-left combination, but Hunter responded with his own series of combinations, giving him an edge over Kim. In round three, Kim was mostly on the defensive, with his jabs being blocked by Hunter. That final effort propelled Hunter to win over Kim by unanimous decision.

146 pounds

Alex “El Cadejo” Alcantara def. Simon “Pandemonium” Padanilam

Padanilam, a Keough sophomore, started the match strongly, as he immediately attacked Alcantara with a series of jabs that caught the off-campus senior by surprise and forced him to retreat. After receiving a warning by the official for an illegal lift early in the second round, Alcantara settled down and slowly gained momentum, which he fully controlled by the end of the second round. The third round solely belonged to Alcantara after he lured Padanilam into the corner and unleashed a trio of jabs, all of which caught Padanilam in the face. Rebounding from his slow start, Alcantara won the fight by unanimous decision.

Henry “Dancing Queen” Davis def. Joe Corcoran

Davis, a sophomore from Duncan Hall, opened the fight with several big right hooks and Corcoran, a Carroll freshman, responded by landing a few body shots. The first round ended with Corcoran on the defensive, but both fighters showed signs of tiredness. Davis started the second round with a series of jabs, and both fighters threw a few combinations during the round, but Corcoran spent much of the round with his hands up to protect himself from Davis’ attacks. Corcoran started the third round strongly, but the effort winded him quickly, and Davis seized the opportunity to go on the offensive. Davis finished the round by connecting on several consecutive jabs and crosses, and his effort throughout the fight earned him the victory by unanimous decision.

Ian “Aaron” Salzman def. Jonny Biagini

Biagini, a Siegfried freshman, and Salzman, a Stanford freshman, both began the first round with an aggressive approach, each throwing a large number of combinations. Biagini and Salzman both relied on their speed and agility to deliver several punches in quick succession. Biagini ducked often in the second round while also throwing right crosses and shots aimed at Salzman’s body. Salzman finished the second round strongly, however, backing Biagini into the corner of the ring. In the third round, Biagini struggled to land impactful punches on Salzman, visibly displaying his exhaustion. In a tightly contested fight, that made the difference, as Salzman came out on top via split decision.

Freshman Jonny Biagini, right, ducks to avoid a punch from freshman Ian Salzman during the prelimary round of the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament on Tuesday at the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center.Emma Farnan | The Observer
Freshman Jonny Biagini, right, ducks to avoid a punch from freshman Ian Salzman during the preliminary round of the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament on Tuesday at the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center.

Dom “Angel” Angelotti def. Mason “Jar” Anderson

Angelotti, a junior representing Carroll Hall, dominated the match from the opening bell, firing a series of jabs and hooks, which caused the official to stop the match twice in the first round to check on Anderson. A Knott Hall junior, Anderson made adjustments in the second round, going on the defensive by blocking and dodging the numerous jabs Angelotti continued to fire. The Carroll junior maintained his offensive, however, and despite his defensive efforts in the second round of the match, Anderson never generated much offense to combat Angelotti, who continued to dominate in the third round. As a result, Angelotti won the fight by unanimous decision.

Conor “Babyface” Ward def. Alfred “El Camello” Duarte

Both fighters came out swinging after the opening bell and landed several punches to each other’s head. Ward, a junior from Knott Hall, took control of the first round by landing several hooks to the head and body of Duarte, a sophomore resident of Dunne Hall. Ward maintained his lead in punches landed in the second round, as he was able to keep up his energy and did not allow Duarte to gain any of the momentum. In the third round, Ward kept up his pressure by warding off crosses from Duarte and eventually backed his opponent into the corner, landing a flurry of punches to the body and head of Duarte. It was a sequence that exhausted both boxers, and it capped off Ward’s victory via unanimous decision.

Junior Conor Ward, right, tangles with his opponent, sophomore Alfred Duarte, in the preliminary round of the 146-pound division in the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament. Ward went on to win the fight.Emma Farnan | The Observer
Junior Conor Ward, right, tangles with his opponent, sophomore Alfred Duarte, in the preliminary round of the 146-pound division in the 87th annual Bengal Bouts tournament. Ward went on to win the fight.

Justin Jones def. Michael “El Duderino” Wyszkowski

Jones, a Keenan senior, and Wyszkowski, an off-campus law student, faced off in an evenly-matched fight, as both boxers were aggressive throughout the bout. In the first round, Jones and Wyszkowski traded blows, dancing around the ring with quick footwork. Wyszkowski came out strong in the second, however, with repeated jabs to Jones’ head, but Jones quickly recovered and went on the offensive. Both boxers changed approaches and aimed their punches at their opponent’s body in the third round. They attacked assertively, and both fell to the ground in the middle of the round. Wyszkowski gained the upper hand at the end of the fight, however, forcing Jones into the corner of the ring several times. It was not enough though, as Jones was declared the winner by split decision.

Nick “The Governator” Westhoven def. Justin Grocock

The match got off to a quick start as Westhoven, a sophomore from O’Neill Hall, relied heavily on punches to the body of Grocock, a sophomore from Sorin College. Westhoven landed blows to Grocock’s chest early on, but he failed to connect with several jabs aimed at Grocock’s head. The sophomore from Sorin kept his hands up on defense, maintaining his stance throughout. In the second round, Grocock targeted Westhoven’s head, and both boxers traveled around the ring with quick footwork. Westhoven closed the fight with hooks to the head and jabs to the body of Grocock, forcing the Sorin sophomore to stay defensive. Grocock attempted to launch an offensive in the final seconds of the fight, but he was overpowered by Westhoven’s combination punches. As Grocock tired in the final round, Westhoven maintained his lead until the end and was declared the winner of the fight by unanimous decision.

Matthew “Raindrop” Yoder def. Kenny “G” Xu

In the first round, Yoder — a junior in O’Neill — controlled the flow of action by going on the offensive with combination punches, while Xu — a Morrissey freshman — opted to be more defensive, although he was able to land several jabs and exhibit solid footwork. Yoder dominated the second round, as he backed Xu into the railing three times, and he was able to inflict heavy punches to both the head and body of Xu against the ropes. In the third round, Xu was visibly exhausted, and Yoder was able to take advantage by landing several quality jabs and crosses, all while maintaining energy and strong technique in his footwork. Yoder’s performance earned him the win via unanimous decision.

154 pounds

Chip Blood def. Timothy Hopkins

The first round showcased aggression and skill, as both fighters were technically sound and moved around the ring well. Blood, an off-campus senior, held the advantage after one round, however, as he was able to land several quality jabs and hooks to the head and upper body of Hopkins. The off-campus junior continued to struggle finding places to land punches in the second round, as Blood exhibited tremendous control and composure before suddenly lashing out of his defensive position. In the third round, Blood again employed solid footwork, body control, a conservative defensive position and sudden aggressive outbursts to control the round in the same fashion as he had the entire fight. As a result, the judges awarded Blood the victory over Hopkins by unanimous decision.

Parker “Zika” Revers def. “Shady” Will Ferguson

The first round got underway with each competitor getting a chance to pin his opponent up against the ropes to deliver a flurry of punches. Despite that, both fighters still appeared to have plenty of energy after the first round, as the second round carried forward much of the energy from the first. Revers, a Fisher freshman, started off with a strong array of jabs and crosses that had the crowd roaring. Ferguson, an off-campus senior, would eventually break away and land a few punches of his own before the round concluded. In the final round, both fighters emptied the tank and went aggressively battled it out until the end, trading blows throughout. Ultimately, Revers proved to be just a little more assertive, as he earned the win by split decision.

Jared “Welcome to my Neighborhood” Rodgers def. Peter Eckard

Rodgers, a senior from Keough Hall, came out swinging and immediately landed a massive cross to the head of Eckard, an O’Neill freshman. Rodgers followed this with a combination to eventually send Eckard to the ground. Rodgers controlled the rest of the round by aggressively fighting in close proximity to Eckard and pushing him to the railing. The second round consisted of much of the same, as Rodgers continued to land the majority of the punches — including several impactful jabs — to appear completely in control entering the final round. In the that round, however, Eckard picked up his energy and successfully charged Rodgers, landing a flurry of punches to the body and the head of Rodgers throughout the round, as Rodgers seemed to have spent all of his energy early in the match. Eckard’s rally ultimately fell short, however, as the judges awarded Rodgers the victory by split decision.

Tim Mikulski def. Johnny “Juicy” Malin

Both boxers made strong impressions on the crowd in the first round, as they each threw their jabs quickly and aggressively. Mikulski, a Duncan freshman, started to gain the upper hand in the second round by maintaining his aggressiveness while Malin, an off-campus senior formerly of Morrissey, began to slow. Mikulski was able to trap Malin for a moment, but Malin recovered well and escaped. Mikulski threw several strong jabs, but Malin returned with the same maneuvers. Neither boxer showed signs of letting up in the final round, using their strong arms to attack one another’s heads while remaining mostly stationary in the ring. Mikulski closed the fight with a strong run, however, and ultimately won by unanimous decision.

Mike “The K.O.” Feijoo def. John “The Polak” Posluszny

The fight began evenly with Feijoo, a sophomore from Morrissey, searching for an opening, but Posluszny, a freshman from St. Edward’s, held his ground. Feijoo controlled the first round with jabs, nearly causing Posluszny to fall to the ground. Posluszny threw jabs to open the second round, but Feijoo successfully blocked the punches and countered quickly, pinning Posluszny against the side of the ring. Posluszny tried to keep his distance in the final round, going on the defensive, but Feijoo landed landed hooks to Posluszny’s head. Both boxers had tired by the end of the final round, but Feijoo was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Alex “The Roth of God” Roth def. Dash “Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge” Holland

Roth, a graduate student from Zahm, dominated Holland, a senior from Siegfried, throughout the fight, opening the match with an explosive start, landing early jabs to the head of Holland. Holland came out strong in the second round, but was quickly backed against the side of the ring as Roth delivered strong blows to his opponent’s face. The official stopped the fight momentarily to allow medics to tend to Holland. Holland used combination punches to stay in the fight, but Roth gained the upper hand with hooks to the head. As the boxers tired, the final round was completed at a slower pace. After they danced around the ring defensively, Roth was ultimately declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Tim Leisernring def. Joe Brennan

Leisernring, a freshman resident of Morrissey, started the first round on a strong note by landing a solid cross and jab to send his opponent stumbling. However, Knott freshman Brennan was able to recover nicely by landing several jabs to the head of his opponent, seemingly leveling the round. Leisernring continued his tactic of starting the round strong by coming out on the offensive and landing several quality punches, but Brennan was again able to land a fair share of his own by fighting in close quarters. In the third round, both fighters again engaged each other at close range, but Leisernring was able to land more, earning him a unanimous victory from the judges.

“Sloppy” Joe Guilfoile def. Chris “The Gyro” Prattos

In the first round, Guilfoile — an off-campus senior — controlled the action by moving Prattos, a freshman resident of Duncan Hall, around the ring and maintained a strong defensive presence with quick jabs and crosses. In the second round, the action picked up as Guilfiole opened up the offensive floodgates, pouring in punches by mixing in hooks and uppercuts, and keeping Prattos off balance and incapable of recovering for long periods. Prattos came out with a sense of urgency in the third round, but Guilfoile was able to wear him down and apply some pressure of his own, eventually landing several huge hooks to the head and neck of his opponent to send him stumbling. Guilfoile put forth a technically sound performance, and secured the win via unanimous decision as a result.

159 pounds

Garrett “FedEx” Schmelling def. Pat Rafferty

Schmelling, a senior from Fisher Hall, controlled the first round by moving Rafferty, a Duncan freshman, around the ring and landing several punches to Rafferty’s head and body. On the other side, Rafferty was unable to generate much momentum offensively. Rafferty came out aggressive in the second round, as he attempted to land a flurry of punches, but Schmelling defended against the assault well to minimize the damage. Showing great control, Schmelling landed punishing shots to the body and head of Rafferty, who was unable to land many punches of his own. Rafferty recovered slightly in the third round by assuming a more conservative attack to mirror Schmelling’s strategy, and he landed a couple of quality punches as a result, but the lead Schmelling accumulated in the first two rounds was too much, as the senior was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Matthew “50 Shades of” Green def. Nick “Hidden Paw” Jeffrey

Green, a sophomore representing Dillon, immediately went on the offensive in the first round, landing several hits to Jeffrey’s head. The sophomore from Alumni was able to recover and force Green onto the defensive, but Green managed to regain control of the fight for the rest of the round. Jeffrey had a stronger second round, keeping the fight in close quarters and landing several shots, but Green managed to keep the round close. Green came out strong once again in the final round, forcing Jeffrey into the ropes, but Jeffrey fought back with several body shots. Green’s long reach kept him in control of the round, though, and he defeated Jeffrey by split decision.

Gio Lincon def. Jack Feger

The first round was slowed by a few referee stops, but both fighters held their own throughout. Lincon, a Knott Hall senior, was able to briefly knock Feger, a junior resident of Keough Hall, down with a strong punch, but Feger quickly bounced back. The second round was immediately put on hold due to an equipment malfunction, but Feger landed some big jabs and crosses coming out of the break. Lincon responded with several shots of his own to even out the round before it concluded. In the last leg of the fight, both competitors started to land some of their strongest punches of the night. Neither definitively pulled away in the last round, but Lincon’s work throughout the early portions of the fight was enough to earn the senior the win via unanimous decision.

Alex “The Aztec” Cervantez def. Anthony “El Toro Rojo” Vallera

The first round between Vallera, an off-campus senior, and Cervantez, a junior resident of St. Edward’s Hall, did not feature any significant offensive attacks, yet each fighter was able to land a few punches on his opponent to get things warmed up heading  into the second round. The next frame saw some bigger swings, as both fighters took turns on the attack and landed solid blows to his opponent. Neither was showing much fatigue up to that point, but it slowly emerged as they got underway in the third round. Vallera swung big to start the final period, while Cervantez aimed for inside jabs. Vallera was able to pin Cervantez on the ropes at one point, but Cervantez used his ability to go back on the attack and decisively secure the late edge. That proved to be the big difference, as Cervantez picked up victory by unanimous decision.

Gregory Arts def. Johnny Link

In the first round, the taller Arts — a Carroll junior — came out swinging with long hooks, but Link — an O’Neill freshman — successfully pushed Arts into the ropes and landed a combination of punches to his body and head. After that, however, the rest of the round saw neither fighter take an advantage over his opponent. The second round showcased a contrast of styles, as the shorter Link found success in close quarters punching the body of Arts, while Arts found success in distancing himself from Link and landing long hooks to Link’s head. In the third round, Link used all his remaining energy and chased Arts along the ropes while landing several body punches. Arts recovered, however, and landed several quality punches of his own, including one to Link’s head that caused a momentary stoppage in action. Both boxers fought well in the close match, but the judges awarded the victory to Arts via split decision.

Luke “Riff” Rafferty def. Sean Graham

In one of the most lively first rounds of the night, Rafferty, a Duncan sophomore, opened things up on the attack. Graham, a Keough junior, landed a few punches, but the first round was largely dominated by Rafferty and his aggression. After a brief pause, the second round saw as much energy as the first. This time, however, Graham evened the momentum out a bit in the middle stretch of the fight. In the final round, Rafferty again started off with an aggressive offensive. Each fighter got in some solid hits, and as the fight wrapped up, both fighters started to visibly show fatigue as a result of the high energy they brought early on. Rafferty’s strong start to each round gave him the advantage, however, as he won by unanimous decision.

Phil Stenger def. Jonah “Bob Laszlo” Cremin-Endes

The first round started with Stenger, a Siegfried senior, firing a flurry of punches that mostly found their target. Cremin-Endes, a junior from Knott, slipped to the ground during the round, causing a temporary stoppage in the action. In the second round, Stenger continued to land some solid punches, this time to the face of his opponent, causing a stoppage once again and propelling Stenger to a clear lead after two rounds of the fight, as Cremin-Endes found himself unable to land many quality punches. The junior came out strong in the third round by charging Stenger and landing several crosses, but Stenger recovered and continued to attack the face of Cremin-Endes, seriously bloodying his nose. As a result, Stenger earned the victory by unanimous decision from the judges.

Joey “Mrong” Quinones def. Pat “Star” Lynch

Juniors Quinones and Lynch, representing Keough and Keenan, respectively, started the match rapidly, exchanging a series of jabs. Neither fighter, however, gained the advantage in the first round. In the second round, Quinones quickly gained the upper hand after landing an uppercut that caused the official to temporarily stop the match. Quinones continued his dominance in the third round, and drew blood on a right hook to the face of Lynch, which caught Lynch by surprise. After a temporary medical timeout, Lynch returned to the match, rapidly firing shots, but his comeback attempt fell short, as Quinones won by unanimous decision.

166 pounds

Paddy “The Notorious” Lawler def. Michael Briody

Lawler started the match aggressively. The junior from Fisher landed impactful shots to Briody’s head until the Dunne freshman’s headgear came off early in the first round, forcing a short break. Lawler went on the offensive again once the action resumed, knocking Briody’s mouth guard out and causing another stop in the round. Round one ended after yet another break to tend to Briody’s bloody nose — the result of a particularly strong right hook from Lawler. The junior kept Briody on his heels in the second round, but Briody stayed determined and landed a few hits on Lawler. Shortly into the third round, however, Lawler once again knocked out Briody’s mouth guard with an uppercut to the head, and the referee ended the fight, awarding the victory to Lawler.

Adam “Pasquatch” Pasquinelly def. Alex Trahe-Valencia

Pasquinelly, an off-campus senior, started the fight with a quick offensive attack. Despite a height disadvantage, Pasquinelly forced Trahe-Valencia, a Carroll freshman, back into the ropes early in the first round. Trahe-Valencia managed to recover and traded blows with Pasquinelly until the senior landed a flurry of punches to the head before the end of the round. Trahe-Valencia adopted a more aggressive approach in the second round, using his longer reach to his advantage. Pasquinelly managed to keep the fight low, though, and landed several hits to Trahe-Valencia’s body and head. Pasquinelly returned to his quick and aggressive attack in round three and forced Trahe-Valencia back on the ropes multiple times. In the end, Pasquinelly exited the ring with a victory by unanimous decision.

Sean “The Crouton” Flynn def. Ian “Sparky” Waller

Flynn, an off-campus law student, started the contest strongly by throwing an arsenal of punches at Waller, a Fisher freshman. Flynn continued on the offensive and maintained control throughout the first round. The second round took on a different tone, with Waller going back and forth with Flynn. The two traded blows throughout the round, and Waller was able to hold his own, even going on the offensive at times. The final round continued to appear even between the two boxers until Flynn knocked Waller off balance, causing the freshman to fall right before the final bell rang. As a result, Flynn finished victorious by split decision.

Seamus “Kinda” Long def. Patrick “I’m Not” Schurr

As things got underway between Schurr, an off-campus senior, and Long, a sophomore Knott Hall resident, neither was able to pull away. However, they were each able land their fair share of punches before the bell brought an end to the first round. The second round saw the intensity pick up, as each fighter used his long reach to land some jabs while maintaining distance from his opponent. The fight appeared to be close, and the final round was poised to see each fighter empty the tank in a last ditch effort to make his case. Ultimately, it was Long who was able to win over the judges, as he hung on to win the fight by split decision.

Charlie Puntillo def. Gianfranco “Little Caesar” Cesareo

Puntillo, a sophomore resident of O’Neill, came out firing on all cylinders, as he landed a series of aggressive punches aimed at Cesareo, a sophomore in St. Edward’s. Puntillo was able to force Cesareo to defend himself for the majority of the fight, as Puntillo maintained his aggressive approach throughout the bout. The referee stopped the fight to check on Cesareo at one point, marking one of the few stoppages to Puntillo’s attack. Ultimately, he defeated Cesareo comfortably, as he was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Danny “No Chill” Childers def. Christopher Hayes

Both boxers came out with an aggressive approach and were able to connect on the majority of their punches in the first frame, as the fight appeared even through the round. In the second round, Childers — a Keough junior — started the action by landing multiple jabs on Hayes, a freshman resident of Zahm. Neither fighter had a clear advantage going into the final round, however. In the third and final round, Childers seized the momentum, as he delivered a combination of shots to Hayes’ head and forced Hayes to spend the rest of his time defending himself. As a result, Childers was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Jake “I’m Watching You” Makowski def. Rodolfo “Grody Rody” Pozas

Makowski took control of the first round immediately with a quick attack. The off-campus senior forced Pozas, a Siegfried sophomore, onto the defensive to evade Makowski’s flurry of blows. In the second round, Pozas tried to use his height to his advantage and went after Makowski more aggressively. Makowski’s speed proved to be too much for Pozas, however, and the senior once again took control of the match. Makowski opened the final round with another quick attack, forcing Pozas onto the ropes almost immediately. After a brief stop in action to tend to Pozas’ bloody nose, Makowski kept the sophomore moving around the ring and frequently backed him against the ropes, leading to his victory via unanimous decision.

Jack “Squad Socks” McDermott def. Justin “Right Back at You” Livingston

Livingston, a Duncan senior, began the match aggressively, swinging wildly at McDermott, an O’Neill sophomore. McDermott dodged most of Livingston’s blows, however, and took control of the first round by landing open punches on Livingston. This pattern continued into the second round, as McDermott continued to evade Livingston’s attacks, forcing the senior to change tactics and go on the defensive. McDermott pushed Livingston back against the ropes and caused a short break to tend to Livingston’s bloody nose just before the end of the round. Livingston came out more cautiously in the third round, and he was unable to stop McDermott’s momentum. McDermott landed several shots to the body and gave Livingston another bloody nose with a punch to the face. The match ended with McDermott being awarded the win by unanimous decision.

174 pounds

Jack “Hammer” Corrigan def. James “The Stick” Cheney

The first round of this fight began slowly, as both boxers attempted to get a feel for each other’s approaches and tempos. Corrigan, an off-campus senior, and Cheney, an off-campus law student, each managed to land a few punches during the round. In the second round, Cheney launched the first true offensive attack of the fight. Corrigan was able to come back and finish the round off strongly, however, as he both combatted Cheney’s attack and countered with his own offensive. In the final round, both fighters came out firing, but Corrigan dominated the round offensively and sealed his victory, which he earned by unanimous decision.

Ishaan Goel def. Matthew Hardiman

Hardiman, a Morrissey freshman, started the fight strongly, forcing Goel, a freshman in Dunne, against the ropes in the first round. Hardiman stopped shortly afterward, however, with an apparent injury. After two more unsuccessful attempts to stay in the match, the referee ended the fight due to Hardiman’s injury just seconds into the second round and awarded the victory to Goel.

Colin “Red, The South Bend Bandino” O’Neill def. Brendan “Sunshine” Coyne

O’Neill, a senior from Carroll Hall, and Coyne, an off-campus senior, began the contest by trading punches in an even first round. In the second round, both boxers started off going back and forth again, as the crowd cheered on each fighter. O’Neill finished strongly, however, to take an advantage in the fight by the end of the frame. In the final round, O’Neill started off firing shots at Coyne with the crowd chanting “Red” behind him. Despite Coyne closing the gap by the end of the fight, it was O’Neill who won by split decision.

Mike “The Count of Monte Fisto” Krecek def. Andres “Cocoa” Walliser-Wejebe

The match began with Krecek, a Morrissey sophomore, starting strongly, forcing Walliser-Wejebe around the ring with his long reach. Krecek maintained control of the round, keeping the O’Neill freshman on defense and limiting him to only a few punches. Krecek came out fast once again in the second round, but Walliser-Wejebe responded by keeping things low and landing a few shots to Krecek’s body. Krecek managed to keep forcing Walliser-Wejebe back with blows to the head and tired him out by keeping him moving around the ring. Walliser-Wejebe remained on defense throughout most of the final round and Krecek continued to employ his long reach, refusing to let Walliser-Wejebe keep the fight in close quarters and securing a victory for himself by unanimous decision.

Chris “Dada” Harrington def. Lester “Dark Temptation” Polty

Graduate student Chris “Dada” Harrington took the win against Keough freshman Lester “Dark Temptation” Polty as a result of a referee-stopped contest. With lightning quick hands, Polty began the first round by delivering fast punches aimed at Harrington. Throughout the round, Harrington and Polty went toe-to-toe, as neither fighter was able to secure an advantage. In the second round, Polty went all out to start off, but Harrington once again retaliated with punches of his own, and it finished like the first round with the fight still up for grabs. The final round would be the deciding factor, however, as the referee called the fight after Harrington connected a huge punch to Polty’s head, therefore awarding the win to Harrington.

John Toomey def. Kenton “Curls of Fury” Murray

The match got off to a slow start until Toomey attacked with a quick flurry of punches to the head of Murray, an off-campus graduate student. Despite Murray’s long reach and height advantage, the Siegfried freshman maintained control of the round. He relied on his speed to duck under most of Murray’s attacks and land quick, open blows. Murray was more aggressive in the second round, trading blows with Toomey as they moved around the ring, and Toomey attempted to keep the action low. The freshman continued with this strategy in round three, once again ducking under Murray’s attacks. Murray began to get desperate, and was able to force Toomey on defense several times in the third round, but Toomey still emerged with a victory by split decision.

Henry “Hank the Tank” Perillo def. Connor “The Elephant in the Room” Parker

Keough sophomore Henry “Hank the Tank” Perillo defeated Alumni senior Connor “The Elephant in the Room” Parker by split-decision. The first round began slowly as both boxers tried to feel each other out, which resulted in an even round between the two. The second round got more exciting, though, as Perillo started off strongly and Parker replied with punches of his own. In the final round, Perillo took control of the contest, however, and he defeated Parker by split decision.

Jack “Not the Guy From Lost” Shepard def. Luke “Cookie” Clair

Shepard, an off-campus graduate student, immediately took advantage of his longer reach and landed several quick hits to Clair’s head. Clair, an O’Neill freshman, managed to recover and put Shepard on the defensive with some quick body shots, but Shepard’s height advantage kept Clair retreating for most of the round. Shepard maintained his momentum going into the second round, immediately putting Clair on his heels. Clair stayed aggressive and continued to fight back, but once again couldn’t get close enough to overcome Shepard’s long reach. Round three was more even, as Clair stayed low and forced Shepard into the ropes multiple times, but Shepard responded with strong combinations to Clair’s head, and secured a victory by unanimous decision. 

185 pounds

Eric Requet def. Kyle “Lightnin” Gifaldi

Requet came out quickly and with an aggressive approach in the first round and did not let up for the rest of the fight. The Sorin freshman kept Gifaldi, a junior representing Fisher, backing around the ring as he attempted to fight back. The second round started more evenly, as Gifaldi turned up the heat offensively, but a strong right hook to the head from Requet forced Gifaldi against the ropes and gave him a bloody nose. The referee ended the match due to Gifaldi’s injury, awarding Requet with the victory.

199 pounds

Aaron Bode “Wan Kenobi” def. Thomas “Grover” Dodig

Bode, a senior in Keough, came out swinging quickly in the fight by utilizing his height advantage. Although Dodig, a Knott freshman, tried to keep the action low, Bode forced him into the ropes repeatedly. Dodig remained on the defensive throughout most of the first round, but was more aggressive in the second round. He landed several blows to Bode’s head before Bode responded with some quick combinations. Once he recovered from Dodig’s initial attack, Bode regained control of the fight and kept Dodig on his heels for the rest of the round. Bode began the third round by forcing Dodig to miss before landing strong crosses and forcing the referee to end the fight and award Bode the victory.

Tyler “Chip and” Dale def. Michael O’Donnell

Off-campus senior Tyler “Chip and” Dale bested Sorin freshman Michael O’Donnell by unanimous decision. In the first round of this contest, both boxers started out strongly by trading blows and firing punches at one another. The round would finish evenly matched as a result. In the second round, both fighters once again started out charging, but it was Dale who finished the round as the aggressor. The final round proved to be too much for O’Donnell, as Dale took care of business in the contest and secured the win via unanimous decision.


Christian Dennis def. Robert “Land of the” Freedy

Dillon freshman Christian Dennis advanced to the second round of the tournament, defeating off-campus senior Robert “Land of the” Freedy by split decision. This heavyweight contest started strongly, as both Dennis and Freedy went toe-to-toe throughout the first round, connecting on the majority of their punches. In the second round, both boxers traded punches again, only Freedy finished strongly and asserted dominance before the bell rang. Although this contest was tightly contested throughout, Dennis was named the winner of the bout by split decision.

Alec Cramer def. Ali Thomas Jr.

The match started out evenly, with Cramer, an off-campus graduate student, evading several of Thomas’ punches after the Duncan freshman landed his initial hit to Cramer’s head. Cramer forced Thomas on the defensive briefly before the two traded blows for the rest of the round. The second round was more aggressive, as Thomas landed a few hits early before Cramer pressed him back against the ropes and kept him on defense for the rest of the round. Thomas once again started quickly in the final round, but was overcome by Cramer’s attack. Despite Thomas managing to fight Cramer off repeatedly, he could not overcome a height disadvantage, and Cramer secured the victory in a split decision.

Ryan “Eat at Yaz’s” Richelsen def. Michael “White Rhino” Breslin

Richelsen started the match with a ferocious attack, immediately forcing Breslin, a Siegfried freshman, off balance and to the ground. Richelsen, a Morrissey sophomore, renewed his offense as soon as Breslin recovered, causing a stoppage to tend to Breslin’s bloody nose just before the end of the first round. Breslin came out stronger in round two, forcing Richelsen to evade his punches. Richelsen kept control of the round, though, and made Breslin work hard to return his punches. The third and final round began similarly to the first, with Richelsen knocking Breslin down once more. The referee then ended the match and awarded the victory to Richelsen.

Erich Jegier def. Taylor “T-Pain” Vucinich

Both Jegier, an off-campus senior, and Vucinich, an Alumni freshman, began the first round by landing solid punches on each other, as the round appeared to be fairly even between the two. This continued into the second round, as Jegier and Vucinich traded punches, and neither fighter was able to gain a clear advantage throughout. Jegier stepped up his offensive attack in the final round, however. He did not let up throughout the round, and he ultimately secured the victory by unanimous decision.

Nikolas Brooks def. Conner “Barracuda” Futa


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