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Boxers compete in Bengal Bouts quarterfinals

, , , , , , and | Wednesday, February 22, 2017

142 pounds

Michael “Munchkin” Kappaz def. Patrick “Lightweight” Donovan

Kappaz, a senior living off campus, came out strong, backing his opponent into a corner right from the start of the fight. Donovan, a freshman from Dunne, fought his way out only to lose his footing in the ring and fall to the ground. When the fight resumed, Kappaz’s agility showed, as he chased Donovan around the ring. Donovan bent over in defense, keeping his head down instead of looking up for openings. In the second round, Donovan threw the first punches but was quickly overcome as Kappaz landed hooks to his opponent’s body. Kappaz connected less often in the second round but managed several devastating blows. Donovan was backed against the side of the ring and the referee stopped the fight before it could reach the final round. Kappaz was declared the winner by referee-stopped contest.

Joaquin “Masagana” Camara def. John “Goose” Hunter

The fight opened with high intensity and both fighters displaying their speed. Camara, a Keenan junior, landed combinations of jabs and crosses, while Hunter, a junior resident of Fisher, tried to create space with jabs and hooks. At the end of the first round, Camara trapped Hunter in a corner and ended the round with a powerful right hook. The second round began with Camara throwing strong jabs and right hooks. Hunter was on the defensive, but was able to get in a jab or two. Camara landed a jab to Hunter’s face to finish off the round.

Hunter came out ready to fight in the third round, but Camara continued to throw back-to-back combinations. Intensity fell in the third round, but both fighters threw some powerful punches. Hunter landed multiple right crosses to end the round, but Camara was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Riley “King in the” North def. Troy “I Hope I” Nguyen

In a fight characterized by aggressive offense, North, a Morrissey freshman, overpowered Nguyen, an off-campus senior. Both boxers relied on jabs to the head, handing several hits to each other’s faces early on. They traded punches, with neither fighter focusing on defense. Both fighters were strong offensively and allowed themselves to be hit instead of keeping their hands up in defense. In the second round, Nguyen gained the upper hand by landing hits to North’s body. However, North came alive at the end of the round, finding openings in Nguyen’s defense. He ducked a punch and connected on a combination to Nguyen’s body. Both boxers tired in the final round, and North was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Chris Dethlefs def. Arthur “Fuego” Ortiz

Both Dethlefs, a Sorin junior, and Ortiz, a freshman residing in Keough, started the first round in a fiery manner, exchanging blows equally until the end of round. Late in the first round, Ortiz managed to get the crowd excited when he landed a jab to Dethlefs’ head that completely knocked off his headgear. The second round ended similarly to the first round with neither competitor gaining an advantage over the other to set up a seemingly winner-take-all final round. Dethlefs took a slight advantage when he threw a hook that sent Ortiz to the ground. After a strong third round, Dethlefs won by unanimous decision.
146 pounds

Dominic “Angel” Angelotti def. Ian “Aaron” Salzman

Angelotti, a junior from Carroll, connected first, but Salzman, a freshman from Stanford, used a series of combinations to do damage to Angelotti’s head. Salzman used his height advantage to back Angelotti against the side of the ring, but he quickly escaped and rebounded with a fast and powerful combination, causing the referee to stop the fight momentarily as Salzman received medical attention. Angelotti found his stride after this break and used his quick footwork to dodge many of Salzman’s upper cuts in the second round. Salzman landed a few jabs in the final round when Angelotti began to back off, but Angelotti pinned Salzman to close the fight with several strong blows to the body. Angelotti was declared the winner by split decision.

Matthew “Raindrop” Yoder def. Nick “The Governator” Westhoven

Yoder, a junior from O’Neill, came out strong against Westhoven, an O’Neill sophomore, who was thrown to the side of the ring with several strong blows to the head. The referee stopped the contest due to a shoulder injury in the first round, and Yoder was declared the winner.

Conor “Babyface” Ward def. Justin Jones

Conor “Babyface” Ward, a junior from Knott, started the match on the offensive, dominating Jones, a Keenan senior. Ward finished the first round by trapping Jones into a corner and stringing together a series of blows that nearly knocked off Jones’ headgear. Ward continued his dominance in the second round with hard body blows that Jones could not manage to answer with hits of his own. Late in the third round, Ward struck Jones in the face with a right hook that sent Jones to one knee. Immediately after the referee resumed the bout, Ward threw another jab that sent Jones into the ropes. Ward was declared the winner after the referee stopped the fight.

Alex “El Cadejo” Alcantara def. Henry “Dancing Queen” Davis

From the opening bell, Alcantara, an off-campus senior, unloaded on Davis, a sophomore from Duncan. Thirty seconds into the match, the referee had to stop the fighting to check on Davis. Alcantara continued his dominance into the second round, and the match was stopped twice more within a 10-second span. The referee called the bout with a minute remaining in the second round. Alcantara was declared the winner by referee-stopped contest.


154 pounds

Tim Mikulski def. Jared “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Rodgers

The fight began slowly, with both fighters trying to feel out the other. Mikulski, a freshman resident of Duncan, began to connect on a series of right-hand punches, pushing Rodgers, a Keough senior, into a corner. The fight continued to appear even for another round, with Rodgers battling back against Mikulski, who took an offensive approach. In the third and final round, Mikulski appeared to have the upper hand, landing a solid series of impactful combinations. Mikulski was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Senior Chip Blood, in gold, fights against freshman Parker "Zika" Revers in a 154 lb. weight division match in the Bengal Bouts tournament Tuesday night at the Joyce Center.Katelyn Valley | The Observer
Senior Chip Blood, in gold, fights against freshman Parker “Zika” Revers in a 154 lb. weight division match in the Bengal Bouts tournament Tuesday night at the Joyce Center.

Chip Blood def Parker “Zika” Revers

Chip Blood, an off-campus senior, started the match aggressively as he landed multiple jabs on Revers, a freshman from Fisher. Late in the second round, Blood lured Revers into the corner and unloaded a series of jabs that caught Revers in the face, forcing the referee to temporarily stop the contest. Blood finished the second round with a right hook to the face that drew blood. Revers could not seem to find any momentum throughout the match, and after a blow to the head that sent him into the ropes, Blood won by referee stoppage.

Alex “The Roth of God” Roth def. Michael “The K.O.” Feijoo

Both fighters opened the bout with jabs, but Roth, a graduate student residing in Zahm, threw a slew of combinations and Feijoo, a Morrissey sophomore, covered himself and responded with a couple of hooks to Roth’s face. In the second round, both fighters took an aggressive approach. The two moved around the ring and threw a significant number of punches. The referee paused the match after Feijoo was began to bleed from his face, but he came out of the break swinging hard. The third round opened with Roth depending on his right cross and Feijoo responding with his left cross. The two appeared tired, but continued to throw punches, with Roth’s jabs making direct contact. Roth defeated Feijoo by split decision.

“Sloppy” Joe Guilfoile def. Tim Leisenring 

Leisenring, a freshman representing Morrissey, took an aggressive start, leading with several jabs. Guilfoile, an off-campus senior, responded with a flurry of hits to the face of his oopponent. Guilfoile landed a pair of strong hooks, causing the referee to pause the action. Guilfoile came out swinging in the second round, landing several crosses on his opponent. Leisenring quickly found himself on the defensive, despite his advantage in reach. As Guilfoile tired, Leisenring attempted to return blows, but he was unsuccessful in making solid contact. Guilfoile continued to land solid strikes to the head of Leisenring, and the referee once again interrupted the fight. Leisenring remained on the defensive throughout the third round while Guilfoile continued to land powerful hits. Guilfoile took home the victory by unanimous decision.


159 pounds

Garrett “FedEx” Schmelling def. Matthew “50 Shades of” Green

Green, a Dillon sophomore, with a distinct height advantage over his opponent, attempted to land several quick jabs early on. Schmelling, a Fisher senior, quickly responded by landing a series of uppercuts and tough hooks. Despite his disadvantage in height, Schmelling was able to extend and land hits to the upper torso of Green. Green went on the offensive to start the second round, landing a series of light jabs on Schmelling. Schmelling quickly had Green pinned up against the ropes and took control with a series of body shots to his opponent. Green searched for any window to strike back. He took the first strike to start the third round, but Schmelling evaded his punches and responded with a mix of crosses and jabs. Green appeared exhausted and was sent to the ground with a series of blows. Schmelling was named victorious by unanimous decision.

Joey “Mrong” Quinones def. Phil Stenger

Quinones, a junior from Keough, started the match aggressively and forced Stenger, a senior from Siegfried, to retreat into a defensive stance. The referee called a stoppage after a Quinones jab that landed in Stenger face and drew blood. As soon as the referee resumed the contest, Quinones continued on the offensive and drew more blood that got on both fighters. Midway through the second round, the referee ordered a temporary stoppage because Stenger was bleeding profusely again. After failure to stop Stenger’s bleeding, the referee called the match at the end of the second round, naming Quinones the winner.

Gio Lincon def. Alex “The Aztec” Cervantez 

Cervantez, a St. Edward’s junior, threw the first strike, but Lincon, a senior resident of Knott, blocked several jabs before responding with a cross. Lincon landed a tough hook to the head of Cervantez, but Cervantez did not retreat. Instead, he launched a combination of his own. Cervantez quickly went on the offensive in the second round, which left him vulnerable to several strikes to the head. The matchup remained scrappy throughout the round. The fighters continued to trade blows, occasionally landing a solid hit. Exhaustion appeared to set in as fighters began to miss their targets. Lincon landed the final blows with a combination of a cross and jab to conclude the match. Lincon was named victorious by unanimous decision.

Dan “No Chill” Childers def. Charlie Puntillo

Junior Childers of Keough backed Puntillo, an O’Neill sophomore, against the ropes with a multitude of combinations to start the bout. Both fighters showed patience, but Childers appeared to have the edge at the end of the first round. Childers landed a right cross and Puntillo threw a variety of left jabs and hooks. Childers threw continuous combinations of jabs and crosses to finish the second round. Both fighters took more aggressive approaches to kick off the third round. The two quickly tired, however, whiffing on most of their attempts. Childers landed a few jabs and a right cross and Puntillo finished off the bout with a combination of jabs and crosses. Childers defeated Puntillo by unanimous decision.


166 pounds

Tim “Squad Socks” McDermott def. Jake “I’m Watching You” Makowski

Off-campus senior Makowski came out swinging from the opening bell, sending a combination of hooks at his opponent. McDermott, an O’Neill sophomore, evaded the majority of the blows and proceeded to land a strong uppercut to Makowski’s chin. McDermott displayed his agility throughout the initial round, dodging several strikes from his opponent. Makowski went back on the offensive, but his shots were uncoordinated and left him vulnerable to retaliation. McDermott continued to display his body control by evading strikes and responding with a series of jabs to the face of his opponent. McDermott took control of the third round, sending Makowski to the ground with a strong combination. As Makowski tired, McDermott continued to land blows. Makowski began scrambling to land any type of hit, but McDermott never relinquished control. McDermott was named victorious by unanimous decision.

Sean “The Crouton” Flynn def. Seamus “Kinda” Long

Long, a Knott sophomore, made the first strike, but Flynn, a law student, responded with a hook to Long’s ribs. Both fighters traded methodical, yet impactful, blows. Flynn began the second round with an burst of speed in an attempt to catch his opponent off guard. Long displayed strong footwork technique to get off of his heels and resume the fight. Both fighters appeared tired and were hesitant to throw the next punch. Flynn landed another combination, causing the official to pause the fight. After a brief pause in the action, Flynn came out with another quick series of hits. As Long retreated, Flynn landed a hook to the back of his head. After the scrappy fight, Flynn was named the victor by unanimous decision.


174 pounds

Jack “Not the Guy From Lost” Shepard def. Henry “Hank the Tank” Perillo

Shepard, a graduate student, came out on the offensive, landing a series of jabs and crosses, while Perillo, a sophomore residing in Keough, displayed his evasiveness in the ring. Henry showed strong footwork, avoiding several blows before landing a jab of his own. Perillo swung a towering right hook to begin the second round, but he whiffed and left himself open to attack. Shepard took advantage of the opportunity by landing a successful series of jabs and crosses. Perillo showed signs of exhaustion to start the final round and the official stepped in to call the match after only a few punches were thrown and Shepard was declared victorious.

Mike “The Count of Monte Fisto” Krecek def. Colin “Red, the South Bend Bandito” O’Neill

Carroll senior O’Neill was immediately backed into the corner of the ring to begin the fight against Krecek, a sophomore from Morrissey. O’Neill fought his way out, but was dominated from then on by Krecek’s quick footwork and tight defense. In the second round, Krecek connected on a few hooks to O’Neill’s head, a favorite target. O’Neill struggled to keep his hands up in defense, allowing Krecek to find openings. Both boxers slowed down towards the end of the second round, dancing around the ring. The fight closed with Krecek dodging O’Neill’s jabs and finding O’Neill’s head several times more. Krecek was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Chris “Dada” Harrington def. John Toomey

Harrington, a graduate student from Dillon Hall, came out hard as the first bell sounded, pounding Toomey, a freshman hailing from Siegfried, with a flurry of punches. Harrington was able to control the center of the ring from the start and became increasingly dominant as Toomey showed signs of fatigue after the first few exchanges. He subsequently lost his balance after a particularly hard jab to the head form Harrington, forcing the referee to stop the contest and award the win to Harrington just over one minute of fighting.

Senior Jack "Hammer" Corrigan atempts to dodge a punch from freshman Ishaan Goel in a quarterfinal match of the Bengal Bouts tournament Tuesday night at the Joyce Center.Emma Farnan | The Observer
Senior Jack “Hammer” Corrigan atempts to dodge a punch from freshman Ishaan Goel in a quarterfinal match of the Bengal Bouts tournament Tuesday night at the Joyce Center.

Jack “Hammer” Corrigan def. Ishaan Goel

Both fighters approached one another slowly as the fight began, cautiously exchanging hits. However, Corrigan, an off-campus senior, began to gain momentum, administering hard punches to the face of Goel, a freshman in Dunne, that resulted in the referee pulling the two apart to administer a countdown to Goel. The second round saw Goel come out swinging, battering Corrigan with jabs and crosses, but the senior soon regained his composure and was able to control the fighting for the rest of the bout. At the close of the third round, Corrigan was awarded the win by unanimous decision.


185 pounds

Dan “Thunder Road” Andree def. Eric Requet

Andree, an off-campus senior, came out prepared to battle with a slew of powerful combinations. He landed a variety of uppercuts and left hooks, but Requet persevered and landed a few punches to finish the first round. The second round began with high intensity, with Andree throwing both left and right hooks. Requet was on the defensive throughout the round, with Andree having a clear leg up. Requet did not give up and landed a strong right hook and a few right crosses in the final round. He trapped Andree in a corner, but Andree closed the round with multiple left crosses. Andree was named the winner by unanimous decision.

Isaac “Your Dad” Althoff def. Evan “Big Red” Slattery

In one of the closest, most energetic bouts of the evening, neither fighter wasted any time, each throwing strong punches right as the fighting began. Almost no jabs were thrown, with both fighters preferring to throw massive crosses and uppercuts instead. Althoff, a Siegfried junior, began to gain the upper hand over Slattery, a freshman resident of Morrissey, in the later rounds, and was ultimately able to work Slattery into a corner and land a series of punches. After a final round, in which both Slattery and Althoff got more than their share of shots in, the judges declared Althoff the winner by unanimous decision.

Jack “Shadow Recruit” Ryan def. Jeremy “Appendi” Szitas

Feeling each other out early, neither landed a ton of large punches in the first round as they each took a cautious approach. The fight’s intensity continued to increase as it went on, with Ryan, a Knott senior, bouncing around the ring, and landing the majority of the punches early. Szitas, an off-campus graduate student, was able to rally back, landing punches in the second round that drew the fight close to even. The bout went back-and-forth throughout, but ultimately resulted in a split decision in favor of Ryan.

Cam “Crash Cadillac” Nolan def. Dash “Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge” Holland

Nolan, a sophomore representing Duncan, entered the fight swinging, knocking Holland, a senior in Siegfried, to the ground with a jab early in the first round, which set the tone for the rest of the fight. Nolan began the second round by hurling a series of combinations at the body of Holland, causing the senior to nearly lose his balance. Both fighters began to show signs of fatigue, but Nolan was able to send Holland to the ground a second time to close out the round. Clearly fatigued, Holland spent the third round attempting to wrap Nolan up to contain his punches, but Nolan ended the round with a hard combination of punches that sent Holland to the ground for a third time. The judges awarded the win to Nolan by unanimous decision.


199 pounds

Jack Considine def. Jackson “Sly” Fox

Both fighters approached the fight with self-control, as the pace of the fight began slow. Both boxers displayed patience and experience. Considine, a senior in Dillon, maintained control throughout, picking his spots carefully to unleash heavy combos on Fox, an off-campus senior. In the third round, Considine was able to seal his fate by landing combinations that impressed the crowd. Considine was declared victorious by unanimous decision.

Aaron Bode “Wan Kenobi” def. Mark “Loves His Momma” Shealy

Each fighter prioritized aggression over defense, which quickly got the crowd involved in the bout. One memorable point in fight occurred when Bode and Shealy, both Keough seniors, got caught up on the ropes, with each fighter trading wild strikes. Bode landed quality punches throughout the fight, but he sealed his fate by using the final moments of the third round to corner Shealy and land some final key punches, leading to Bode’s win by split decision.

Chris Vazquez def. Zach Pedersen

In a fight that pitted Vazquez, a law student, against Pedersen, a graduate student, the two fighters started aggressively, with both throwing hard punches. Vazquez began to gain the upper hand, landing a cross to the head of Pedersen that resulted in a referee-administered countdown for the graduate student. However, Pedersen was able to flip Vazquez to the ground to end the first round, throwing the match wide open again. Pederson failed to capitalize on this opportunity in the second round and began to drop his head as he tired. Vazquez responded by throwing a hard series of jabs to his opponent’s head, although he also appeared to be fatigued as the second round drew to a close. The third round appeared to be a fairly even exchange, as both fighters began to lose steam, each throwing hard, but infrequent, punches at one another. Vazquez’s efforts in the second round earned him the win by unanimous decision.

Montana “Louisianimal” Giordano def. Tyler “Chip and” Dale

Giordano, a sophomore hailing from Alumni, dominated from the first bell, throwing a flurry of combos at Dale that the off-campus senior found hard to defend in the first round. However, Dale was able to better answer his opponent’s hits in the second round, chasing Giordano around the ring with a hard-hitting series of jabs. The sophomore responded with a hard-hitting series of his own and regained his composure, controlling the middle of the ring once again. The third round saw the two slowing considerably from fatigue as they exchanged weak punches, but Giordano still managed to earn the win by unanimous decision.



Erich “Daddy” Jegier def. Alec Cramer

The first round began with the two off-campus seniors exchanging punches fairly evenly. However, as the round ended, Jegier almost knocked Cramer over with a hit, before losing his own balance and stumbling to the floor. The second round saw Jegier starting to pick up momentum and going on the offensive, pummeling Cramer with a series of hard jabs. Cramer began to shell up in an attempt to defend himself from the torrent of hits and was knocked to the ground by a particularly aggressive combination. The third round featured an attempt by Cramer to turn the tide of the fight by charging Jegier into the ropes; however, Jegier was able to escape and land a series of vigorous combos on Cramer, solidifying the win by unanimous decision.

Pat “The Quiet Man” Gordon def. Christian Dennis

In the first round, Dennis, a Dillon freshman, came out swinging early with a few swift jabs followed by a powerful cross, all of which were dodged by Gordon, a Keough junior. Gordon bounced back without hesitation, but Dennis dodged his two jabs. After several more attempts by each fighter, the round ended with little notable action. Both fighters came out with more energy in round two, as Gordon landed a strong cross on Dennis’ head almost immediately, and the referee stepped in to evaluate Dennis. After the brief pause, Gordon continued to dodge the efforts of Dennis, and the round concluded with Gordon landing a strong cross on Dennis’ upper body. Gordon continued to dominate, as he landed several jab-cross combinations before the referee stopped the fight again. Gordon ended the round with a powerful upper cut, and was soon declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Jackson “The Flash” Wrede Def. Nikolas Brooks

Round One was evenly matched for the most part, as Sorin junior Brooks’ initial punches were swiftly evaded by Wrede, a Knott junior. Brooks and Wrede continued to dodge each other, until Wrede landed a few strong jabs on Brooks, pushing him to the corner of the ring before the round concluded. Brooks came out swinging early in the second round, but Wrede warded him off with several strong jabs. As Wrede gained momentum, he went on to land a powerful uppercut on Brooks before the referee separated the fighters for evaluation. After the pause, Wrede landed two more crosses before the round finished. In the final round, Wrede continued to control the bout, as he swiftly backed Brooks into corner of the ring, landing several impactful blows, which prompted the official to end the fight, giving Wrede the victory.

Ryan “Eat at Yaz’s” Richelsen def. Andrew “Big Cat” Rosenberg

The first round started with Richelsen, a sophomore in Morrissey, throwing some solid punches in quick succession, but Rosenberg, a law student, was able to keep him from getting into too much of a rhythm. The effects of their big swings were visible after just one round, when they headed to the corner. In the second round, both fighters seemed to keep up the energy as each landed some strong blows to start. As the round went on, Richelsen continued on his offensive approach against Rosenberg, who began to appear fatigued. In the final round, Richelsen was again the one delivering most of the punches, as he would eventually knock Rosenberg to the ground. In the end, Richelsen won by unanimous decision.


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