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Why I was pro-life before I became Catholic

| Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Twenty years ago, a young woman accidentally got pregnant. The timing couldn’t have been worse: She was going through hard times in marriage, her job was extremely demanding and she was still living in a tiny apartment sharing a room with her coworker. Although abortion was almost a social norm where she was from, she decided to keep the baby.

That woman is my mother and I am the baby she decided to keep.

I don’t know how much my mom’s life would have changed had she made a different decision. I suppose she could have had another child and could have still been happy — just like NARAL president Ilyse Hogue, who claimed at the Democratic National Convention that having an abortion was the best decision for her, and she was perfectly happy now with two incredible children. However, I do know how much my mother’s decision has changed my life. It’s frightening to think that I almost wouldn’t have existed: I wouldn’t be able to read, travel and see this beautiful world; I wouldn’t know how gentle a breeze feels and how sweet flowers smell; I wouldn’t meet all the wonderful people I love, and I wouldn’t fall in love and hopefully have my own family one day. I get to experience all the joy and beauty of life because my mother decided to give me a chance. It was not easy for her, but she did it anyways.

Am I calling women who have had abortion cowards who picked the easy way out? Absolutely not (just Ilyse Hogue). My mother was lucky: Despite all the difficulties she was going through, she still felt that she had the “choice” to keep me. Unfortunately, not every woman feels the same way. When the society makes a woman believe that abortion is her only option, she will “choose” it. But why not promote alternative solutions like adoption and child care subsidy so women can truly have their “choices”? Why not care for them and help them instead of mocking them for being stupid enough to become single moms? Therefore, I blame the government and the society, not the women who chose abortion out of despair. The bottom line is, whether you believe a fetus should be considered a human or not, you cannot deny that it has the potential to develop into a human being and live a wonderful life, the same one that you and I have the privilege to enjoy.

After the March for Life rally last Friday, I called my mom and told her how incredibly grateful I was to be brought into this world. She replied that keeping me was the best decision she has ever made. I could tell that she was holding back tears. If she were not such a brave woman, I would not even be here today. It feels nice to be loved. I wish more lives could know that feeling.

Grace Zhu


Feb 7

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