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Statement of concern on threats to peace from members of the Kroc Institute

| Thursday, February 2, 2017

As scholars, practitioners and current and former students of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, we are writing to express our deep dismay and moral condemnation in response to the grave threats to international peace, justice and human security posed by recent proposals of the Trump administration. We are joined by members of the broader Notre Dame community who share our concerns.

The new administration is launching a frontal assault on the foundational principles of peace and international cooperation — the very ideas, values and practices that we study, teach and advocate.

New executive orders, administrative actions and draft proposals provide significant cause for alarm. They are aimed at reducing U.S. funding for international peacekeeping organizations, weakening diplomatic infrastructures, undermining international conventions on the rights of women and children and possibly renewing CIA ‘black sites’ for unlawful detention and interrogation. The president has signed executive orders that deny entry to refugees from Syria and other countries, suspend travel and immigration from Muslim-majority countries afflicted by conflict and direct the immediate construction of the infamous wall with Mexico. The administration has announced its intention to massively scale up the deportation of ‘unauthorized’ immigrants in the US, end the DACA program and punish municipalities that provide sanctuary.

Moreover, the administration’s wholesale denial of climate change — including the threatened withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords and slashing of programs designed to monitor and respond to these changes — not only further endangers the planet, but ignores the critical ways in which climate-induced pressures are intensifying resource inequities, community displacement and social conflict around the world.

These actions will damage the structures of international cooperation that are essential for peace and development and will cause great hardship and risk for vulnerable populations in the U.S. and internationally. We are alarmed at the proposed dismantling of the international norms and institutions that seek to diminish conflict and protect human rights, as well as the withdrawal of support for development and humanitarian work focused on women, refugees and marginalized communities. We fear that these measures will exacerbate violent conflict and contribute to state fragility, political autocracy and repression, deepening social and economic inequality and intensified human suffering.

These actions are a clear violation of the basic principles of human rights, civil rights and Catholic social teaching, along with those of countless other religious and moral traditions, including Jewish and Muslim. Each of these require that we defend the vulnerable and marginalized, respect the dignity of all human beings, strive for justice and reconciliation and build relationships of mutual responsibility and stewardship.

Those of us who study and advocate for policies of justice and cooperation cannot remain silent in the face of these actions. We cannot carry on business as usual and ignore the wholesale attack on the ideas and practices that we research and teach.

We join with our colleagues at other institutions in using our expertise, our public action and our networks to oppose these policies, along with any future measures that violate the foundational values of peace and conflict scholarship and practice. At the same time, we call on our communities to work proactively to propose and defend alternative policies grounded in the principles of human solidarity, scholarly rigor and responsible leadership.

It is time for deep reflection, courageous action and conscientious resistance.

Please direct inquiries about this statement to David Cortright, Asher Kaufman, George Lopez, Ann Mische, Atalia Omer, Jason Springs and Ernesto Verdeja at [email protected]

We continue to accept signatures at this link.

Kroc Institute Faculty and Staff:

David Cortright, Director of Policy Studies

Asher Kaufman, Professor of History and Peace Studies

George Lopez, The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies

Ann Mische, Associate Professor of Sociology and Peace Studies

Atalia Omer, Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peace Studies

Jason Springs, Associate Professor of Religion, Ethics and Peace Studies

Susan St. Ville, Director, Masters Program in International Peace Studies

Ernesto Verdeja, Associate Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

J. Douglas Archer, Peace Studies, Global Affairs and Political Science Librarian

Jennifer Betz, Assistant Director, MA Program for International Peace Studies

Catherine Bolten, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Peace Studies

Tanisha Fazal, Associate Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

Gary Goertz, Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

Anne Hayner, Associate Director for Alumni Relations

Larissa Hertzberg, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Kroc Institute

David Hooker, Associate Professor of the Practice of Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Robert Johansen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Peace Studies

Emmanuel Katongole, Associate Professor of Theology and Peace Studies

John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding

Laura Miller-Graff, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Peace Studies

Mahan Mirza, Professor of the Practice, Contending Modernities

Ebrahim Moosa, Professor of Islamic Studies

Mary Ellen O’Connell, Professor of Law

A. Rashied Omar, Assistant Teaching Professor of Islamic Studies and Peacebuilding

Andre Ratasepp, Sr Technical Support Consultant

Patrick Regan, Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

Dania Straughan, Program Manager, Contending Modernities

Anna Van Overberghe, Assistant Director for Academic Administration and Undergraduate Studies

Faculty Fellows, Visiting Fellows, and Research Associates:

Jessica Collett, Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Fred Dallmayr, Professor of Philosophy and Political Science Emeritus

David Gibson, Associate Professor of Sociology

Barbara J. Fick, Associate Professor of Law

Agustin Fuentes, Chair and Professor of Anthropology

Scott Hibbard, Visiting Research Fellow

Lionel Jensen, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Cultures

Ruthann K. Johansen, Professor emerita, Program of Liberal Studies

Peter Kankonde Bukasa, Visiting Research Fellow

Caesar A. Montevecchio, Research Associate, Catholic Peacebuilding Network

Darcia Narvaez, Professor of Psychology

David F. Ruccio, Professor of Economics

Tanya Schwarz, Visiting Research Fellow

Roy Scranton, Assistant Professor of English

Andrew Weigert, Professor of Sociology

Todd Whitmore, Associate Professor of Theology

Doctoral and Masters students:

Majd Alshoufi, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Isaac Bayor, MA Candidate in International Peace Studies

Francis Bonenfant-Juwong, PhD Candidate, History and Peace Studies

Ruth Carmi, PhD Student, Sociology and Peace Studies

Angela Chesler, PhD Student, Political Science and Peace Studies

Katie Coldwell, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Colleen Cross, PhD Student, Theology and Peace Studies

Karie Cross, PhD Candidate, Peace Studies and Political Science

Heather M. DuBois, PhD Candidate, Peace Studies and Theology

Anna Fett, PhD Student, History and Peace Studies

Garrett FitzGerald, PhD Student, Peace Studies and Political Science

Kata Fodor, MA Candidate in International Peace Studies

Katherine Grein, PhD Student in Clinical Psychology and Peace Studies

Valeria Vázquez Guevara, MA candidate, International Peace Studies

Leo Guardado, Ph.D Candidate, Peace Studies and Theology

Chris Haw, PhD Candidate, Theology and Peace Studies

Caleb Hamman, PhD Candidate, Political Science and Peace Studies

Janna L. Hunter-Bowman, PhD Candidate in Peace Studies and Theology

Jesse James, PhD Candidate in Political Science and Peace Studies

Ji Eun Kim, PhD Candidate, Political Science and Peace Studies

H. Deborah Kwak, PhD Candidate in Sociology and Peace Studies

Kyle Lambelet, PhD Candidate in Theology and Peace Studies

Kathryn M. Lance, PhD Student in Psychology and Peace Studies

Angela J. Lederach, PhD Candidate, Peace Studies and Anthropology

Shinkyu Lee, PhD Candidate in Political Science and Peace Studies

Leslie MacColman, PhD Student in Sociology and Peace Studies

Emily Maiden, PhD Student, Political Science and Peace Studies

Drew Marcantonio, PhD Student, Peace Studies and Anthropology

Luis Alfonso Miranda Pérez, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Joyce Mutoka, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Clint Robert Niehus, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Anton Protasov, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Maryam Rokhideh, PhD Student, Anthropology and Peace Studies

Steven Savides, PhD Student, Theology and Peace Studies

Karen Schousboe, MA Candidate, International Peace Studie

Katie Scrafford, PhD Candidate, Peace Studies and Clinical Psychology

Carli Steelman, PhD Student, Sociology and Peace Studies

Dana Townsend, PhD Student, Psychology and Peace Studies

Lenore VanderZee, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science and Peace Studies

Laura Weis, PhD Candidate, History and Peace Studies

Becca Williams, MA Candidate, International Peace Studies

Michael Yankoski, PhD Student, Theology and Peace Studies

Supporting voices from the broader Notre Dame Community:

Thomas Anderson, Professor and Chair, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Francisco Aragón, Associate Professional Specialist, Institute for Latino Studies

Carolina Arroyo, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

Katrina Barron, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Kevin Barry, Director, Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning

Tushi Baul, M&E Specialist, Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development

Laura Bayard, Outreach Services Librarian

Ted Beatty, Professor of History

Christine Becker, Associate Professor, Dept of Film, Television, and Theatre

Gail Bederman, Associate Professor of History

Kristin Bilinski, Attorney, ND Class of ’04

Susan D Blum, Professor of Anthropology

Tobias Boes, Associate Professor of German

Rachel Bohlmann, American History Librarian

Jay Brandenberger, Director of Research and Associate Director, Center for Social Concerns

Pamela Butler, Associate Director, Gender Studies

Joseph Buttigieg, The Kenan Professor of English

Darlene Catello, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Music

Aedín Clements, Irish Studies Librarian

LaVelle Conner, Librarian Phillip Corporon, Manager, IT Operations, Mendoza College of Business, MSA’95

Karla Cruise, Assistant Director of Student Programs, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts

Mary D’Angelo, Department of Theology (Emerita)

Denise Della Rossa, Professional Specialist, Dept. of German and Russian

Margaret Dobrowolska, Professor of physics

E. Jane Doering, Professor Emerita

John Duffy, Associate Professor of English; Director, University Writing Program

Amitava Krishna Dutt, Professor of Economics and Political Science

Carsten Dutt, Assistant Professor of German Language and Literature

John Fitzgerald, Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity (Theology)

Mary Frandsen, Associate Professor of Music

Laura Fuderer, Librarian Emerita

Michael Garvey, Media Relations (retired)

Dan Graff, Director, Higgins Labor Program, and Professor of the Practice, Dept. of History

Stuart Greene, Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies

Perin Gurel, Assistant Professor of American Studies

Ben Gunty. Class of 2008

Tom Hare, Program Director, Initiative for Global Development

Susan Harris, Associate Professor, Department of English/ Keough Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame

Coleen Hoover, Program Coordinator, Creative Writing

Vittorio Hosle, Professor

Bridget Hoyt, Curator of Education, Snite Museum of Art

Dalila Huerta, Curator of Education Assistant, Snite Museum of Art

Victoria Hui, Associate Professor of Political Science

Romana Huk, Associate Professor of English

Debra Javeline, Associate Professor of Political Science

Claire Jones, Assistant Professor of German

Jennifer Jones, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Institute for Latino Studies Faculty Fellow

Encarnacion Juarez-Almendros, Associate Professor Spanish

Mary Celeste Kearney, Director, Gender Studies Program

Sandra Klein, Librarian, Law School

Karrie Koesel, Associate Professor of Political Science

Donald LaSalle, Academic Advisor First Year of Studies

Anne Leone, Research Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

Cecilia Lucero, Academic Advisor, First Year of Studies

Nicole MacLaughlin, Associate Teaching Professor, University Writing Program

Alexander, Martin, Professor of History

Julia Marvin, Associate professor, Program of Liberal Studies

Maria McKenna, Associate Professor of the Practice, Africana Studies & Institute for Educational Initiatives

Rebecca Tinio McKenna, Assistant Professor, History

Javier Mocarquer, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Providence College, ND alum

Marisel Moreno, Associate Professor of US Latina/o Literature

Melissa Paulsen, Initiative for Global Development Associate Director

Ava Preacher, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Dylan Reed, Director of Global Advancement, Keough School

Steve Reifenberg, Executive Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Holly Rivers, Associate Director, Kellogg Institute

Viveca Robichaud, Special Collections Librarian, Hesburgh Libraries

Mark Roche, Professor of German and Philosophy

Luis Ruuska, Communications Specialist, Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development

Sara Sievers, Associate Dean, Policy and Practice; Professor of Practice

Cheryl Snay, Curator of European Art

Donald Sniegowski, Emeritus Faculty, Department of English

Lynette Spillman, Professor of Sociology

Maria Tomasula, Professor, Department of Art, Art History & Design

Steve Tomasula, Professor, English

Guillermo Trejo, Associate Professor of Political Science

Christine Venter, Law School

Robert Walls, Assistant Professional Specialist, American Studies

Jennifer Warlick, Director of Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, Associate Professor, Public Policy and Economics

Hannelore Weber,Teaching Professor of German

Henry Weinfield, Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

Richard Williams, Associate Professor, Sociology

Marty Wolfson, Professor of Economics Emeritus

Aviva Wulfsohn, Administrative Coordinator, ND Initiative for Global Development

Maryam Meechka Zomorodian, Academic Advisor, First Year of Studies

Elizabeth Zapf, Snite Accountant, ’86 BA

Kroc Institute Alumni:

Jonah Mbazor Aboni (MA ’15) ADR Coordinator, Legal Aid Scheme, Accra

Nadia Abraibesh (MA ’16)

Raouf Ahanger (MA ’04) Editor, ‘Kashmir Images’ (Newspaper)

Ann Anosike (BA ’16)

Thomas Arendshorst (MA ’06) Adjunct Instructor of Peace Studies, Hope College; M.D., M.A.

Marta Maria Assumpção-Rodrigues (MA ’93; PhD (Govt) ’98) Professor, Public Policy Management, University of São Paulo

Tara Aziz (MA ’98)

Lydia Baek (MA ’12)

Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda (MA ’96, PhD (Govt) ’09) President/CEO, Peace and Hope International

Ailar Barns (MA ’08) Software Developer Apprentice

Abolghasem Bayyenat (MA ’02)

Elizabeth Serafín Berruecos-Reed (MA ’06)

Julie Bodnar (MA ’13) Volunteer Program Coordinator at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington

Monica Boomer (BA ’07, MA ’10) Director of Community Engagement, Zaman International

Luis Felipe Botero (MA ’15) MA graduate

Liz Briesemeister (MA ’92) Sr. Regulatory Affairs Assoc., HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Karin Brown (MA ’11) Coordinator Peace Not Walls Campaign

Katy Gray Brown (MA ’92) Associate Professor and Director of Peace Studies, Manchester University

Tara Bruns (BA ’07) Emergency Medicine Physician, MD

Shannon Bugos (BA ’16) Communications Coordinator, Truman National Security Project

Sarah Burch (BA ’09)

Oldrich Bures (MA ’04) Associate Professor of International Politics

Catherine Byrne (MA ’95 (PhD ’02)) President, CBI, Inc.

Matt Cahill (BBA ’07)

Mark Canavera (MA ’04) Associate Director, Care and Protection of Children Learning Network

Moire Carmody (BA ’94) Operations Director, Bellwether Education Partners

Frank Castillo (MA ’90) Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Anne L. Castro (BA ’07) MD

Njuhi Chege (MA ’11) Country Engagement Coordinator, ITVS – Kenya

Amy Johnson Chong (MA ’95) Child & Parent Psychotherapist

Christian Cirhigiri (MA ’16) Activist

Courtney Clark (BA ’10) PsyD Candidate

Sarah Cline DeMarais (BA ’10) Program Director, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans

Vienna Colucci (MA ’91, BA ’90) Senior Director, Policy, Amnesty International USA

Catia Confortini (MA ’96) Associate Professor and Co-Director, Peace & Justice Studies Program, Wellesley College

Thomas Conner (BA ’04) Project Manager

Keziah Conrad (MA ’08) Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University

Richard Conroy (MA ‘ 89; PhD (Govt) ’92) Alumnus

Rabbi Jonathan Crane (MA ’98) Associate Professor of Bioethics

Allan Crosbie (MA ’91) Principal Teacher Charlie Cummings (BA ’09) Senior Director

Kelsey Davenport (MA ’11) Director for Nonproliferation Policy, Arms Control Association

Debra DeLaet (MA ’92, PhD (Govt) ’95)

David E. Maxwell Distinguished Professor of International Affairs, Drake University

Silke Denker (MA ’07) Social worker

Margaret Desmond (MA ’96)

Lindora Diawara (MA ’16) Founder and Executive Director, B4P CODEFOUND

Elise Ditta (MA ’16) Researcher

Diep Doan (MA ’94) teacher

Robert Dorton (BA ’98, JD) Attorney at Law

Gentry Easley (BA ’00) Director of Development, Kentucky Country Day School

Amy Eckert (BA ’92) Associate Professor of Political Science, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Katalin Fabian (MA ’90) Professor, Government and Law

Rachel Fairhurst (MA ’13) International Portfolio Manager, Oxfam New Zealand

Larissa Fast (MA ’95)

Rebecca A.E. Fewkes (MA ’93) Attorney at Law, Fenwick & West LLP

Titik Firawati (MA ’10) Teaching staff, Department of International Relations, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Steven Fisher (BA ’16)

Lailatul Fitriyah (MA ’15) PhD Student, World Religions & World Church, Department of Theology

Brenda Fitzpatrick (MA ’04) PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia

Julia Fitzpatrick (BA ’06) Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Mark Flaharty (BA ’90) COO, SundaySky (ND Grad)

Kristin Fraser (MA ’94) Director, Payment Services Product Management

Mireya Garcia Duran Huet (MA ’04) MA Peace Studies and Executive MBA

Micaela Cayton Garrido (MA ’06) Training Specialist

Michelle Gawerc (MA ’01) Assistant Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Loyola University Maryland

Aimee George (MA ’16)

Maria Evelyn Gomez (MA ’91) Kroc Alum

Amy Grace (MA ’94) Kroc Alum MA ’94

Isaias Guerrero-Cabrera (MA ’16) Immigration Organizer

Ben Gunty (MA ’08) High School Teacher

Mark Gunty (MA ’89) Notre Dame faculty/staff

Gahad Hamed BSW, RSW (MA ’95, PhD (Soc) ’01) Associate Professor of Sociology | King’s University College at Western University

Julia Hart (MA 91; PhD (Soc) ’94) Associate Professor Sociology Ohio Dominican University

Connor Hayes (BA ’16)

Evan Henley (BBA ’07)

Catherine Herman Kralovec (BA ’06)

Susan Hixon (MA ’89) Director of Development & Communications + Mom

Juliana Hoffelder Wynne (BA ’10)

Elizabeth Hoffmann (BA ’04) Program Analyst

Jimena Holguin (MA ’10)

Maureen Howard (BA ’09) Attorney

Jessica Ingman (BA ’06) Pastoral Associate, St. Ignatius Catholic Church

Diane Janzen (MA ’13)

Callie Whelan Johnston (BA ’06) Kroc Alum

Elizabeth Jordan (MA ’04) Kroc MA 2004

Telesphore Kagaba (MA ’08) GTA Sociology – University of Lousville

Karim Kahwaji (MA ’01) Deputy Public Guardian/Santa Clara County

Marko Karadzic (MA ’12) Alumni, Former State Secretary for Human Rights of the Republic of Serbia

Joseph F. Kennedy (MA ’90) Lecturer, NewSchool of Architecture + Design

Teresa Kennedy (BA ’16)

Anupam Khanuja (MA ’96) Dir, HR

Jane Kirchner (MA ’92) Educator Public Elementary School

Jenna Knapp (MA ’16)

Sharon Kniss (MA ’14) Director of Education and Training, Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Michael Kowalski (MA ’97)

Vanessa Kraft (BA ’06)

Kathrin Kranz (PhD ’16 Political Science & Peace Studies)

Dawn Kuras (BA ’04)

Anastasia Kushleyko (MA ’01) Lawyer, LL.M. in advanced IHL and HRL, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Mandie Landry (BA ’00) Lawyer, New Orleans, LA

Anthony Lang Jr (BA ’90) Professor of International Political Theory, University of St Andrews

Melanie Lawson (Rodarte) (BA ’08)

Dani Leis (MA ’92) Founder of Glish Guru

Felicia Leon-Driscoll (MA ’89) Good Shepherd Montessori School Community Relations Director

Eric Lepp (MA ’12) PhD Student – University of Manchester

Grace Linczer (BA ’16) Member Engagement, Amnesty International USA

Rachelle Lindo (BA ’06)

Billy Lyman (BA ’09) Attorney

Damon Lynch (MA ’07) PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota

Doris Maholo-Saydee (MA ’14 ) National Project Officer, Justice & Security Program, UNDP Liberia

Patrick Mason (MA ’03) Dean, School of Arts & Humanities, Claremont Graduate University

Amollo Maurice (MA ’08) Deputy Country Director

Katheryn McCarthy (BA ’97) Attorney/Counsel

Amber McChesney-Young (MA ’15) Director, Oakland Catholic Worker

Michael McDonald (MA ’15) Kroc Alum

Tyler McGehee (BA ’16) Core Staff Member, Andre House of Arizona

Julie McKay (MA ’93 ) Planning Manager

Tara McKinney (BA ’00; MDiv ’04 )

Yolaine Menyard (BA ’05)

Matthew Mickle (MA ’97)

Emily María Migliore (BA ’16) Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

Natasha Mikha (BA ’06) Kroc Alum

Kurt Mills (MA ’90; PhD (Govt) ’95) Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights, University of Glasgow

Zafer Mohammad (MA ’04) Lecturer

Dan Moriarty (MA ’01) Volunteer & Immersion Program Director, Maryknoll Mission Center in Latin America

Dr. Svetlana Valerie Morozova (MA ’93)

Clare Mundy (BA ’12) Associate Director of Fundraising Innovations, ND Development

Anton Murra (MA ’12) Program Manager at Social Impact

Jasmin Nario Galace (MA ’92) Executive Director, Center for Peace Education and Professor, Department of International Studies, Miriam College

Claudia Navas (MA ’15) Advisor, Office of Post-conflict, Senior Presidential Advisor for Post-conflict, Human Rights and Security, Presidency of the Republic of Colombia

Lina Nealon (BA ’01) Founder, Demand Abolition

Adel Nehmeh (MA ’15) Consultant

Megan Neville (BA ’08)

Sinh Nguyen (MA ’09) Kroc Alum

Kuldeep Niraula (MA ’15) Kroc Alum

Jasmin Nordien (MA ’97) mother

Tova Norlen (MA ’99) Director of Research & Research Professor of International Affairs, The Elliott School for Int’l Affairs, George Washington University

Zakia Nouri (MA ’15) Alumni

David O’Brien (MA ’14) Professor, St. Leo U, Dir. of Faith Formation, St. Timothy.

Toshiko Oino Tanimura (MA ’95)

Karana Olivier (MA ’02) Manager, KOC Bridges to Peace

Lindsay Opiyo (MA ’14) Development and Partnerships Specialist

Binnur Ozkececi-Taner (MA ’99) Associate Professor

Rita Parhad (BA ’94) Executive Vice President, Monitor 360

Michelle Parlevliet (MA ’95) Assistant-Professor Conflict Rosolution & Govermande, University of Amsterdam

Justin Pendarvis (BA ’02)

Milena Petrova (MA ’16)

Therese Picado (MA ’93) School mediation trainer, massage therapist

Juyan Zhang Pollack (MA ’91)

Katarzyna A. Przybyla (MA ’16)

Jessica Quaranto (BS ’06) Family Therapist

Mihaela Racovita (MA ’09) Researcher

Kevin Ranney (MA ’91) Director, Product Development, Sustainalytics

Suchitra Rath (MA ’88) Senior Business Analyst, Scottrade, Inc.

Sean Reardon (MA ’91) Endowed Professor of Poverty and Inequality in Education, Stanford University

Bonnie Leigh Reifsteck (BA ’04) University Policy Specialist, University of New Mexico

Marlise Richter (MA ’00) Dr, Policy Developer: Sonke Gender Justice

Theresa Rinaldo (BA ’16)

David Rivera (BA ’11)

Winnie Romeril (MA ’93) Flight Paramedic, Mercy Flight Central

Ayesha Saeed (MA ’09)

Olga Sanchez Caro (MA ’16)

Erin Sclar (BA ’09) Health Policy Consultant

Shilpi Shabdita (MA ’16) Family Reunification Specialist, Unaccompanied Minors Program – Heartland Alliance

Kristin Komyatte Sheehan (BA ’90) Director, Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series

Maryellen Sheehan (BA ’98)

Mohamed Shehab Eldin (MA ’03) Founder-Alshehab Co.

Nicholas Shepard (BA ’06) Attorney

Jessica Shewan (MA ’13) Administrator of Development and Partnerships, Congo Initiative

Jenny Sinker Chase (BA ’92) Associate Director of Admission, The Pennington School

Daniel Nilsson Sjolander (BA ’16) Investment Banking Analyst

Daniel J. Slattery, J.D. (MA ’89)

Claire Sloss (BA ’09) Assistant Director of Development, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Jennifer Smead (MA ’91) Nonprofit Professional

Laura Snider (MA ’10) Child Protection, Nonviolent Peaceforce

David Sonderman (BA ’08) Pediatrician

Anne Moriarity Soto (BA ’00)

Carol Hendrickson Spain (BA ’08) Kroc Alum

Barbara Baker Speedling (MA ’95) Health & Wellness Coach

David Steele (MA ’95) Vice President, Policy & Education (Chamber of Commerce)

Gengxin Su (MA ’95) Professor of English

Hamsa Subramaniam (BA ’07) PhD Student, Department of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Christine Sumog-oy (MA ’16)

Berhan Taye (MA ’16) Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow

Lisa Taylor (BA ’14)

Natalia Tejada Vargas (MA ’15)

Fran Teplitz (MA ’93) Executive Co-director, Green America

Peter Tooher (BBA ’08)

Meg Towle (BA ’07)

Uma Tripathi (PhD (Govt) ’94) Associate Professor, St. John’s University

Francis Amooti Tuhaise (MA ’12) Executive Director, Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice-Uganda

Ana Velitchkova (PhD ’14 Sociology & Peace Studies) Croft Assistant Professor of Sociology and International Studies, University of Mississippi

Vidya Venkatapathy (MA ’00) CEO And Academic Director, CM Centre, Madurai

Andres Vidaurre (BA ’16)

Willow Wetherall (MA ’02) Community Engagement, Studebaker Redevelopment Initiative

Kelsey Whiting-Jones (MA ’16 ) Community Organizer

Karsonya Wise Whitehead (MA ’93) Associate Professor of Communication and African and African American Studies, Loyola University Maryland

Madeleine Witt (BA ’16) Counselor Advocate with Women’s Resource Center

Lynne Woehrle (MA ’88) Professor of Sociology, Mount Mary University

Said Yakhyoev (MA ’07) Research Consultant

Collin Young (BA ’09)

Maria Lucia Zapata (MA ’07)

Anna Zaros (MA ’11) Director of Development and Communications, Domestic Abuse Project

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