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Bengal Bouts finalist profiles

| Friday, March 3, 2017

Joaquin “Masagana” Camara

Camara is a smart fighter with good footwork. The Keenan junior maintains a defensive position to block his opponent effectively, then he typically lashes out with a quick left jab to his opponent’s head followed up by a right cross or hook. His counterattack is strong, and he increases the volume of his punches throughout the match.

Matthew “Raindrop” Yoder

Yoder, an O’Neill junior, likes to fight in close quarters due to his shorter height and reach. Yoder is physical and uses that physicality to push his opponent around the ring. He is not afraid to take punches while he works his way into close quarters, and Yoder’s flurry of hooks coming from both directions can prove tough to combat.

Chip Blood

Blood is an aggressive fighter who asserts his presence by pushing his opponent into the ropes, trapping him there and punching him with a strong mix of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. The Sorin senior also has strong body control, as he is able to duck under the punches of his opponents to defend himself and come back up in position, ready to go on the offensive again.

Gregory Arts

Arts, a junior from Carroll, uses his height and superior length to strike quickly with jab-hook combinations from a safe distance, but he also has great energy and is able to land some strong, effective punches from the start of the fight. Arts uses his solid footwork and technique to escape opponents who inevitably attempt to fight him in close quarters due to his reach.

“Sloppy” Joe Guilfoile

Guilfoile, an off-campus senior, is an aggressive fighter who uses his speed to get in close with his opponent. Guilfoile has an effective jab that he uses to keep his opponent off-balance, and he often follows up the jab with huge right hooks that draw gasps from the crowd. It is his mastery of quickness, agility and aggression that have earned him a place in the final.

Garret “FedEx” Schmelling

Schmelling, a Fisher senior, relies on combinations to score his points offensively, while often covering his face and waiting for a chance to throw a series of punches at his opponent’s face or torso. He typically sticks to jab-cross combinations, but he can also throw a hook effectively from both sides.

Paddy “The Notorious” Lawler

Lawler, a junior in Fisher, is an aggressive fighter who uses huge hooks to stun his opponent. He patiently waits for his opponent to expose himself, then he unleashes those hooks and crosses to his opponent’s head. He was the champion in the 157-pound weight division last year, and he hopes to claim the title in the 166-pound division this year.

Timothy “Squad Socks” McDermott

McDermott, a sophomore in O’Neill, is a defensive-minded fighter. He uses his quick feet and long arms to protect himself from other fighters’ combinations, and he scores his points by countering when his opponent drops his gloves to throw punches. McDermott lost in the finals of the 152-pound division last year, but hopes to finish on top of the 166-pound division this year.

Michael “Munchkin” Kappaz

Kappaz, a senior in Alumni, is an offensively focused fighter. He picks his shots carefully in order to inflict maximum damage. The Maryland native won his quarterfinal and semifinal bouts in referee-stopped contests, showcasing his ability to control a fight without delivering many punches. He is a confident fighter and is the defending champion in his weight class, relying on his powerful right hook and combinations.

Alex “El Cadejo” Alcantara

Alcantara, a senior in Alumni, has competed in 10 Bengal Bouts fights in his career, all of which he has won. The two-time defending champion has a strong left hook that is nearly impossible to defend against, and he favors it in close fights. Alcantara’s strength is his stamina, which allows him to remain strong through the end of the third round while many of his opponents begin to tire. His quick footwork on defense also allows him to dodge opponents’ attacks.

Jack “The Hammer” Corrigan

Corrigan, a senior in Morrissey, is a quick and experienced fighter who puts up a battle in the ring. He is able to successfully dodge powerful hits and deliver combinations and game-changing hooks while maintaining composure. He is aggressive and is not afraid to battle it out against his opponent.

Jack “Not the Guy from Lost” Shepard

Shepard, a graduate student formerly of Knott, is a southpaw who takes advantage of the element of surprise. He retaliates with quick combinations and hard hits that are unexpected, and he is able to maintain distance from his opponent with his long reach. Since he missed out on the opportunity to advance to the finals last year, he will likely give his opponent a tough fight this time around.

Cam “Crash Cadillac” Nolan

Nolan’s power, athleticism and speed make him an intimidating opponent. The Duncan sophomore isn’t afraid to throw the first punch and lead the movement around the ring. In order to make up for any height difference, Nolan prefers to unleash his power and has the potential to end a fight early.

Dan “Thunder Road” Andree

Andree, an off-campus senior, is a strong southpaw who can immediately shock his opponent. He throws long, straight punches that are powerful and hard to combat since he is a lefty. Andree incorporates effective combinations and consistently comes out with high energy in each round.

Jack Considine

Considine, a senior from Dillon Hall, swiftly and strategically delivers one-two combinations while moving around the ring. As a two-time defending champion and current president of the club, he is a tough, competitive fighter who sets the tone of the match early.

Montana “Louisianimal” Giordano

Giordano, a sophomore from Alumni, is creative in the ring and has proven he has the heart to find a way to win. He is able counter his opponent and apply pressure with a flurry of combinations. Although his athleticism may not match his opponent’s, his aggression and competitiveness give him an opportunity to disrupt his opposition’s momentum.

Pat “The Quiet Man” Gordon

Gordon, a junior from Keough, is one of the defending champions. As a tall, agile lefty, his opponents are less-than-thrilled to face him. He is confident and is hard to beat when he delivers forward-moving punches and starts to take over.

Ryan “Eat at Yaz’s” Richelsen

Richelsen, a sophomore from Morrissey, is a tough fighter who is able to take hits and deliver them right back. Just when his opponent tries to get into a rhythm, he comes forward to deliver straight punches and occasional hooks and uppercuts. With his long reach and ability to brush off hard hits, Richelsen has proven he will not go down without a fight.


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