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Baraka Bouts conclude with championship rounds

and | Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stephanie Mackley def. Albertina Arce 

Mackley defeated Arce by split decision.

Sam Sherman def. Emma Hussey 

Sherman defeated Hussey by unanimous decision.

Marissa Kivi def. Katherine Herila

Kivi defeated Herila by unanimous decision.

Francie Gradel def. Kyle Casey

Gradel defeated Casey by split decision.

Emma Farnan | The Observer
Francie “Dr. Cool” Gradel, right, throws a left hook at her
opponent, Kyle Casey, during the Baraka Bouts finals Monday.

Grace Weis“send It”send def. Jess “The Ripper” Wilson

Ryan Hall senior Grace Weis“send It”send and off-campus senior Jess “The Ripper” Wilson started slow, with both fighters feeling each other out. Wilson danced about the ring and went on the offensive, dictating much of the first round. The second round began faster and evenly matched, with both fighters moving about the ring looking for angles. Both fighters dodged most of the big punches thrown, keeping themselves fresh for the deciding third round. Wilson came out hard, chasing Weissend around the ring, but Weissend relied on her counter attacking to earn points with the judges. As the round went on Weissend picked up steam, landing a few large right hooks on the headgear of Wilson. Both fighters left all they had in the ring, visibly exhausted as their scores were tallied. The fight was awarded by split decision to Grace Weissend.

Editor’s Note: Weissend is a Scene writer for The Observer.

Elinor McCarthy def. Emily “The Miniature Menace” DeRubertis

Both Ryan Hall freshman Elinor McCarthy and Lewis junior Emily “The Miniature Menace” DeRubertis came out evenly matched, throwing a lot of punches but also dodging the majority of their opponent’s. Both fighters got some good jabs in, but neither fighter separated themselves in the first. In the next round, McCarthy connected with a shot that sent DeRubertis to her knees, and McCarthy continued the second round on the offensive, with DeRubertis landing a few flurries on the counter attack. McCarthy was largely the aggressor in round three, but this opened her up for tactical counter jabs from DeRubertis. The third round ended with both fighters lunging with punches, trying to grapple for any last points they could. McCarthy’s offensive strategy paid off, and she was determined the winner by split decision.

Andie “Full Throttle” Gradel def. Julie “All I Do is” Nguyen

Pasquerilla West sophomore Julie “All I Do is” Nguyen came out hard in the first round, throwing combinations at Cavanaugh sophomore Andie “Full Throttle” Gradel that largely went unblocked. Gradel would fight back hard in the first round to even out the fight, and she continued the momentum into the second round. Gradel came out of the break aggressively, dictating the fight and moving Nguyen around the ring. Gradel began to tire Nguyen out, as the sophomore had a strong finish to the second round. Both fighters came out hard in the last round and started to run out of gas as the fight came to a close. Gradel hit Nguyen hard in the headgear that sent her falling towards the ropes late in the fight. Nguyen fought hard, but couldn’t sustain her pace through the fight and Gradel was determined the winner by unanimous decision.

Sierra Avery def. Morgan “Great Scott”  Williams

McGlinn junior Sierra Avery and McGlinn junior Morgan “Great Scott” Williams both came out attacking, throwing huge right hooks. Avery attacked with huge punches with the right hand, backing Williams up into the corner. Williams came out attacking in the second, throwing hooks on Avery’s body, but Avery responded, coming out with huge hooks to knock Williams around the ring. Both fighters came out in the third looking to land massive punches, and Avery connected on one punch so vicious that it forced Williams to get medical attention to continue the fight. Williams would battle back hard, showing no signs that her bleeding nose was a problem. Sierra Avery was awarded the fight by unanimous decision.

Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt def. Delaney “Sharkface” Bolton

Off-campus senior Meg “Moneyhands” Hunt and Welsh Fam sophomore Delaney “Sharkface” Bolton started slow for a second, but the fight took off in a flash. Hunt started landing a series of huge punches, but Bolton rallied back with a flurry of her own. Neither fighter showed interest in throwing jabs, preferring to throw massive hooks along the ropes. The second round began where the first ended, with Bolton attacking Hunt and Hunt countering to throw Bolton a bit off her heels. Hunt utilized a hard hook that silenced the crowd with its power, knocking Bolton slightly back each time it landed. The third round was a show of pure determination on both sides, with both fighters constantly throwing and dodging to throw points. Both fighters landed hard punches as the fight concluded, with Hunt landing a particularly loud left handed hook. After the hardest hitting fight of the night, Meg Hunt was determined the winner by split decision.

Amelia “I’m not here to play school” Wittig def. Anneli “Shake n Bake” Brown

Welsh Family senior Amelia “I’m not here to play school” Wittig came out strong in the first round, landing several combinations to the head of Lyons junior Anneli “Shake n Bake” Brown at the start. Wittig would go on to push Brown to the edge of the ring, all the while landing several solid hooks. Wittig’s proficiency prompted a brief stoppage, after which, Wittig continued strong with her combination attack. The round would end with Wittig holding the clear upper hand. Wittig maintained her energy at the start of round two, landing a fierce hook to the head of Brown right at the start. She went on to back Brown into a corner, landing a series of combinations to the head and body of Brown. The round would stop amidst Wittig’s attack, and Wittig would be crowned the victor by technical knockout on account of her superb performance.

Madeline “Hammer” Hagan def. Alex Lloyd

Walsh Hall sophomore Alex Lloyd came out with a combination attack right at the start of round one, but Walsh Hall senior Madeline “Hammer” Hagan managed to dodge those efforts and launch an attack of her own. After evading Lloyd, Hagan came back with a series of combinations, landing several shots to the head and body of Lloyd. After establishing the upper hand, Hagan would go on to back Lloyd into a corner before a brief stoppage in the action. Hagan ended the round with a noticeable uppercut to Lloyd’s face. Lloyd came out with another immediate set of combinations at the start of round two, but once again, Hagan evaded the punches of Lloyd and fought back even stronger. Hagan landed a mean jab to the head of Lloyd which prompted a stoppage in the action. The round continued with another fierce right hook from Hagan to the head of Lloyd, which caused the official to signal another stoppage. Hagan was declared the victor by technical knockout.  

Madalyn “Mo Cuishle” Schulte def. Shannon “Shaka To Ya” Hennessey

Breen-Phillips junior Shannon “Shaka To Ya” Hennessey looked quick at the start of round one, immediately bobbing and weaving her way out of McGlinn Hall junior Madalyn “Mo Cuishle” Schulte’s efforts. But Schulte showed some bounce of her own as the round went on, landing a ferocious combination to the head of Hennessey as the round went on. Schulte went on to land several more jabs to the body of Hennessey, but Hennessey fought back with a successful combination of her own. The round ended with no fighter holding the clear upper hand. Both fighters looked good at the start of round two. Hennessey continued her quick jab attack while Schulte managed to evade Hennessey’s efforts. Nevertheless, Hennessey’s energy led to a successful combination to the head of Schulte. Although Hennessey would go on to land a few more jabs to the body of Schulte, Schulte held strong for the most part, landing a few shots of her own while fending off the quick attack of Hennessey. In round three, Schulte seemed to lose a bit of her energy while Hennessey remained quick. Hennessey backed Schulte into a corner, landing a fierce right hook. But Schulte stayed in the fight, and after a brief stoppage, she backed Hennessey into a corner and landed a significant combination. Both fighters would return to the center of the ring, where they continued to fend off each other’s efforts. Madalyn “Mo Cuishle” Schulte was declared the winner by split decision.

Anne Marie “Go H.A.M.” Hamon def. Molly “The Notorious MMG” Giglia

Both fighters came out strong at the start of the round. Pasquerilla East sophomore Anne Marie “Go H.A.M.” Hamon landed a significant combination to the body of Cavanaugh sophomore Molly “The Notorious MMG” Giglia, which Giglia responded to with a successful series of her own. After a series of wild hooks thrown by both fighters, Hamon landed several jabs to the head and body of Giglia, pushing her back a bit. But Giglia would remain strong at the end of the round, and no fighter came out clearly on top after round one. After a slow start to round two, Giglia began to back Hamon to the edge of the ring, where she landed several combinations to the head of Hamon. After a brief stoppage, both fighters came out with combinations at the same time, but Hamon seemed to win the exchange, as the round ended with Giglia backed into the corner of the ring. Both fighters came out strong again in round three, simultaneously pushing forward with combination attacks. The round was stopped briefly by the official, but it continued with Hamon backing Giglia to the edge of the ring with a series of strong jabs followed by a mean right hook. Giglia came back strong though, evading Hamon’s efforts and landing a right hook of her own. Each fighter managed to land a good punch before the round ended. In the end, Hamon was crowned the winner by split decision.

Joy “Choe No Mercy” Choe def. Marisa “One Punch” Perino

Joy “Choe No Mercy” Choe, a senior from Ryan Hall, displayed her quickness right off the bat in round one, evading virtually all of Pasquerilla West sophomore Marisa “One Punch” Perino’s efforts at the start. Nevertheless, Perino continued her attack, and she went on to back Choe to the edge of the ring with a series of strong combinations. Choe continued to evade Perino’s efforts, however, and her quickness brought the fight back to the center of the ring where she would go on to land a significant right hook to the head of Perino before the round was over. Choe came out with quickness once again in round two, although Perino’s strength proved superior, as she backed Choe to the edge of the ring once again, which prompted a stoppage in the action. As the round continued, Choe dashed around the ring, landing shots to the head and body of Perino. Nevertheless, Perino would land a significant right hook to the head of Choe in response before the round was over. In round three, Perino backed Choe to the edge of the ring right at the start, where she landed a mean right hook to the head of Choe. Choe would go on to evade Perino’s strong hooks until she could no longer, as Perino managed to land yet another significant right hook to the head of Choe. By the end of the round, both fighters seemed to have lost a significant amount of energy on account of the fight’s quick tempo. The official signaled a stoppage in the action, after which both fighters landed a shot of their own before the round’s end. After a fantastic fight, Choe was crowned the winner by split decision.


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