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Bengal Bouts continue with quarterfinal round

, , , , , , and | Tuesday, February 20, 2018

141 lbs.

Dan “I Don’t Tan” Wilborn def. Thomas “The Dank Engine” Walsh

Both fighters started off the fight aggressively. Dan Wilborn, a senior Alumni resident, was the first to land a hit. His opponent, Keenan sophomore Thomas Walsh, was quick to respond with attacks of his own. The first round finished with both competitors able to land solid blows, neither having a particularly clear advantage. In the fight’s second round, Walsh appeared to be more successful in holding off Wilborn’s attacks, though both continued to exchange punches. The third round began much like the first, with Wilborn getting the better of the opening salvo. Wilborn managed to hold his advantage until the end of the match, forcing Walsh on the defensive for a good portion of the bout’s final round. In the end, it would be Wilborn who would walk away with the split-decision victory.

Chris “Chip Blood” Dethlefs def. Patrick “Dunny” Donovan

Senior Sorin resident Chris Dethlefs unleashed a flurry of punches right out of the gate, quickly forcing his opponent, sophomore Dunne resident Patrick Donovan, against the ropes. After Dethlefs’s initial attack, both fighters spent the remainder of the opening round largely apart from another, trying to land successful blows. Dethlefs began the second round much like the first, coming out aggressively. Once again, the fighters stayed further apart follow the initial action, Dethlefs able to land slightly more blows than Donovan, especially towards the end of the period. In the match’s final round, Dethlefs was able to block many of Donovan’s punches while making solid contact on his own. As the round progressed, Donovan had trouble responding and Dethlefs’ advantage became more pronounced. Dethlefs ultimately won the match by unanimous decision.

Evan “Almighty” Muller def. Arthur “El Fuego” Ortiz

Arthur “El Fuego” Ortiz, a sophomore from Keough Hall, dominated the opening round, leaving Evan “Almighty” Muller on the defensive side for most of the round. Muller answered in the second round, stringing together a series of combinations that had Ortiz off-balance multiple times throughout the round. In a decisive round three, both competitors started off fiery, exchanging hits before becoming clearly fatigued. After a tight battle between the two fighters, Muller was awarded the victory by split decision.

Thomas “Tommy Gun” Manno def. “Sweet Baby” Ray Zhao

From the opening bell, both competitors came out swinging. But Manno, a senior from Zahm, took control of the match by knocking Zhao, an off-campus graduate student, to the ground late in the first round. Manno continued his dominance in the second round by exploiting a height advantage against Zhao, sending him to the ropes and causing the referee to stop the match for a second time. Zhao tried to used his smaller stature to dodge jabs, but once again Manno forced Zhao into the corner, and fired off rapid punches, causing the referee to stop the match for the third time. Thomas “Tommy Gun” Manno won by unanimous decision.

Chris Collins | The Observer
Leonard “Lenny” Calvo, left, dodges a punch from Connor “Baby Face” Ward during the quarterfinal round of the Bengal Bouts on Monday.

148 lbs.

Leonard “Typhoon” Calvo def. Conor “Baby Face” Ward

Although clearly undersized, Calvo, a freshman from Keough, started the bout by taking the fight directly to Ward, a senior from Knott Hall. After a short pause to fix Ward, Calvo continued his attack. Calvo’s energy slowly began to fade in the third round, and Ward took advantage of his fatigue, managing to draw blood from Calvo with a jab to the face late in the third round. Ward’s comeback efforts fell short as Leonard “Typhoon” Calvo won by split decision.

Tim Leisenring def. Juwang “Dat” Lee

In a battle of two South quad opponents, Morrissey Manor sophomore Tim Leisenring controlled the first round against Fisher Hall sophomore Juwang “Dat Stick” Lee. But Lee caught fire the second round, forcing Leisenring to the ropes, but his momentum was stopped by an uppercut to the face from Leisenring that caused the official to stop the match. Early in the third round, Lee unleashed quick combinations, but fatigue crushed his comeback, and Tim Leisenring was able to hold on for an unanimous decision victory.

Matthew “The Fighting Amish” Yoder def. Christopher Nunes

From the opening bell, Yoder, a senior from O’Neill, dominated Nunes, a junior from Zahm. Yoder controlled the first round, and after a few jabs from Nunes to start the second round, responded with a blow to Nunes’ stomach that caused the official to stop the action. Despite Yoder’s control, Nunes seemed to gain energy as the rounds went on and snuck in some jabs between Yoder’s unrelenting hooks. In the end, Yoder maintained his energy throughout and went on to win by unanimous decision.

Joaquin “Hindi Humuhupa” Camara vs. David “R.A. Dave” Hamilton

Camara, a senior from Keenan, started the match with explosive energy that lasted throughout each of the three rounds. With quick footwork, Camara was able to maintain the offensive despite Hamilton’s counterpunches. The third round began with a series of jabs from the Keenan senior, but Hamilton, a senior from Siegfried, was able to respond with a strong combination that caused Camara to fend off the punches with his gloves. Ultimately, Camara kept up his intensity and finished the round with several consecutive jabs and crosses, landing him a victory by unanimous decision.

154 lbs.

Ben “Gumbo” Bernhard def. Michael “The K.O.” Feijoo

Both fighters took a very offensive approach from the beginning of the match. Most of the first round’s action took place in the center of the ring, with both competitors landing a significant portion of the many punches they were throwing, as Fisher sophomore Ben Bernhard was able to gain at least a slight advantage over his adversary, junior Morrissey resident Michael Feijoo. In the second round, Bernhard appeared to pull ahead more conspicuously. Feijoo had a harder time connecting on his punches while having difficulty blocking Bernhard’s attacks. In the third round, neither fighter relented despite clear fatigue. Nevertheless, it progressed much in the same way as the second, with Bernhard beginning to pull away with a clear advantage. In the end, Bernhard was able to secure a victory by unanimous decision.

Steven “Beefcake” Ramos  def.  Nick “At Nite” Jeffrey

Zahm House senior Steven “Beefcake” Ramos wasted no time going after his opponent Nick “At Nite” Jeffrey, a junior from Alumni Hall. Ramos opened the match with hard jab to the face that knocked Jeffrey’s man bun outside of his protective helmet. Late in the second round, Jeffrey was plagued by fatigue, and Ramos forced him into the corner, continually punching him until the bell sounded. In the third round, Jeffrey came out swinging, forcing Ramos to stay on the defensive end. In the end, Ramos was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Tim “Dirty T” Mikulski def. Sean “The Louisville Slugger” Graham

Mikulski, a sophomore from Duncan, and Graham, a Keough senior, were evenly matched in their fight. While Graham got the first jab in, Mikulski dodged several shots and responded aggressively, the round ending with neither fighter dominating the other. In round two, Mikulski took a bold swing at Graham, who dodged it completely. Mikulski and Graham started to get fatigued toward the end of the round, but round three saw a resurgence of energy from both boxers. The crowd cheered for Mikulski as he forced Graham into defense, who blocked many of his shots and took the opportunity to strike back when he could. In the end, Mikulski left with the win in a split decision.

162 lbs.

Julian “Do You Have A Warrant” Minondo def. Matthew “Likes To” Scherer

O’Neill senior resident Matthew Scherer tried to take the offensive early on in the match. Throughout the first round, Scherer made more attacks than his opponent, off-campus senior Julian Minondo, landing a few powerful hits in the process. Minondo stayed largely on the defensive, but managed to block many of his adversary’s strikes, connecting on some significant blows of his own. The next round went much the same way. Scherer remained conspicuously on offense for most of the round, but neither fighter had secured a glaring advantage. Minondo began the third round by dramatically breaking out of his defensive posture, landing several solid hits right after the opening bell. Minondo kept the initiative for the rest of the match, forcing Scherer towards the ropes at times. Scherer continued to fight hard for the remainder of the round, but it was Minondo who came away with the split decision win.

Johnny Link def. Ryan Chestnut

Both fighters began the fight by unleashing a series of combinations, although both were able to defend themselves effectively. Link, a sophomore from O’Neill, was able to push fellow dorm-mate Chestnut into the ropes several times in the first round, although Chestnut managed to escape. During the second round, Link was able to connect a solid left hook with Chestnut’s face, pushing his headgear to the side. Chestnut maintained good movement around Link, and was able to connect a few jabs of his own. At the start of the final round, both fighters threw multiple hard punches, although few actually landed. Link was able to dodge several of Chestnut’s hooks, and connected with a one-two combo. After a balanced fight, the victor was Link, by split decision.

Jack “Tomato Can” Feger def. Pat “Pickle Rick” Rafferty

Pat “Pickle Rick” Rafferty, a sophomore from Duncan, fought Jack “Tomato Can” Feger, a senior representing Keough. Rafferty threw several effective combinations early, and maintained good movement and footwork throughout the first round. Feger connected a hard, clean right, which caused Rafferty to retreat. However, he was able to recover and throw an effective counterpunch. In the second round, Rafferty dodged multiple right hooks thrown by Feger, and moved in to land some hits on Feger’s head. After taking several punches, Feger was able to throw three hard punches to Rafferty’s face. During the final round, both fighters threw several combinations. Rafferty connected hard with Feger’s head, and drove him into the corner. Feger threw several left hooks, but was unable to connect. Eventually, Feger hit Rafferty with three hard jabs and took control of the fight as Rafferty retreated. At the final bell, the judges unanimously declared Feger as the victor.

Joey “Mrong” Quinones def. Jack “The Polish Hammer” Posluszny

Posluszny, a sophomore from St. Edward’s Hall, attempted the first jab of the fight, but the fight ultimately was controlled by Quinones, a senior from Keough Hall, who was on the offensive throughout each round. Like the first round, Posluszny threatened in the beginning of the second round with a series of jabs, but Quinones landed the first of several combinations and went on to dominate the round. The Keough senior started the third round with early jabs to Posluszny, which led the official to temporarily stop the match. After the pause, Quinones continued his dominance, rapidly firing shots that earned him a unanimous victory.

Tim “Boy Kid Wonder” Lawler def. Ian “Sparky” Waller

The match started out evenly, with Waller, a Fisher sophomore, responding strongly to each of Lawler’s one-two combos. The first round was action-packed, with each boxer having a chance at a combination until Lawler, the off-campus freshman, landed a strong right-hook on Waller to end the round. The second round began much like the first, with even exchanges of punches until Lawler exploded with rapid combination punches that pushed Waller to the ropes. Waller, however, came back with strong hooks, but the round ended with each fighter keeping his distance. Lawler started the third round with a strong series of punches, but Waller was quick to respond with his own combination until Lawler gained the offensive and eventually won by split decision.

165 lbs.

Mike “Deez” Luchini def. Kenneth “The KGB” Bryson

Mike “Deez” Luchini, representing Fisher Hall, came out strong and took control of the first round. Bryson, of Carroll Hall, was on the defensive for most of the round. Luchini moved well, and fought very confidently. He was able to penetrate Bryson’s defense, and connected with multiple shots to the ribs and head. In the second round, Bryson was much more aggressive and threw many more punches. However, it was clear that Luchini was still in control. He connected with several hard hooks to the head, and the official had to fix Bryson’s headgear. Luchini also effectively dodged several of Bryson’s attacks, although he took a hard left to the face. At the start of the final round, Luchini connected with a hard uppercut and a right hook. The final round was mostly balanced, although Bryson’s headgear needed readjusting by the official several times. After a well fought contest, Luchini walked away with a unanimous victory.

Danny “No Chill” Childers def. Nicholas “Bonsai Bob” Yano

At the initial bell, Childers, a senior, and Yano, a freshman, came out swinging and connected several punches. Both fighters represented Keough, and the Keough fans were loud. Childers connected with a hard right hook, which drew a loud response from the crowd. Childers also threw an effective combination, and landed a hard uppercut on Yano’s chin. During the second round, both fighters dodged several of each other’s attacks, although Childers backed Yano into the corner and hit him with a six-punch one-two combo. In the final round, Childers hit Yano with a hard right hook, and eventually drove Yano into the ropes on the defensive. Childers dominated the final round, and had Yano on the run. Yano took several hard punches to the ribs while backed into the corner, but was able to push Childers away for a brief respite. Childers won the contest decisively with a unanimous decision victory.

Luke “Riff” Rafferty def. Patrick “Silky” Sullivan

After a slow start, Rafferty, a junior from Duncan Hall, landed a strong right hook that sent Sullivan, an off-campus sophomore, off his feet. Following back-and-forth combinations, the boxers clinched until the official broke them up. Sullivan then gained momentum that lasted into the second round, where he landed a series of jabs on Rafferty. But the Duncan junior responded with several strong hooks and jabs to Sullivan’s head. Both boxers lost some energy by the third round, where the fighting continued evenly and neither boxer pulled away. In the end, Rafferty’s strong start propelled him to win by split decision.

Parker “Zika” Revers def. Patrick English

The first round began with a few back-and-forth jabs until Revers, a Duncan junior, almost sent English, an off-campus sophomore, off his feet. Revers kept up the intensity with a series of punches to English’s head throughout the rest of the round. The second round began with rapid combination punches between the two boxers until Revers retreated. Seemingly exhausted, both boxers kept their distance as the round ended with little action. The Duncan junior, however, started the third round with newfound energy and sent rapid punches to English’s head, ultimately leading to his unanimous victory.

170 lbs.

Taylor “The Biggest Loser” Vucinich def. Patrick Iannelli

Patrick Iannelli, a freshman representing O’Neill, took on Taylor “The Biggest Loser” Vucinich, a sophomore from Alumni. During the first round, both fighters were hesitant to attack, and started by eyeing each other up. However, Vucinich was able to land several punches at the end of the round. Vucinich began the second round attempting to touch gloves with his opponent, but Iannelli refused. Again, both fighters remained on the defensive, although Vucinich taunted Iannelli by putting his hands behind his back and sticking his chin out. The final round saw more of the same defensive tactics, although it wasn’t long before both fighters began swinging hard. Iannelli backed Vucinich into the ropes, but Vucinich was able to hit back hard and drive Iannelli backward. Iannelli landed a hard straight right with Vucinich’s face, and followed it up with another hard jab. With a unanimous decision, Vucinich took home the victory.

David “Doc” Salazar def. Patrick “PAYDAY” Yerkes

The first round was an even one, as both fighters were able to land several aggressive punches. Salazar, a sophomore from O’Neill, connected hard with his opponent’s chin several times and was able to drive him into the corner. Later in the round, Yerkes, a senior representing St. Edward’s Hall, sent Salazar on the defensive, although Salazar tripped over the official’s leg. A clinch by Salazar stopped the action briefly, although Salazar was later able to land punches effectively multiple times. In the final round, Salazar was driven around the ring, although was eventually able to counterattack and drive Yerkes back as well. Both fighters were visibly tired during the final round, and Yerkes was briefly driven onto the ropes. Later in the round, Salazar was pushed into the corner, and Yerkes took advantage of his decreased stamina with several punches to the head. In the end the judges were split, but David “Doc” Salazar was victorious.  

Paddy “Pairin” Lawler def. Joseph “Z” Trzaska

Both boxers began the fight aggressively, with Fisher Hall seior Paddy “Pairin” Lawler countering the blows of St. Edwards Hall junior Joseph “Z” Trzaska. The audience went wild during the first round as Lawler knocked Trzaska with a direct jab, causing a nosebleed. The second and third rounds saw Trzaska attempting to return from constant blows from Lawler, resulting in a stumble from Trzaska. During the final seconds of the fight, Trzaska was visibly tired, while Lawler was able to weave and dodge almost all of Trzaska’s blows. This ultimately resulted in Lawler walking away with a unanimous decision win.

Daniel O’Brien def. Thomas “2Bills” Lennon

The fight opened with Thomas Lennon, a sophomore in Knott, managing a good few blows while St. Edwards Hall freshman, Daniel O’Brien, defending the constant barrage of jabs. Both men made good use of the ring as O’Brien dodged and weaved many of Lennon’s jabs. By the second round, Lennon seemed to tire as O’Brien landed a very efficient uppercut to the delight of the crowd. This didn’t stop Lennon, however, who was still able to hold his own and throw a good number of punches O’Brien’s way. By the third round, though, O’Brien dodged nearly all of Lennon’s blows and managed to earn the unanimous decision victory.

178 lbs.

Wesley “Hit and Run” Chamblee def. Chris “Tmas” Lembo

Off-campus law student Wesley Chamblee started strong, with a number of hard jabs to Siegfried sophomore Chris Lembo’s jaw. Chamblee continued his strong start with continuous bobs and weaves, managing to miss nearly all of Lembo’s jabs. Chamblee knocked Lembo’s mouth guard out as the crowd went wild and the fight paused. Following the intermission, Lembo attempted a comeback and landed a good number of blows, but was met with relentless force from Chamblee, who once again knocked out Lembo’s mouthguard. Lembo was visibly worn out by the final round, as Chamblee landed punch after punch. In the end, Chamblee won with a unanimous decision victory.

Matthew “Beef” Dodig def. Mark “He Need Some Milk” Chaikovsky

Stanford senior Matthew Dodig began with a hard jab to fellow senior Mark Chaikovsky, causing him to take a fall. Unperturbed, however, Chaikovsky returned with a number of hard hitting jabs, exciting the crowd in the process.  By the second round, Chaikovsky was relentless with his blows, with Dodig nevertheless managing to defend himself well. By the last round, however, Chaikovsky managed to take control, causing Dodig to stumble. In the end, and despite the initial fall, it was Chaikovsky who claimed the unanimous decision victory.

Jack “One Ayyyyyyyyye” McDermott def. Ishaan Goel

Jack “One Ayyyyyyyyye” McDermott, a junior, defeated Ishaan Goel, a sophomore from Dunne Hall in the first round. The referee called the bout within thirty seconds of the fight after a hard blow.

186 lbs.

Cam “Crash Cadillac” Nolan def. Daniel “Baby Alpaca” Duran  

From the very beginning, Duncan junior Cam Nolan went in with hard and fast jabs, with Keenan Hall senior Daniel Duran keeping up the pace with a strong defense. Nolan’s energy was high however, and he managed to break Duran’s block several times with hard hitting blows. By the second round, Duran was visibly shaken, having his mouth guard knocked out by a strong hook from Nolan. By the third and final round, Duran regained some energy and launched a fast paced offensive, but Nolan relentlessly hit back with jab after jab. The fight ended abruptly with the referee stopping the contest and naming Nolan the victor.

Michael “Mr. Saturday Night Special” Krecek def. James “The Implication” Fraser

Michael “Mr. Saturday Night Special” Krecek, a junior from Morrissey Manor, came out swinging, sending body shots in James “The Implication” Fraser’s direction. Fraser, a senior, gradually began to return the blows, and the duo exchanged hits. The pair exchanged head shots, both landing clean punches in the first and second rounds. Fraser gradually increased his hits on Krecek, and by the third round, both fighters were beginning to experience fatigue. By the third round, Fraser was the aggressor, but Krecek took home the win in a split-decision.

Eric “Cheese Sandwich” Requet def. Thomas “Grover” Dodig

Requet, a sophomore representing Sorin, came after Dodig, a sophomore representing Knott Hall, several times in the first round. Dodig retaliated, and the pair sparred in the middle of the ring. Dodig came out swinging in the second round, skirting around Requet’s attempt to pin him. Both fighters landed heavy hits in the third round, resulting in Requet winning by unanimous decision.

Bryce Tournat def. Evan “Big Red” Slattery

The first round of the match started off slowly with neither opponent being able to gain momentum. The second round was the opposite with a hot start for both competitors, landing vicious hits on each other in a back-and-forth brawl. Slattery, a sophomore representing Morrissey Manor, almost fell out of the ring and onto the judge’s table after claiming that the freshman Tournat pushed him onto the ropes. The referee however, continued the match. The final round started off slow with little action as both fighters were hesitant to try a hit. The round would end the same way, as both fighters tried to remain patient and wait for the other to make a move. After what was a close match, the Keough Hall resident Tournat defeated Slattery by split decision.

204 lbs.

Jackson “Bodybags” Wrede def. Ryan “Squirter” Guinn

Jackson “Bodybags” Wrede, a senior representing Knott Hall, defeated Ryan “Squirter” Guinn, a freshman representing Keough Hall after three rounds. Guinn started the fight off with the first swing, and after a few returns from Wrede, the referee checked Guinn to approve him to continue. The second round was more balanced, as the opponents exchanged blows equally. Jackson landed strong body shots in the final round, solidifying his win in a unanimous decision.

Anthony “The Italian Stallion” Anonia def. Ross Kloeber

Anthony “The Italian Stallion” Anonia, a senior faced off against Ross Kloeber, a law student, in a back-and-forth battle. Kloeber landed solid body shots early in the first round, and Anonia responded promptly. Anonia wrapped up Kloeber, but not without a heavy headshot from Kloeber in retaliation. The second round opened with both opponents attacking aggressively, with little signs of tiring throughout the entire round. Not until the end of the third round did either fighter begin to look slightly fatigued, and Anonia won the entertaining bout in a split decision.

Montana “Louisianimal” Giordano def. Isaac “El Norteno” Kimmel

The junior from Alumni, Giordano, set the tone of the match early with a series of quick jabs on his opponent. Kimmel, an off-campus graduate student, was too slow both on offense and defense for Giordano. In the second round, the referee had to stop the action to make sure that Kimmel was OK after losing his balance for a moment. Kimmel was cleared to continue competing but was just not able to figure out Giordano. Giordano was too quick and nimble for Kimmel to keep up with and Giordano took the win by unanimous decision.

Andrew Sharpe def. Conor Futa

The opening round of this matchup started off even. The round could have gone either way as neither fighter managed to take an advantage. Sharpe, a freshman from Knott, found his way in and dominated Futa, a Duncan junior, in the second round. The freshman had landed a significant number of jabs on Futa. Needing an impressive round, Futa came to life in the third round. Futa managed to hit Sharpe on the lower jaw after a desperate heave to stay alive, leaving the freshman stunned for a bit. In the final seconds, both fighters were hit by exhaustion and landed no significant contact with the other. The fight was close but the judges awarded Sharpe the victory in a split decision.


Pat “The Quiet Man” Gordon def. Kevin Kosman

Kosman, a law student living off campus, started the round off with the first few jabs, but Keough senior Gordon fought back aggressively, briefly forcing Kosman onto the defensive. While Gordon’s energy remained high, Kosman grew more confident by the end of the round. Kosman got the first strike in for a second time in round two and came back stronger than in the first round, driving Gordon into the ropes. In the final round, both boxers showed a resurgence of energy and confidence. Gordon went strong against Kosmon once more before backing off and maintaining space between them. Though the final round ended at a point where neither boxer was striking, Gordon won by unanimous decision.

Ali Thomas Jr. def. Christian Dennis “The Menace”

Duncan sophomore Thomas and Dillon sophomore Dennis started their match off strong, appearing evenly matched before Thomas struck Dennis in the face several times. Although Dennis was able to dodge some of Thomas’ jabs, the round ended shortly after Thomas knocked Dennis off his feet. Both boxers started aggressively in round two, with Dennis showing more determination. Thomas ultimately dominated the round, backing Dennis into the ropes before the referee stepped in. Thomas went after Dennis hard again in the final round, but Dennis fought back, gaining more confidence and throwing Thomas into defense. Both sophomores struck hard before the referee separated them at the end of the round, but Thomas was victorious over Dennis in a unanimous decision.

Keenan “The Foil Enthusiast” Centlivre def. Kenny “Sledge” Hanna

In an exciting match, Hanna started off the fight by landing a handful of shots to the head on the much taller Centlivre. Hanna, an off-campus graduate student, relied on his defensive stance to neutralize Centlivre’s long reach. Centlivre, a senior in Siegfried Hall, would respond by landing a few headshots on Hanna. In the second round, Hanna continued to land hits on Centlivre’s head and escaped the corner after Centlivre was unable to trap him. In the third round, Centlivre gained control of the fight and drew blood with a jab Hanna’s nose. The fight ended up on a split decision favoring Centlivre.

Ryan “Eat at Yatz’s” Richelsen def. Erik Hoberg

Richelsen, a junior from Morrissey Manor, quickly set the direction of this match early in the opening round. Richelsen was clearly too quick for Hoberg, an off campus graduate student. Richelsen hit Hoberg several times with a powerful left hook and seemed to dodge everything Hoberg threw at him. In the first round, Hoberg went down to the ground after a flurry of punches by Richelsen. He was cleared to continue by ringside doctors but the rest of the match would be the same. In the third round, the referee stopped the fight again to check up on Hoberg, who had just received numerous punches to the face. In the end, Richelsen took the victory by unanimous decision.


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