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First person (a point of view)

| Friday, February 16, 2018

It is morning.

First, I’m asleep. Like most people, I begin my day in bed, asleep. Then, an alarm goes off. I still sleep. Chris (my roommate) throws a pillow. The aforementioned pillow makes contact with my face. I wake up. Following my awakening (in the least metaphorical sense), I brush my teeth. I do so for the dentist-recommended two minutes with a loud electronic toothbrush. Chris considers throwing another pillow at my face. I open the door, at which point I walk out the door (of my dorm room) and proceed left down the hallway. I turn right and begin to descend down three flights of stairs. I stop halfway down, pull out my earbuds, plug them into my iPhone and begin to play my favorite song, “Levels” by Avicii. It is a good song. I pass Adam (my roommate) on the way down. He cracks a soft smile. I wave. We are roommates, but we are also friends. At the bottom of the stairs, I take out my earbuds (“Levels” by Avicii is now over) and turn right. I turn left. Walk straight. Open door. Outside. I am. Who be? We are? No. Principles of Management class (8 a.m.) opens my mind. Management equals leadership (at a .05 significance level). At least that’s what Simon Sinek (the grand master duke master person of leadership) says. When management class concludes (the class is one hour and 15 minutes, or, in other words, 75 minutes), I exit DeBartolo Hall (the location of the relevant Principles of Management class) and rotate my body roughly 67 degrees to face South Dining Hall. I walk (as you might have guessed) to South Dining Hall where Adam (roommate/friend), Mike (roommate/friend), Ally (friend) and Elise (friend) and not Owen (roommate/friend?) sit together some mornings to consume food. When I arrive at South Dining Hall, I first swipe my card (as is necessary). Next, I put my coat down by the table (where Adam, Mike, Ally, Elise and not Owen are sitting and eating breakfast foods). I place my coat on an empty chair, adjacent to my friends/roommates. I enter the space in the dining hall designated for the service of food. I desire hash browns. I put hash browns on my plate. I don’t desire eggs, but I feel they are necessary for a complete breakfast. I put eggs on my plate. I desire cereal. I put cereal on my plate. I desire orange juice. I put orange juice on my plate. I desire constant affirmation that I don’t quite deserve. I put constant affirmation that I don’t quite deserve on my plate. Plate loaded, I return to the table with my friends/roommates.  We consume foods together. I consider interesting topics for my next Inside Column. Mike mentions a funny meme. I forgo my previous line of thought to engage Mike about this new meme. It is indeed a funny meme. Adam, Mike, Ally, Elise, not Owen and I agree to meet up later and listen to “Levels” by Avicii.

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