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A need for more blue lights

| Friday, April 27, 2018

During every college tour I participated in senior year of high school, there was a single common message. The tour guides would boast endlessly about the number of blue lights, or emergency call stations, they had on their campus. They assured that no matter where you were on the campus, you would be able to reach one in less than 30 seconds. Every school boasted except for, of course, Notre Dame. While being on campus for over a semester, I have seen a total of two blue lights: one on the running path around the lake, and one by the athletic stadiums. Thankfully, I have never felt the need to use one, but there is something dubious about the lack of access should I be in a situation that requires assistance.

Regarding emergencies, Notre Dame Security Police’s policy is to call either their emergency or non-emergency phone numbers. This is not a fool-proof method. There is a high chance that the time of day in which I would need NDSP would be during the night, and there is a higher chance that by 9 p.m., my phone is dead. There is a sort of frustration I have with NDSP’s policy, as if they are expecting that all people in serious situations are adequately equipped at all times. With the presence of blue lights around Notre Dame’s campus, I would find solace in the fact that my fate in an emergency does not lie in the hands of my notoriously unreliable cell phone.

My personal favorite argument against the installation of blue lights is their appearance. People argue that the look of blue lights would ruin Notre Dame’s campus aesthetic, arguing the importance of the look of a landscape over the safety of its students. While I understand that blue lights are not the most attractive structures known to man, I also realize that the importance in having precautionary measures against violence or other crises. Besides, Notre Dame’s colors are blue and gold, and the blue lights would match perfectly with the Golden Dome.

Blue lights on Notre Dame’s campus should not be up for debate. While we all like to think we live in a crime-free environment, many dangers are still present. The University has a responsibility to first and foremost protect its students to the best of their ability; the presence of blue lights would create an atmosphere more equipped to handle crises.

Caroline DeVoto


April 19

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