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A reflection on keeping in touch

| Thursday, April 5, 2018

Besides the general break from school, one of the reasons I enjoy breaks like the Easter break we just had is that it allows me to catch up with people I don’t always get to see that often. Though I opt to stay on campus for the long weekend instead of heading home (too much time traveling for too short of a break), I still like to talk to friends and family over the break.

For instance, Friday night I spent about 2 1/2 hours talking to a friend from home who goes to a different college, and Saturday I talked to my mom for far longer than I would have if I had the thought of unfinished assignments due on Monday in the back of my mind.

When I added it up, those several hours are ones that I could have spent on countless other tasks. Even if I had just cut in half the time that I spent on the phone with my mom and my friend, I would have added back another hour or two of sleep or reading a book or some other fun activity. Still, I would not have traded that time for anything else I could have been doing.

Though we live in a world where it is widely regarded as easier than ever before to keep in touch with people, I’ve come to find that keeping up quality relationships still takes time. While a quick text back and forth between classes every now and then or seeing someone’s pictures on Facebook can make me feel like I’m keeping in touch with them and knowing what’s going on in their lives, it’s not until I actually hop on the phone and talk for a few hours that I’ve realized how much I’ve missed. (And how much I would have missed if I only relied on a few pictures and quick messages to figure out what they’re up to.)

It’s deceptive to think that with all the technology at our disposal we would be able to keep in touch with people “efficiently,” fitting in communication in ways and at times that are convenient for us. I was reminded over break, though, that spending hours talking to someone often isn’t at the most convenient of times and is definitely not the most “efficient” way to find out what someone is doing, but it’s the best way to truly build and maintain a relationship.

Moving into the final stretch of the school year and then into the summer when everyone begins to spread out geographically, I’m hoping to take what I’ve been reminded of during the break and use it to keep up quality relationships with family, friends from home and friends from college. Even though it takes time and effort, maintaining those relationships is one of the highlights of my week when I remember to do it, and I hope to do it more often.

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Alexandra Muck is a Notre Dame senior majoring in business and economics. Originally from Dallas, she currently lives in Howard Hall.

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