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Coffee is a necessary necessity

| Tuesday, May 1, 2018

There are two types of students: those who don’t like coffee and those who would give their life if they had to, for a cup (or maybe two) of coffee. Without a doubt, I am the second one. For me, coffee is a necessity for college survival just as hot water is a necessity in Howard Hall. Even more, coffee is a required substance for my body to maintain itself as awake, active and attentive from the time my alarm goes off for my 9 a.m. class to the time my day ends (taking into account the extra hours summed up by walking back and forth between my study spot at the library and Au Bon Pain, heading to print my calculus homework, casually bumping into a friend I haven’t talked to in years and waiting in the everlasting lines that build up at Duncan restaurants). It turns out that I am stuck in an ongoing cycle where I wake up early, have a cup of coffee, walk to my Theology class, have a cup of coffee, work on my Writing and Rhetoric paper, have a cup of coffee, finish up my Philosophy journal and reading assignment for Microbes and Man, have another cup of coffee (because after all, I am still not done with my tasks) and go to sleep very late just to wake up early the next day.

I am sure this is not only a case unique to me as a student but rather to more than half of the Notre Dame alumni. Imagine for a minute you find yourself at Hesburgh Library. It’s 11 p.m. and you haven’t finished your paper. Your eyes are involuntarily closing, your head falls forward and you immediately sit back straight. You’ve already had two cups of coffee earlier during the day and can’t really afford to buy a third one. At this point, I personally begin to wonder why is it that if coffee is the only thing that boosts me up when I’m sleep-deprived and still have two exams and a paper due the next day, then why should I have to pay for it? If coffee is a necessity, shouldn’t it be free? Shouldn’t the access to coffee be a right given to me for just being a student?

There is free coffee in CoMo and McWell, but why isn’t there free coffee in DeBart, Hes or the Duncan Student Center? This is simply unacceptable. Students, who always seem to be broke, spend an average of $3 a day just to be able to consume a product that ends up being the only thing that magically keeps them going. And for this reason, I’ve decided to take a step forward and share my belief, in representation of all those true and faithful coffee addicts out there, as I petition for the right of free coffee. Actually, not only for the right of free coffee during the day but specifically a 24/7 coffee station where it can be 2 a.m. and I can happily go for a cup of coffee which will inspire me to finish my Theology paper and include a shoutout to God for this amazing creation.

And to those who claim to dislike coffee, I also talk for you, since in a month or two you’ll most probably be diagnosed with a coffee overdose.

Marielle Hawit


April 28

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