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Young Thug stays iconic on ‘Slime Language’

| Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dominique DeMoe

Prior to “Slime Language,” Young Thug released his fluid, improbable mixtape, “Beautiful Thugger Girls.” His music on that mixtape was free from form and expectations — matching Thug’s signature vocals. It is an album that is at times nonsensical, and Young Thug, although he doesn’t make a lot of sense himself, captures the spirit of this in an interview, in which he says, “You heard of the new Earth that they found. It’s a new Earth, but it’s like ten times bigger than this Earth. It’s Earth though. It looks identical, but everything’s the same. I’m probably from there. I don’t think I’m from here.”

“Beautiful Thugger Girls” is a mixtape that doesn’t fall into Earthly norms. It is and was an extraterrestrial project. Since the time of its release, however, Thug may have reentered Earth’s atmosphere.

Contrasting the lazy, summer-like sound of “Beautiful Thugger Girls,” Young Thug’s new mixtape “Slime Language” features a sound that is breezy, new and autumnal. The music of “Slime Language” feels familiar. Unlike the generally inaudible slurring which Young Thug typically dishes out, the vocals on “Slime Language” are crisp and its production is easy to digest. It’s a mixtape that is significantly more down to Earth, from a notably more mature Young Thug.

The opening track, “Tsunami,” has an island vibe, but without the tropical sounds that often accompany it — it’s more Staten Island than it is Maui. Yeah, sure, you might enjoy yourself there, but it is nothing that would make anyone jealous.

“Slime Language” is one of those albums that begins with the second track, “U Ain’t Slime Enough.” The song features Jerrika, Young Thug’s girlfriend, and the first lyrics containing the word slime — a combo worth starting any album. Jerrika is surprisingly compelling, delivering an anthem like chorus of “These b—— ain’t slime enough.”

The word ‘slime,’ which permeates throughout the entirety of the album, is the central appeal of “Slime Language.” When Young Thug exclaims “I slime you out,”  it’s not entirely clear what he means. But the confidence and sonic pleasantry with which he says it makes it seem like you know what it means. “I slime you out.” “I do it for my slimes.” “It’s slime season.” Young Thug makes it all seem perfectly reasonable.

“Slime Language” invites the listener into its music just as much as it invites them to use the word slime. “Oh Yeah,” exemplifies this inviting attitude perhaps better than any other song. With its gentle yet brilliant melody, it invites you in to listen for four, maybe five minutes, despite its odd language. For example, Thug says of, presumably, his girlfriend, “Your body shaped just like a Coke, baby.” Regardless of whether this is a good or bad simile, it’s a silly enough one to make the song feel comfortable.

As a Young Stoner Life Records compilation, “Slime Language” is littered with features. And the smaller the name, the better the result. “January the 1st” and “Goin’ Up,” which feature the unremarkable Trap Boy Freddy and Lil Keed, respectively, are strong entries, where as “Chanel (Go Get it),” featuring Lil Baby and Gunna, who both had successful summers, is mostly forgettable. “It’s a Slime,” which features Lil Uzi Vert, on the other hand, lacks a strong hook or verse from Uzi creating a song worth nothing more than a cursory glance.

In reality, Young Thug is probably from this planet, but, regardless, he is different than most of the people here. “Slime Language” provides an overview of Young Thug without probing too deep. He likes to make up new meanings for words and compare past girlfriends to soda bottles. No one is going to tell him to stop doing so. Young Thug is a shining pillar of individuality, and “Slime Language” is a call to enjoy in yourself all your silliness. 


Artist: Young Thug

Album: Slime Language

Label: Young Stoner Life Records

Favorite Track: “Oh Yeah”

If You Like: Migos, Rae Sremmurd

4/5 Shamrocks




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