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Education inequality

| Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I wouldn’t be writing this today if I allowed myself to become cynical. There are basic principles that all Americans agree on. But we’ve abandoned them in the name of partisan bickering — look at what we’ve become. But we’re better than this.
There are people in this country who traffic in bigotry. But bigotry can only live in ignorant minds. The answer is education. Our children’s education is the most important aspect of any society.  We need children — in all states, of all colors, of all genders, of all heritages, of all disabilities, of all creeds — to have access to top-notch education; not just for the pursuit of their own happiness, but for the greater good of us all.
An educated public is the only way self-governance works; the only way democracy works. Because that’s what democracy is: self governing. But how can we govern ourselves if we don’t understand the conversation?
The only people who would stand in the face of education are those who would seek or allow the impoverishment of those kept in the dark. Unacceptable. Betsy DeVos — the current Secretary of Education of the United States of America — is pushing for Charter Schools and Voucher Programs. These are nice-sounding terms for something disgraceful; it’s the sustained effort to reroute money from the poorest school districts to the wealthiest.
Separate but equal. Separate but equal. We are dividing our country by the have’s and have-not’s. Is this equality? Is this justice?
The only constant in human history is that there’s always problems to solve, challenges to be met, dangers to survive and freedom to be fought for.
Humans really haven’t changed that much in 100,000 years. We’re not more intelligent. We’re not less emotional. We still suffer from vices. We haven’t overcome even our most basic programming — like greed. In what way does stealing from others make the world a better place? The social contract is broken. The vast majority of humans live in abject poverty, while just under 10 percent hold well over three-quarters the world’s wealth. Half of everything that has ever existed on this planet is controlled by a corrupt few who seek to subvert and control all of their brothers and sisters that make up the rest of humanity. This isn’t right. This isn’t acceptable. And the great calling of this generation will be to press the powerful to “take their feet off our necks.”
We won’t solve economic inequality overnight, but we can stop the root cause: Education Inequality.
 Nick Myers
class of 2011
Sept. 10

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