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Champions crowned in Baraka Bouts finals

, and | Friday, November 16, 2018

Megan “Mashed Potatoes And” Davey vs Meghan “Watch Out Joe” Guilfoile

Both fighters started the fight with high energy. However, Guifoile, a sophomore living in Breen-Phillips Hall, was more aggressive, landing more hits on Davey and connecting on three straight hooks to Davey’s head. While trying to keep her distance, Davey kept swinging as her early aggression from earlier in the first round died down a bit. The second round began with Guilfoile sticking to her right hook but Davey kept ducking many of Guilfoile’s swings. Davey, a senior in Walsh Hall, pushed Guilfoile into the ropes. Guilfoile fought out of it with a succession of jabs. The two women continued to war against each other. In the final round, Davey got off to a bad start as she lost her balance early after getting caught with a weak defensive stance. As Davey recovered, she came back at Guilfoile with hook after hook. Guilfoile would fail to match Davey’s intensity. With the crowd reaching peak decibel levels and the coaches shouting with vein-popping intensity, Davey pushed and pushed with hit after hit on a tiring Guilfoile. Davey’s final push won over the judges, who gave the senior the victory via split decision.

Anna Mason | The Observer
Senior Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi, right, sizes up her opponent during the championship round of Baraka Bouts on Nov. 15 at the Dahnke Ballroom. Kivi won by unanimous decision.

Stephanie “Smack Attack” Mackley vs Ande “Full Throttle” Gradel

Mackley started off as the aggressor in the first round, countering Gradel’s moves and keeping her at a safe distance. Mackley, an off-campus graduate student, landed several hooks to momentarily stun her opponent. Gradel, a junior in Cavanaugh Hall, tried to go low but her strategy backfired as Mackley managed to get plenty of strong body shots on the junior. Gradel got Mackley against the ropes and had her there for a moment before Mackley found some room to get out. In the following round, Gradel tried to up her aggression and was met by a flurry of body shots from Mackley. Gradel got Mackley against the ropes once again but Mackley pushed her way out. With Mackley slowing down at different points, her coach kept screaming “Breathe.” Gradel took advantage of Mackley’s fatigue as she strategically turned up her aggression when Mackley had to take a breather. Mackley responded in the final round, hitting jab after jab on a slow-to-respond Gradel. Gradel then pushed Mackley against the ropes, keeping her there for a significant portion of the round. Mackley would respond to being put in the corners by grabbing onto Gradel. With mixed reactions from the crowd, the judges rewarded Gradel the victory via split decision.


Andrea Peecher vs Bailey Baumbick

Both opponents came out strong, neither were able to get good hits on the first swings. Baumbick, a sophomore in Cavanaugh Hall, caught Peecher sleeping on defense, getting a big hit in between Peecher’s gloves as she tried to block. Baumbick would keep landing big hooks on Peecher. In the final moments of the first round, Peecher attempted to get hits on Baumbick but, the sophomore defended well. Baumbick would make good use of body-head 1-2 combos, which Peecher couldn’t figure out. In the next round, Peecher would get a big right hook on Baumbick. Peecher, an off-campus graduate student, started bleeding from her nose, prompting two pauses in the second round. Both fighters kept going at each other with Baumbick blocking well against Peecher’s punches. In the final seconds of the second round, both fighters gave up big hits as they amped up the intensity. With the crowds chanting Baumbick’s name, Peecher pushed to make a final statement as she fought against her opponent and the dozens of Baumbick supporters. As both women awaited the final results, Baumbick gave out a euphoric, “Yes,” as she was announced the winner by split decision.


Sydney Carlino vs Marissa “The Minnesota Monster” Kivi

Carlino and Kivi circled each other to begin the match. Kivi would break the ice and test Carlino’s reflexes with a quick left hook. Carlino slowed down and circled again before Kivi came back with a series of quick punches that pushed Carlino onto the ropes. Carlino, a sophomore in Cavanaugh Hall, was stunned and seemed to “shake off” the big hits that she just took. Kivi, a senior in Lewis Hall, played mouse as Carlino played cat; Kivi would keep Carlino chasing her around the ring, constantly moving her feet. Carlino began the second round trying to be more aggressive, but Kivi countered by pushing Carlino face-to-the-crowd against the ropes. Kivi went to a series of left-jab-right-hook combo attempts, but Carlino defended well. The bell would ring an end to the second round just as Carlino connected with a jab on the senior. The final round started with a left hook from Carlino. The chants of “Kivi” and “Sydney” filled the room as both women tried to seal the deal. However, the last round was filled with much less action as the earlier rounds. In the final 20 seconds, no punches were thrown as both fighters circled each other. Kivi won by unanimous decision thanks to plenty of big hits.


Madalyn “Trash Human” Schulte vs Erin Doyle

This fight began with a series of impressive punches thrown by both Schulte, a McGlinn senior, and Doyle, a junior from Pasquerilla East, as they tried to feel each other out. The fight was characterized by quality defense and calculated strikes, and Schulte won round one by using her two strike combo. Throughout the ensuing rounds, Schulte continued to land serious head strikes, ultimately leading to her victory by unanimous decision.


Shannon “Hawaiian Punch” Hennessey vs Laura “Rad Dad” Hernandez

Hennessey, a senior, and Hernandez, also a senior, came out the gate fighting, and the first round was chaotic and action-packed. Throughout the entire fight, Hernandez landed more consistent and quality strikes on Hennessey. Hennessey was clearly shaken by the strikes, and she even had to stop fighting at one point. After a more quiet third round, Hernandez won by unanimous decision.


Nicole “The-Not-So-Nice-Canadian” Waddick vs Rachel Belans

Waddick, a senior representing McGlinn Hall, and Belans, another McGlinn senior, came out fighting, as it was an aggressive fight from the beginning with lots of punches thrown and landed in the first round. Belans began the second round by attacking, and Waddick was eight counted. Right after, Waddick fought back and ended the round by forcing an eight count on Belans. Round three was once again aggressive and competitive, but Waddick landed more quality punches, forcing another eight count on Belans, paving the way for a victory by unanimous decision.


Marisa “Riss Ross the Boss” Ross vs Courtney Weston

Seniors Ross and Weston threw arguably the most powerful punches out of any matchup, landing many impactful blows in the first round. As the matchup progressed, fatigue became a factor due to the large amount of energy expended on the attack, leading to less consistent and powerful strikes. Ross was able to outlast Weston and win the fight by unanimous decision.


Francie “Dr. Cool” Gradel vs Delany “Sharkface” Bolton

Gradel, a senior, and Bolton, a junior, were two of the most agile and quick fighters of the night as they fought a highly composed fight. Both maintained great form throughout the fight, but as the rounds progressed, Gradel did a better job landing more quality headshots. The third round began with a flurry of punches, and Gradel was able to outlast Bolton to claim the victory by split decision.


Morgan “Captain Morgan” Williams vs Jess “You Know What I Mean?” Zlaket

Williams, a senior representing McGlinn Hall came out of the gate swinging and connected on a series of combinations. Williams caught Zlaket, also a senior, representing Flaherty Hall, off guard with the speed and intensity of her combinations. Williams unloaded these series of combinations to the head and body of Zlaket several times in the first round. She continued with her flurry of punches in the second round. Zlaket caught a burst of energy just the before the bell to commence the second round rang, but this slight burst was not enough to stop the intensity and ferocity of Williams. Williams immediately lunged right towards her opponent just as the ref started the third and final round. Williams released another mirage of combinations, even more impressive than her initial shots in the first. She bounced off the stool going into the third with an energy that awarded her the victory, a unanimous decision.


Gina “The Machine-A” Guzzardo vs Emily “The Miniature Menace” DeRubertis

Guzzardo began the fight looking a little stiff and maybe even a little nervous. However, Guzzardo, the MBA graduate student, was able to score more punches than her opponent in the first round. DeRubertis, a senior representing Lewis Hall, came into the second round strong. She lowered her head and cluttered Guzzardo’s body with big combinations. Guzzardo looked hurt at the end of the second, but she refused to give up this early. Guzzardo took the initiative in the third round and let herself into the range of Derubertis’ strong jabs. Guzzardo was able to absorb most of DeRubertis’ punches in the third and was declared winner by split decision.


Molly “The Silent G” Giglia vs Anne Marie “Go Ham” Hamon

Giglia, a junior in Cavanaugh Hall, displayed her impressive footwork early in the fight. She unloaded huge combinations of one-two jabs to Hamons head on several occasions. Hamon, a junior in Pasquerilla East Hall, was able to respond at the end of the first with her own strong combinations. Giglia wasn’t stunned by these shots and jumped off the stool in second continuing with her quick jabs to the head and body of Hamon. Although Hamon was able to land punches to Giglia’s head they weren’t doing a significant amount of damage. Giglia carried this same energy into the third round and was subsequently declared winner by split decision.


Caroline “Spicey Bicey” Bice vs Erin Guilfoile

Bice, a freshman in Walsh Hall, headed into this fight coming off of two dominating victories in the quarter and semifinals. Bice was able to continue her impressive string of boxing performances to finish off the fights for the evening. Guilfoile, a senior in Breen-Phillips Hall, seemed stunned as soon as Bice got a hold of her. Bice let out a string of aggressive combinations right from the start. She was able to block or absorb most of Guilfoile’s shots. Bice continued to defend well and land on the majority of her punches, she was declared winner by a split-decision.


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