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Bengal Bouts concludes opening rounds

, , , , , , and | Friday, February 15, 2019

142 lbs.

Dan “Emotional Punching Bag” Wilborn def. Jason ”Banana Jay” Lokhorst

In the first fight of the night, freshman Jason “Banana Jay” Lokhorst, representing Stanford Hall, faced off against senior southpaw Dan “Emotional Punching Bag” Wilborn, representing Knott in the 142-pound division. Lokhorst landed a hard jab off the bat, matched by a flurry of hits by Wilborn. The first round was even, with a lot of head contact between the two. The second round opened with a collection of hard hits by Wilborn, prompting the referee to check in on Lokhorst twice in the round, and resulting in a clear round victory for the senior. The third round again opened with a series of right hits by the senior, prompting another pause in the action. Again, the action was controlled by Wilborn, while the freshman tried to stand his ground. Ultimately, Wilborn won by unanimous decision to open the night with a bang.
Aidan “Ace” Becklund def. Colin “the Spider” Capece
Freshman Aidan “Ace” Becklund faced off against fellow freshman Colin “the Spider” Capece, a Dunne versus Dunne matchup. Becklund came out swinging, with a series of hooks that forced the referee to pause the action early on, and the trend continued throughout the round — a dominant showing from Becklund. Without any interruption from the officiating crew, the second round was more even, but again, Becklund controlled the pace, tiring out Capece. Early in the third, Capece was pinned to the ropes, but escaped, only to be again paused by the referee. Again, the fight ended in a unanimous decision, with Aidan “Ace” Becklund the clear victor.
Editor’s note: Capece is a Sports Writer for The Observer.
Greg “Pockets” Wall def. “Tiny” Tim McGuire
In the third fight on Ring A, Siegfried sophomore “Tiny” Tim McGuire faced off against Fisher junior Greg “Pockets” Wall. Wall landed the first hard punches of the fight, but it was largely back-and-forth action, featuring nearly exclusively right hooks from both fighters. The second round opened with much higher intensity, with Wall — in gold — forcing the official to pause the action twice for McGuire, who was in blue. The round ended with the momentum in Wall’s corner. The final round included a collection of body shots on each side, but again, Wall threw the majority of the punches. After a relatively even fight, Wall came away victorious.
Peter St. John | The Observer
Graduate student Adam Baginski punches graduate student Kenton ”Curls of Furry” Murray during the opening round of the 2019 Bengal Bouts Thursday in Purcell Pavilion.
Evan “Almighty” Muller def. Ryan “Koala” Kolakowski
In the fourth fight in the 142-pound division, senior Ryan “Koala” Kolakowski from Zahm fought sophomore Evan “Almighty” Muller, also from Zahm. The fight started off fast paced, with considerable grappling on each side, vying for control. Both fighters’ endurance was tested early on, both looking tired after the rapid but even round. The second round again opened up fast, but slowed down as it progressed, and Muller seemed to take it to Kolakowski, but it remained relatively even. Towards the very end, the pace switched, and Kolakowski managed to land his fair share of punches, marking another even round. In the third, both fighters looked fatigued, but Muller forced a pause in the fight, representing a clear victory for him in the round and in the fight.
Editor’s note: Kolakowski is a Sports Writer for The Observer.
Robert “The Kidd” Hernandez def. Charlie “The Towering Terror” Ivancic
As round one began, it was Siegfried sophomore Robert “The Kidd” Hernandez coming out aggressive, but Charlie “The Towering Terror” Ivancic, a freshman from Knott, quickly responded. Both stayed conservative, saving their energy for the later rounds. Before the round was over, however, Ivancic would need to be checked by the referee. Round two opened more ferociously, as Hernandez was on the attack, keeping Ivancic on defense and eventually forcing Ivancic to bleed. As action resumed, Hernandez continued to pack the punches and corner his opponent. A second stoppage to clean up blood was called before the round was over. In the final round, Ivancic started an early attack, but Hernandez was able to respond and fend it off. Each fighter got their punches in to conclude the fight, but it was Hernandez taking the match by unanimous decision.

Layson “Dream-Chasin” Savant vs. Conor “Con Con” McConville

Round one between Alumni sophomore Layson “Dream-Chasin” Savant and Keenan sophomore Conor “Con Con” McConville started with each fighter keeping their distance, as they both had a long reach. Big punches were thrown throughout the round, with perhaps McConville landing the better of the throws. As round two got underway, McConvile tossed a number of huge punches that mostly missed. Eventually McConville broke through and landed a couple of strong shots to the head and body before the round concluded. In the final frame, Savant aimed to bring the fight closer together and each fighter took advantage to land a number of blows. Strong right hooks came from both competitors before all was said and done. In the end, it was McConville taking the fight by unanimous decision.


Diego “Fuego” Arias def. Liam “Wait for it” Nugent

The fight started at a tremendously quick pace with Morrissey senior Diego “Fuego” Arias staying on the attack for the most part against Liam “Wait for it” Nugent, a junior from Dunne, although each fighter was landing their fair share of punches. A referee stoppage was eventually called to check on Nugent before the round concluded. Round two saw Nugent start as the aggressor, before Arias responded to land some punches himself. Arias began to dictate the round, getting low before punching up towards his opponent, and each fighter looked to be getting tired as they headed to the final round. In the third, Arias again began going at his opponent, keeping Nugent on the back foot. Energy from both fighters stayed steady to close out the fight, and in the end it was Arias taking the match by unanimous decision.


Glenn “Queens” Fiocca def. Zach “Red Bull” Yager

The fight between Duncan senior Zach “Red Bull” Yager and Zahm freshman Glenn “Queens” Fiocca began with each fighter keeping active feet, although it was mostly Fiocca on the attack. The referee would eventually check on Yager as Fiocca had begun to land a number of strong punches in the first frame. As the second round got underway, both fighters once again came out aggressive, each landing their fair share of punches in an effort to take control of the fight. Fiocca maintained his position as the aggressor for the most part in this round. In the last round, Fiocca made contact with a few shots to the head, while Yager worked quite a bit on the body. For the third time in the match, the official checked on Yager mid-round before the fight concluded. Fiocca took the fight by unanimous decision.


148 lbs.

GP Pernicone def. Arthur “El Fugo” Ortiz

Both Keough sophomore GP Pernicone and junior Arthur “El Fugo” Ortiz threw big punches early on, as they sought to send a message right out of the gate. By the end of the opening round, Pernicone had begun to take command. In the second round, Ortiz was swinging big which left him vulnerable to counters by Pernicone. Fatigue appeared to be setting in by the end of the round. In the third, the two fighters kept their distance before getting tangled and throwing a flurry of punches. Ortiz landed a solid blow that caused the referee to check on Pernicone. Each fighter delivered strong shots to end the fight. Ultimately, it was Pernicone taking the close fight by split decision.


Leonard “Typhoon” Calvo def. Clay “The Ragin’ Cajun” Talbot

In the first round of this 148-pound division bout, Talbot kept his hands noticeably low, trying to evade and use his length to fend off Calvo. Calvo chased Talbot around the ring, briefly getting within striking distance to land a flurry of punches to the body.

In the second round, Calvo picked up on his opponent’s strategy, and forced Talbot to move even quicker. However, Talbot finally went on the offensive, managing to land shot to the head.

In the final round, Calvo began with a ferocious, all-out blitz of his opponent, but Talbot managed to separate himself, and the fighters traded punches in the same manner as the previous rounds. In the end, Calvo’s aggressiveness won him the match by split decision.


Thomas “The Tank Engine” Walsh def. “Like” Mike Everett

The fight began tentatively, with both trying to bait their opponent into an opening. Walsh, a Keenan junior, then sought to establish himself, hitting Everett and putting him on his heels. However, Everett responded, throwing hooks and putting Walsh back on his own heels before the round ended.

To start the second, Walsh again tried to be the aggressor, closing the space and attempting to prevent Everett, a Morrissey sophomore, from using his length, but Everett still managed to hit Walsh on the side of his head with hooks. Everett then began to force Walsh back, but neither fighter could manage to gain a clear advantage.

In the final round, Walsh again instigated the action, this time to seemingly more success. Everett looked to find an opening, but Walsh kept his guard up, and continued to land shots, eventually forcing Everett into the ropes right before the final bell. Walsh’s offensive dominance earned him the victory unanimously.

Editor’s note: Everett is Staff Member at The Observer.


Ryan “Short Stack” Smith def. Austin “Audimatic” Derrick

Derrick, a junior representing Dunne, got off to a quick start, staying just out of Smith’s reach. Smith, a Morrissey sophomore, threw plenty of punches in the first but finally started connecting in the second. Smith let Derrick come to him in the second, but countered effectively. Smith and Derrick traded back and forth in the second round which led to an exciting final round. Smith came out swinging in the third and final round and was declared winner by unanimous decision


Dominic “Woke Up Feeling Pretty Dangerous” Angelotti def. Terrance “Slinker” Cameron

Angelotti, an off-campus grad student, came out looking to set the tone, trying to put Cameron on defense. However, Cameron, a Sorin freshman, managed to evade or block multiple shots and strike back when he found an opening. Cameron tried to go on the offensive and landed a couple of punches right before the first round ended.

In the second period, Angelotti upped his aggressiveness, forcing Cameron on his heels and chasing him around the ring. Cameron still managed to use his lengths to land a few hits but began to tire from being pursued around the ring.

Yet again, Angelotti was the aggressor in the final round, but Cameron soon responded, landing several hits. Still, Cameron couldn’t gain significant traction offensively, as Angelotti would not relieve the pressure. The fight came down to a split decision, but Angelotti emerged victorious.


Danny “Hit Man Lenny” Rogers def. Chris “Counterpunch” Prattos

Rogers, a Zahm sophomore, and Prattos, a Duncan junior, fought a back-and-forth first round, as both men landed plenty of blows. Rogers continued with his flurry of punches in the second. Eventually, Prattos landed a huge shot to Rogers’ head, shifting his head gear to a point the referee paused the fight. Prattos knocked Rogers early in the first, sending him to the mat. Rogers was not pleased with himself after his stumble, but managed to bounce back to be declared winner by split decision.


Joe “Pa” Purcell def. Phil “Guns” Park

Both Dunne seniors, Park battled Purcell in a heated contest. Utilizing his height advantage, Purcell was able to keep Park from getting close enough to connect. The first and second rounds went to Purcell, albeit some controversial no-calls by the referee. Park complained about his opponent hitting the back of his head in the second, and the same instance occurred again in the third. Purcell didn’t let up with his frequency of punches in the third, eventually being named winner by split decision.


Joe “Black or” Pinto def. Barry “Big Hess” Lee

Both fighter were able to anticipate the other well, but Pinto may have been a step quicker on his feet than his opponent. Pinto, a senior in Sorin College, and Lee, a sophomore in Dillon, were able to make for an exciting fight, as both tried to keep their opponent at bay, while still inflicting damage. Both fighters were able to connect with punches, often times in combinations, but eventually Pinto was named winner by unanimous decision.


157 lbs.

Chris “A.P.” Lutz def. Charles “The Dragon” Meyers

Although Meyers advanced on his opponent early, Lutz, a Keenan sophomore, managed to land the first big hits of the match. However, Meyers responded with a solid attack. The first round continued to be a back-and-forth affair as Meyers’ strategy proved to be a double-edged sword, granting him solid hits, but allowing Lutz to land hits in return.

In the second stanza, Meyers, a Morrissey sophomore, continued to attack Lutz, this time seeming to gain more traction, forcing the latter into the ropes. Lutz would not go easily, however, pushing Meyers off him whenever he could. The round belonged to Meyers though, as Lutz couldn’t find the chances he had in the first round.

Meyers maintained his approach, but Lutz composed himself in the third and managed to get quality shots on the former. Meyers persisted however, with an unrelenting attack. Lutz fared far better in the final round as Meyers began to wear down, seizing his opportunities and winning the fight by split decision.


Drew “The Iron” Curtin def. Jack “The Missile” Coons

Coons, an Alumni freshman, was aggressive to begin, trying to establish himself as the dominant force. However, Curtin, a Keenan freshman, used his strength to hold off the former at the start. Coons managed to land several big shots though in what was a back-and-forth first round, as Curtin managed to briefly gain the upper hand.

Curtin began the second round looking to attack low, and managed to force Coons into the ropes, landing several hits to the head. Coons was forced back again, and tried to throw Curtin into the corner, causing the official to pause the round and talk to both fighters. Curtin came out of the intermission with a strong showing, forcing Coons to retreat and landing several shots.

The final stanza started slightly more contested, as Coons looked to match Curtin. However, the latter still forced Coons on his heels and would not grant him any opportunity to gain momentum, despite Coons landing his fair share of shots in the tight space. In the end, Curtin showed greater prowess, winning the fight by split decision.


Kyle “Nemo” Mettler def. John “Dilemma” Di Lella

Mettler, an Alumni Hall sophomore, came out hard from his corner. He opened up the fight with a rapid combination of blows to Di Lella’s head. Di Lella, a St. Edwards freshman, maintained a firm defense, but this was not enough to stop his older opponent. The referee had to stop the fight twice in the first round to check on the status of the freshman. At the close of the first round, Di Lella landed a series of punches in quick succession.

In the second round, Mettler once again dominated the first few seconds. The sophomore started off with a speedy combination, landing multiple jabs and a strong uppercut. Di Lella quickly found himself overwhelmed by his adversary. Kyle Mettler won the fight by referee-stopped contest in the middle of the second round.


Umair Karowadia def. Mark “The Donkey” Giugliano Jr.

Karowadia, an off-campus graduate student, started off the fight very aggressively with a huge blow to Giugliano’s head. Karowadia was relentless with his blows throughout the first round. He did not give his much younger opponent any room to breath. Blow after blow, Karowadia pushed Giugliano, a freshman from St. Edwards Hall, into a corner just as the first round came to a close.

The second round started off in similar fashion. The older, graduate student, came out of his corner with his fists locked and loaded. After a few seconds of exchanged punches between the competitors, Giugliano suffered an injury to his right shoulder. The young fighter tried to keep fighting, but was hurt again after a few more hits. The referee stopped the fight, and Karowadia won late in the second round by referee-stopped contest.


Aidan “Backbreaker” Dillon def. Nick “Cannoli” Giovino

Both fighters — Aidan “Backbreaker” Dillon and Nick “Cannoli” Giovino —came out swinging fast and often. Dillon, a Keenan freshman, was able to land a series of combinations early in the first, but he gave Giovino, a sophomore representing Knott, an opportunity to respond. Both fighters looked extremely aggressive, perhaps to a fault. When an opponent would land a solid combination, the other fighter would flail against the ropes, throwing awkward and inefficient punches. This was especially typical of Giovino, who often found himself caught against the ropes. As a result, Dillon was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


Mike “Son of the Stallion” Perenich def. Jack “Snack Attack” Zinsky

Zinsky, a sophomore representing Knott, and Perenich, a sophomore in Keough, got off to an early start, and the fight was paused early in the first round after Zinsky’s nose was bloodied. The blood continued to pour from Zinsky’s nose all the way to the bell to end the first. The referee allowed Zinsky to continue to fight despite the blood, and the fight was paused again in the second. After this stoppage, the bleeding became more and more evident, flowing from Zinsky’s mouth and nose. Perenich was declared winner by unanimous decision.


Michael “The KO” Feijoo def. Peter “Sneaky Pete” Gould

Gould, a Siegfried Hall sophomore, had a slight height advantage over Michael “The KO” Feijoo, a Morrisey Hall senior, who was able to navigate his opponent’s attacks and quickly went on the offensive. Fejioo came out lighting fast at the start of each bell, bouncing around and countering Gould’s moves. Gould absorbed plenty of damage, but did not give up. Gould spent a majority of the third covered up and trying to prevent more damage than he had already sustained. Feijoo was named the winner by unanimous decision.


Henry “The Dancing Queen” Davis def. Patrick “Rocket Man” Danielson

In the opening round, both fighters came out swinging, with Davis able to land several hits to the head early on. However, Danielson came back with a blow of his own to the head of the Duncan senior Davis, causing the referee to pause the fight just before the round ended. In the second period, Davis landed several strong combos, but Danielson again came back with a strong jab right to the head of Davis, knocking him slightly backward. The two fighters were cautious for the rest of the round, and entered the final period on fairly level terms. Davis again came out with a strong right uppercut, but the Keough senior Danielson started to sway momentum by the end of the round, effectively landing jabs with both hands to the head and body of Davis. The referees awarded Davis the win by split decision.


160 lbs.

Nick “The Soviet Stinger” Kiene def. Joe “Swiggity” Sweilem

Kiene, a Keenan Hall senior, opened up the fight with a few big hits to Sweilem’s body. Sweilem, a freshman from St. Edwards Hall, fought very defensively and was also able to sneak in a few body shots early in the first round. Kiene was patient with his punches, timing them just right. The round was a series of uncontested combinations from Kiene to Sweilem. At the very end of the first round, Kiene landed a powerful direct hit to Sweilem’s face.

The referee stopped the fight at the end of the first round. While the contest seemed to show promise, Kiene’s final blow won him the fight. The official decision was victory by referee-stopped contest.


Kieran “Wurlpool” Wurl def. Noah “The Alaskan Bull Worm” Furneri

Wurl, a sophomore of Siegfried Hall, came into the first round punching hard. His opponent, Furneri, a sophomore of Sorin College, was quick to respond by bobbing and weaving his way between many of the blows. After a few exchanged hits, the pair seemed to have found their rhythm. Between body shots and head shots the two had a very evenly-matched first round. While his offense was superior, Wurl won the defensive battle by staying quick on his feet.

At the start of the second round, the competitors picked up right where they had left off. Furneri seemed to have found a second wind as he picked up his offense, landing a series of blows in quick succession. Starting the third and final round, both fighters emerged from their corners aggressively. Both fighters fought it out until the end of the third round, and the winner, by unanimous decision, was Wurl.

Editor’s note: Furneri is a former Sports Writer for The Observer.


Luke “Riff” Rafferty def. Jack “M. Crazyfish” Weston

Weston, a sophomore in Morrissey, and Rafferty, a Duncan senior, squared off as they each found their footing. Shortly in to the first round, Rafferty hit Weston with a clean jab to the face. In response, Weston lived up to his nickname and beat his chest, as if asking for more. Rafferty brought the round to a close with a rapid combination of blows to a cornered Weston.

The senior started off the second and third rounds with a series of rapid punches. In the second round, he ended a particular combination with a huge uppercut. The young sophomore, even after taking so many hits, showed no signs of faltering. In the third round, Rafferty hit Weston with a massive hook to the head right as final bell went off. The winner, by unanimous decision, was Rafferty.


Mike “Deez” Luchini def. Steve “Trail by Fire” Ayers

In a battle of Fisher men, the first round started with a flurry, as both boxers came out aggressive, with Ayers in particular initiating the action. Both landed hard hits and expended a lot of energy. In the second round, both fighters used a more controlled fighting style, which seemingly favored Luchini. The Fisher senior landed several hard, technically sound hits to the head of Ayers, whose aggression was largely held at bay throughout the round. In the final period, both fighters came physically locked up and fought in close quarters. Luchini was able to land powerful right-hand hooks to the head of Ayers, who returned fire by pushing the senior up against the ropes and landing several body shots, causing Luchini to grimace as the round ended. The judges awarded Luchini the win by split decision.


Marcelo “El Chelo” Castellanos def. Manuel “The Caveman” Marroquin

With both fighters from Alumni, Marroquin came out on top in round one, causing a brief stoppage while controlling the pace. The senior also landed quite a few more hits than Castellanos, a freshman, did in the opening round. In the second round, Castellanos came out the aggressor, but Marroquin was able to avoid most of the punches while using a strong right hook against his hall counterpart. Castellanos responded with several jabs to the head, and the two entered the third round fairly even. In the final round, Castellanos looked to have more energy and seemed to control the round, landing several combos to the head and body of the senior. In a largely even fight throughout, the judges saw the momentum Castellanos picked up throughout the match and awarded him the unanimous decision.


John “Menace” Mullen def. Anthony “Flick” O’Sullivan

The opening round largely saw a lot of technical fighting, as both fighters kept a largely defensive stance and maintained a lot of hand-fighting throughout, not willing to open up their body with hooks. However, Mullen caused a stoppage late in the round with left jab, giving him momentum. In the second round, both fighters opened up a little bit more in the opening round, with Mullen — a Dunne senior — mixing in a strong left uppercut into his arsenal. O’Sullivan — an O’Neill freshman — was largely unable to generate many strong blows to the body of Mullen, who carried the momentum into the third round, landing another hit to the head of O’Sullivan that caused a stoppage. Mullen continued to use a strong left uppercut that caused a long stoppage at the end of the round, and the judges awarded Mullen the victory by unanimous decision.


Alec “El Chupacabra” Vasquez def. Jamie Marines

In the opening round, Vasquez controlled the early portion by landing a large number of jabs directly to the head of Marines. However, the Morrissey freshman came back strong in the latter portion of the round, backing the Knott freshman into a corner and landing a nice combo that earned him momentum. The second round saw a largely back-and-forth affair, as Vasquez started the round strong, while Marines responded by pushing his opponent up against the railing and landing several blows. However, this tired him, and Vasquez responded with a clean shot to the head. In the third round, both fighters grew a bit sloppy with their technique and began to tire, but each gave it their all and landed multiple shot the head of the other. In the end, the judges awarded Vasquez the victory by unanimous decision.


168 lbs.

Matt “Fifty Shades of” Green def. Joe “Silent Z” Trzaska 

Two seniors duked it out in this matchup, with Matt “Fifty Shades of” Green of Dillon Hall edging out his competitor. St. Edward’s senior Joe Trzaska used his speed effectively throughout. This was a necessary strategy, as Green’s significant height advantage put him at an advantage throughout.

Both fighters were aggressive at times in the fight, with Green typically fighting more defensively and striking on the counter. Throughout the rounds, Trzaska repeatedly went for it as the aggressor, but could not seem, despite the use of his speed, to trouble the defense of Green in a major way. At the end of a competitive and exciting fight, Green’s superior defending ended up awarding him the split decision victory.


Tommy “T-Train” Perea def. Michael “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” Rubalcava

In this fight, neither grad student Tommy “T-Train” Perea nor his opponent, Alumni senior Michael “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” Rubalcava had an apparent size advantage.

Both fighters pressured at points in the match, but “T-Train” came into the station in a hurry, unleashing a flurry of blows on his opponent, while also maintaining solid defense. Perea’s aggression continued into the second round, as he kept Rubalcava away and landed solid strikes. In that round, Rubalcava improved, and in the third round, he started quickly, causing a tie-up and both fighters struck each other repeatedly. The judges awarded Perea the victory via unanimous decision.


Tyler “Bam Bam” Vucinich def. Sam “Leg Breaker” Curry

In a matchup of Alumni guys, junior Tyler “Bam Bam” Vucinich combined excellent technique with unrelenting pressure to quite simply overwhelm his opponent. Sam “Leg Breaker” Curry quite simply struggled to land an impactful blow on his opponent, and was forced to withstand quite a few.

Vucinich started off striking fast and hard, pushing Curry, a freshman, into a corner. He also positioned himself in a way to prevent any Curry counter. A late flurry closed the first round, and the second started very similarly, with Vucinich having his way with Curry. A second round standing eight count delayed the fight, but the boxing class of Vucinich was too much to handle.

The dominance continued through round three, as Curry struggled to land a meaningful punch and defend against various from his opponent. Curry respectably lasted all three rounds, but the judges awarded Vucinich the victory via unanimous decision.


Brian “Uncle Rico” Duffy def. Niko “Croatian Sensation” Martinovic

Duffy, an off-campus sophomore, landed hard body shots to begin the opening round. Duffy moved faster than Martinovic, a senior in Zahm, and landed a huge punch. However, Martinovic responded with a counter towards the end of round one.

Martinovic came out fast in round two, but Duffy stemmed his momentum with three huge lefts to the face, causing the referee to momentarily stop the match. Duffy continued to land body shots for the remainder of the round with Martinovic tiring.

However, the Zahm senior found a second wind in the final round and came out with a flurry of punches early. Duffy countered hard, and landed a huge hook against his opponent, causing another stoppage. With both fighters tiring, Duffy landed an uppercut and several shots late in the third round, earning the victory via split decision.


Ryan “Jessie’s Girl” Green def. Munyen “Burner” Loi 

Both fighters connected with their punches to start the bout, with Loi, a freshman in Siegfried Hall, landing several jabs while effectively countered by Green, a senior in Keough Hall. Expending a lot of energy, Green and Loi both tired out by the end of the round.

Loi began the second round with two heavy lefts, and landed more shots early in the round, as Green bloodied up after flurry of shots from Loi. After a stoppage, Green countered hard and landed punches of his own.

Both fighters connected on their punches early in the third round, but both began tiring out. However, Green turned the tides and landed several big punches towards the end of the round, earning himself the victory via unanimous decision.


Alex “Slush” Athenson def. Francisco Yang 

Both fighters felt each other out early, landing several jabs each with quick exchanges and continuing to land punches towards the end of the round.

Athenson landed several shots early in the second round, striking fast. Landing several heavy blows through the round, Athenson looked to have the advantage going into the third round.

Continuing his momentum in the third, Athenson again came out fast, landing several more shots. While both he and Yang exchanged punches late, Athenson still landed the majority of the punches, earning him the win via split decision.


Josh Tabar def. Samuel “Big” Cha

Both fighters came out fast and strong with quick exchanges. Tabar, a freshman in Morrissey, landed a huge shot that knocked Cha back. The Knott senior continued to struggle as Tabar landed a big combo and knocked his opponent into a corner.

In the second round, Tabar cornered Cha again, landing hard shots. Cha tried to counter but Tabar simply locked him up, as the senior was tiring out fast. The referee eventually stopped the match, giving Tabar the victory.


Matt “Princess” Hardiman def. Brendan “Wavy” Gage

In his fight against Dunne freshman Brendan Gage, Matt “Princess” Hardiman controlled “Wavy” without too many problems.

Gage did come out of the gates rather strong, in fact, but overextended himself and was subject to a big right hand from the Morrissey junior. That blow caused a standing eight, but Gage continued to push. The second round saw no change in Gage’s strategy nor a change in the results. He landed a nice combination, but then ate another huge shot from Hardiman, forcing a consecutive standing eight.

One more would happen in the third round, as Hardiman continued to use Gage’s aggressiveness against him. “Wavy” landed a nice strike late, but the judges awarded a unanimous victory to Hardiman.


173 lbs.

Jay “Nighthawk” Eversole def. Jared Walsh

Both fighters started off the fight hard. Eversole, a Keough sophomore, dodged back-and-forth as he opened up a volley of blows on Walsh, a St. Edwards Hall freshman. Walsh did not back down, he answered Eversole with a jab or hook for every one of his combinations, but Eversole seemed to take the first round. In the second round, Walsh came out very defensively. This allowed Eversole to have a series of unanswered big hits.

At the start of the third round, Walsh appeared to have a second wind. He attempted multiple combinations and fought more offensively. Eversole answered with a series of punches of his own, closing out the round with a combination of direct hits. The winner, by unanimous decision, was Eversole.


Jacob “JP” Petersen def. Michael “Tropic Thunder” Dearden

Graduate student Jacob Petersen kicked off the fight by using his reach to his advantage. Using his long arms, he kept opposing graduate student Michael Dearden at bay. Petersen’s reach advantage resulted in a series of early uncontested blows. Adjusting to Petersen’s fighting style, Dearden began returning hits when his opponent opened himself up.

Shortly in to the second round, Petersen landed a heavy body shot. Dearden responded with a combination of his own. As the fight carried on, Dearden began to neutralize Petersen’s reach by getting low and going for the body. At the start of the third, the pair exchanged multiple punches, ending with Dearden wrapping Petersen up for relief. Petersen was relentless in his attack. He finished the fight tired, but dominant in the number of punches landed. The winner, by unanimous decision, was Petersen.


Charlie “Tigger” Puntillo def. Carlston Chang

The opening round started with a bang, and Puntillo — an O’Neill senior — knocked Chang straight to the ground. However, the Zahm freshman bounced back nicely, landing several blows throughout the remainder of the round and getting back in the fight. In the second round, Chang, the shorter of the two fighters, brought the fight in close to Puntillo, landing several hard body shots and even extending himself to aim for the head of the O’Neill senior. However, Puntillo was able to ward off some of the attacks and used his long arms to keep Chang at bay, landing several big hits. The two fighters became tied up multiple times, and this continued into the third round, where Chang again initiated the action, driving Puntillo up against the fence multiple times, though the O’Neill senior did land several quality hits the head of his opponent in the process. In the end, the judges awarded Puntillo the victory by unanimous decision.


Bo “Stonewall” Heatherman def. Jack Toomey

They call him “Stonewall,” but Knott sophomore Bo Heatherman moved around the ring with a point to prove. He pushed Toomey, a Siegfried junior, into the corners consistently throughout the match.

However, Toomey did have a decent start to the second round, pushing the issue to Heatherman, who gathered himself and landed big shots as the round pushes on.

Heatherman continued his aggression into round three, capitalizing on Toomey’s apparent fatigue. Although Toomey did land some strikes late in the round, it was too little too late, as Bo “Stonewall” Heatherman won via unanimous decision.


Dan “Pilgrim” O’Brien def. Samuel “El Cocinero” De La Paz 

O’Brien, a sophomore in St. Edward’s, started the first round strong by using a powerful left hand to cause multiple stoppages in the fight in the opening round, dominating the fight in all aspects against De La Paz, a freshman from Siegfried Hall.

O’Brien was again got off to a fast start in the second period, landing several hooks and an uppercut against De La Paz. Another stoppage was called for the freshman, and it proved to be the final one, as the referee stopped the contest to hand the win to O’Brien.


Thomas “Clipz” Hintz def. Agustin Sanjuan-Castellano

Both fighters landed several shots early, but Sanjuan-Castellano, a senior in Keenan Hall, landed a punch to caused a brief pause in the action. Hintz, a sophomore in Knott Hall, responded with a hard counter and several body shots, landing hard jabs. With a flurry of punches, momentum swung to Hintz late in the round.

Hintz again came out hitting hard in the second round, with several jabs connecting. Both fighters landed shots, but Hintz landed the majority of heavier blows. The round ended right after a long stoppage took place to check on Sanjuan-Castellano’s glove.

Hintz again landed body shots in the third period. The Keenan senior covered himself up as the Knott sophomore landed a flurry of body shots and punches to the face. The judges awarded Hintz the victory via unanimous decision.


Jack “Down with the Big Pharma” Rogers def. Max Nguyen 

Rogers, a junior in Morrissey, landed hard shots early on, knocking Nguyen back. Nguyen, an off-campus grad student, fought back with counter efforts, but Rogers continued landing more shots. However, the fight appeared fairly even towards the end of the round.

In the second round, Nguyen landed a huge shot, knocking Rogers back early. Rogers responded with a hard counter and heavy jabs. Both fighters landed shots in the middle and late stages of the round, continuing a tightly-contested fight.

Both Rogers and Nguyen exchanged heavy blows to start the third round, as both individuals began running out of energy. However, Rogers began making a push and taking control of the match, continuously landing jabs late despite fatigue. The judges awarded Rogers the victory via unanimous decision.


Parker “The Participant” Imlay def. Ben “Big Ben” Wdowik

Wdowik, a Sorin senior, matched well with St. Edward’s junior Parker Imlay, as both traded a series of blows to begin the round. Both fighters enjoyed good moments, but Imlay began to turn the tides in his favor towards the end of the first round. Wdowik picked up his aggressiveness at the start of round two, but was quickly countered by Imlay, who picked his times to attack effectively. “The Participant” then rushed out of the gates in round three and didn’t relent, forcing the referee to intervene. In the end, Imlay deservedly won by unanimous decision.


185 lbs.

Chris “Cross” Lembo def. Aaron “Insubordinate and Churlish” Griffith

It would be fair to say Chris “Cross” Lembo tied his opponent, Aaron Griffith, in knots. The Stanford junior used his long reach and seemingly unending energy supply as he constantly moved around the ring while keeping Griffith, a more conventional fighter, at bay.

Lembo struck Griffith, the off-campus junior effectively, and his constant movement and considerable speed did not allow Griffith to cut the angle or even get a solid read. Griffith did start the second round fast, but after a good Lembo counterattack, he struggled to get inside Lembo’s long wingspan.

The third round started the same way, with Lembo luring Griffith in and quickly striking back. The blood intermission only delayed more of the same, and Lembo took the bout with a unanimous decision.


Eric “Cheese Sandwich” Requet def. Jack Bigej

Bigej, a Morrissey freshman, simply ran into the wrong fighter on the wrong night. The fight started rapidly, with both Bigej and his opponent, Sorin junior Eric Requet, engaging in a cagey, pushing-filled affair.

But after that, Requet took over. Breaking the guard of Bigej, the man they call “Cheese Sandwich” landed several rather powerful blows against Bigej. The referee’s intervention prolonged the fight until the end of the round, which allowed Bigej a brief respite from the onslaught he experienced.

Requet was not done, however, for as soon as he heard the bell ring to start round two, he pounced on the freshman. Aggressively attacking his opponent, Requet forced Bigej into a standing eight count and earned the victory via TKO.


Jordan “Farm Fresh” Edwards def. Louis “Crunchwrap Supreme” Caves 

In this matchup between two graduate students, Jordan Edwards looked more “Farm Fresh” than his opponent, Louis Caves. Caves started quick, but Edwards controlled the fight.

Luring Caves in repeatedly, Edwards took advantage of the aggression of his opponent, striking on the counter and picking times to push. He did just that at the end of the first, sending Caves reeling. Edwards also expertly maintained his defense by constantly keeping Caves at an arm’s length, preventing him from getting inside.

In the third round, Caves went for it off the start, but Edwards pushed back hard and polished off the “Crunchwrap Supreme.”


Dennis “The blue robot from Rock Em’ Sock Em’” Krivda def. Ryan “Sun Dance” Sinclair 

Krivda, a sophomore in O’Neill Hall, got off to fast start, landing multiple shots and body blows against Sinclair, a grad student in Stanford Hall. The referee stopped the action for a period after Krivda landed even more blows. Krivda ended the opening round still landing heavy shots, knocking Sinclair back.

The O’Neill sophomore began the second round still hitting heavy and fast, landing heavy shots to the face of Sinclair, and turning in a dominant performance in round two.

The final round saw Krivda utilize a heavy uppercut early. Krivda began landing even more shots, and finished with a hard jab against Sinclair at end of round. The judges awarded him the victory via unanimous decision.


Tait “Wet Jet” McGlinn def. Bobby “Kangaroo Jack” Hoskins

Both fighters landed punches early, with McGlinn, an Alumni Hall junior, employing a particularly heavy combo. Hoskins, a Knott Hall senior, countered for a while, but McGlinn came right back and began landing more punches, appearing to have the advantage at the end of the first round.

The second round began differently, as McGlinn and Hoskins chose to feel each other out. Then, McGlinn began taking heavy swings but often missed. Both fighters utilized some jabs effectively, but no significant connection was landed between the two.

Both fighters made hard pushes in round three, with McGlinn landing a big jab. The Alumni junior began landing more punches, causing a referee stopping, before employing a huge punch towards the end of the round to earn a victory via unanimous decision.


Ross “Mean Man” McIlvaine def. Will “Rabid Badger” McDonald 

The fight began as McDonald charged his opponent quickly but was met with hard blows from McIlvaine. McIlvaine, a freshman in Sorin College, landed a majority of punches in the first.

McIlvaine struck hard in the early round, pushing back advances from McDonald, a senior in Duncan Hall. McDonald tried to counter but tired out fast, unable to find an opening against McIlvaine, who still held an advantage over McDonald at the end of the second round.

McDonald came out fast again in the third round, but was still pushed back by shots from McIlvaine, who dodged charges from McDonald and landing heavy jabs in the process. As McDonald tired out, McIlvaine landed a heavy jab at the end of round three to earn a victory via the unanimous decision.


202 lbs.

Conner “Next round is on me” Futa def. Rogba “The Bug” Ayoola

Conner “Next Round is on Me” Futa and his resounding fan section left pleased after his bout against Morrissey freshman Rogba “The Bug” Ayoola.

Ayoola took the fight to his senior opponent and landed a collection of body blows which sent Futa back into the ropes consistently. But, “The Bug” may have overexerted himself, as Futa looked like a rejuvenated man in the second round, going for it himself and landing a few nice head shots. Ayoola’s fatigue began to become evident, and Futa bided his time before Ayoola struck another series of strikes at the end of round two.

Ayoola continued pushing into round three landing a decent strike, but Futa fought back with a flurry of his own. Both fighters threw caution to the wind and pushed each other, but both men, fatigued, limped to the finish line. Futa ended up the winner, but only by a split decision.


Andrew Sharpe def. Kenny “Vanilla Gorilla” MacDonald

Andrew Sharpe, a Knott sophomore, and Alumni sophomore Kenny MacDonald, known affectionately as the “Vanilla Gorilla” engaged in a bit of a pushing match at the start of the first round. MacDonald took advantage soon after, but was countered well by Sharpe, who ended the round on a high note.

Throughout the cagey affair, the referee was forced to intervene, usually to talk to MacDonald, although at the beginning of round two, he simply slipped and fell. Sharpe continued to counter his opponent and to a strong degree of success, and despite MacDonald’s solid body shots, Sharpe struck more often and with more venom.

In the third period, a MacDonald penalty stopped the fight early, but after the restart, Sharpe struck fiercely as his opponent’s guard dropped with his energy levels. An after-the-bell punch marked an end to a hotly contested affair, which Sharpe won unanimously.


Adam Baginski def. Kenton “Curls of Furry” Murray 

In a battle of off-campus graduate students, both fighters exchanged blows early. Baginski landed multiple jabs and several huge rights, while Murray tried to counter but tired out.

Baginski still landed shots early into the second round. Murray countered, but his opponent responded with a hard combo that further tired Murray. Baginski took advantage of the opportunity by landing several combos at the end of the second round.

Murray responded with jabs early in the third round, but Baginski countered with heavy exchanges. He continued to land more shots and combos at end of the round, earning himself a victory via unanimous decision.


Matt “The Cash Money Kid” Cyrs def. Teddy “Two-Time” Mayle 

Mayle, a freshman in Alumni Hall, landed heavy blows early. Both exchanged hard punches, with Cyrs landing a heavy right hook. The St. Edward’s Hall junior continued to land more combos on Mayle to end the first round.

Cyrs continued to land hard right-handed blows in the second round. Mayle countered well, but was pushed into corner by Cyrs, squashing his momentum.

Both fighters came out strong and fast in round three, with Cyrs landing a heavy jab, multiple body shots and a hard right hook again, earning a victory via unanimous decision.


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