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The Mueller report

| Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Considering all the attention the Viewpoint section is being given lately, I hope I can provide some fascinating content before the next leggings saga erupts. While leggings were the talk of Notre Dame’s campus, the talk of the country has been the Mueller report and its total vindication of President Trump. For over two years, the nation has watched as hysteria gripped the media. The Trump-Russia conspiracy theory finally came to a close as Mueller’s report recommended no more indictments and concluded the evidence “does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference.” So there it is. No collusion. Contrary to popular opinion — in the media, at least — Trump is not a Russian spy. Thankfully, the appropriately named “witch hunt” is finally over.

What does this mean to the American people? It should mean nothing to Trump supporters. They knew the President did not threaten our process of democracy; rather, he simply out-campaigned a poor Democratic candidate in 2016. The left has looked for reasons to explain such a monumental upset, so it concocted a wild story about an orange man working with the Kremlin to topple American democracy as we know it. Trump, of course, has vehemently denied this and called out the media and Democrats for their unfair, anti-American coverage of his presidency. His burden has finally been lifted entirely.

Now, how will this final bombshell affect the upcoming election? According to Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, “zero” Democratic voters care about Mueller’s report. This is quite an interesting comment considering up until the findings were released, it was Democratic politicians, media pundits and community leaders telling everyone to open their eyes and that our nation was being run by a Russian operative right under our very noses. The truth is, the findings will greatly aid the President in the upcoming elections for two reasons. First, the left no longer has their looming investigation that, findings positive or negative, made the President look bad purely because he was under investigation. But more importantly, it has shown the American people to what extent the left will go to in order to mislead the public and avoid actually trying to work on policy issues with the President. People are getting tired of the “oppose, oppose, oppose” mantra, and it will show in 2020.

The media is overwhelmingly liberal — this is obvious. However, this was not a major problem until recent years, when they developed an agenda. The real 2016 election influencing was most evident in the media, which never gave Trump a chance to win and belittled him at every turn. It only grew worse when their worst nightmare was realized: Donald Trump was really POTUS. The vindication of Trump in the Russian collusion hoax emphasizes how the media is truly the enemy of the people. Now, this is by no means a call for the suppression of the press; free speech and the First Amendment are two cornerstones of America’s values. It is more of a sad, truthful commentary on where this nation’s press stands. Misleading the American people and feeding them negative story after negative story about Trump is not journalistic integrity. The all-stars for the liberal media have included adult film actress Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti (who will be off to prison soon), actor Jussie Smollett, and Green New Deal author Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m up for a healthy debate on AOC’s merits, but these people, who have all displayed a stunning lack of judgment, aren’t exactly a foundation upon which to build any credibility. People recognize this and are becoming disenchanted with the media in droves.

President Trump reaped many of the benefits from this recently. In a span of about 24 hours, Michael Avenatti was arrested for extortion, the Russia investigation came up empty, and $1 billion worth of funding for the border wall was approved. These events in succession are enormous wins for Trump, even if he played no direct part in Avenatti’s arrest. As Trump’s presidency unfolds, it is becoming evident that those in power who oppose Trump often have a personal reason for doing so: they have something to hide. Fabricated conspiracies against Trump end in failure and a boost to Trump’s credibility.

The Mueller Report was Donald Trump’s biggest victory of 2019. The biggest burden he has carried since the beginning of his presidency is finally lifted. It illustrated the media’s ineptitude and unreliability, while also giving him an early boost to his 2020 re-election hopes. President Trump, ever under friendly fire, has come out unscathed yet again.

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