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Reality of inclusivity for Notre Dame Law School

| Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dear Deion,

I read your recent letter in The Observer, and as a gay Notre Dame Law School alumnus, I disagree with your assertion that LGBT persons should not attend Notre Dame Law School.

The teachings of Christianity focus on helping the less-fortunate, caring for those in need and treating everyone with love and respect. Almost every parable in the New Testament about Jesus focused on these overarching themes. The major themes of the bible directly contradict your assertion that LGBT persons not only should not marry but also should not attend Notre Dame Law School because “[we] knew what Notre Dame was when [we] applied.” In no way would Jesus — the man who said let every kid run to me, the man who dined with most reviled people in society like the tax collectors, the man who visited the lepers ostracized outside of the city — make this broad, exclusionary statement. Christians with viewpoints like yourself need to realize the themes of Christianity that discuss love, acceptance and caring are inapposite to devaluing and disrespecting LGBT persons. In short, denying LGBT persons baked goods is not a major tenant espoused throughout the Bible.

Notre Dame Law School became the second-to-last law school in the country to have a recognized LGBT organization. During my years at the law school, the Federalist Society, along with a handful of other organizations, had multiple programs that either directly or implicitly attacked LGBT rights. Last year, a Notre Dame constitutional law professor wrote a blog post about LGBT marriage that contained blatant homophobic tropes. For these reasons, your claim that Notre Dame Law School allows little support to programming against LGBT rights falls on deaf ears. Instead, the whining reeks of your inability to tolerate even one program that supports LGBT rights. Being unable even to tolerate LGBT programming is not Christian; it is homophobic.

With all the issues in this world, the fact you choose to use Christianity to cause more pain and suffering — instead of alleviating it — ignores the true purpose of the Church’s teachings. And your choice shows that maybe it’s you, not the LGBT persons who chose to attend Notre Dame Law School, who suffers from a deficiency of character and understanding of Christianity when you applied to Notre Dame Law School.

Kind Regards,

John Drosick

J.D. ’17

March 26

The views expressed in this Letter to the Editor are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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