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Are you two twins?

| Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I’m sitting at work trying to come up with ideas to write for this column. I have never written anything that may or may not be published in a newspaper, so bear with me on this everyone. Don’t judge too hard. Anyways, I’m sitting at work trying to think about what to write and I start thinking about how every time my sister and I go out into public people think we are twins. I thought this idea was so clever I had to write about it. Enjoy. 

I am older than my sister by about three years, but yet when we go out in public with each other people think that we are identical twins. When people made those claims it used to annoy us. Now we have embraced those comments and, almost, created a brand. We are known in our grade and high schools as “The Thornton Sisters.” To clarify, we did not come up, chose or trademark this title. It was given to us without consent. We don’t mind it, but it sort of sounds like we are lounge singers from the 1950’s or we might break out into song any minute. Which does happen every once in a while in my household. 

Anyways, staying on topic, if you look at my sister and I, you would say the same thing everyone else does, we have accepted our fate. We are both tall, brunette, volleyball girls from the Midwest. It’s our brand. We blend into our surroundings when we aren’t together, yet when people see us standing next to each other, they act like we are out of the ordinary in our own land. People are so excited to ask us if we are twins, they almost seem disappointed when we tell them we are three years apart. I remember there was one time were she and I went to Target and during the first hour of us being there we were approached by three different people, at random times, and asked if we are twins. Every time someone asked us this, we forced a laugh and said “Nope, we are sisters about three years apart.” We hated it at the time. Now our view has changed — we now embrace it. 

No matter where we go, we are always asked by the cashier, random old ladies or even some distance family friends if we are twins. You would think that the semi-distance family friends would remember, but you’re wrong. When I was younger teachers would always call me Talia Thornton instead of my own name, Allison Thornton. I thought the teachers would be able to tell my sister and I apart because I looked older. Well, this was proven wrong one day when my family was out to dinner one night. We were about to leave, and the waitress was saying good-bye and asked my sister and I if we were twins. We told her we were just sisters, and she said that my 12 year-old sister looked older than me (when I was 15 years old at the time). I knew in that moment that my sister would hold that over my head for the longest time. As life goes on we hope one day we will never hear the words “Are you two twins?” again. 

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