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Senior scaries

| Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Every Thursday as the exhausting week winds down, my best friends and I gather for a tradition called Wine and Whine. Whether that exhaustion is from exams or staying until close at Newfs, we gather with glasses of wine in our hands, toasting to the joys and sorrows of senior year. We are able to whine about one thing that has bothered us that week. Once whined, we cannot whine about that one thing for the rest of the week. With Halloween only a few short days away, there is only one appropriate topic for this week’s whine: senior scaries.  

While I walk through Saint Mary’s campus, I am often filled with mixed emotions of how my senior year will play out. Upperclassmen are quick to criticize the scared, apprehensive and clueless faces of the freshman, but when I look at them, I am looking into a mirror. I am just as scared and clueless as they are; I envy that they still have three more years at the best place on Earth. Seniors may act like they have it all together, but trust me — we don’t. Looking back, my biggest concern was whether I would end up at Hes or Newfs on a Wednesday night. Now, my biggest concern is deciding what city I want to end up living in or if I will have a job that makes me genuinely happy. After six semesters and 830 days at Saint Mary’s, I am able to navigate around the place I call home, but I am unsure of the rapidly approaching future awaiting me in 203 days.

Senior year is about making lasting memories, but it is also about figuring out how to grow up. I was a senior four years ago, so this feeling isn’t foreign to me; however, this time it is different. Before, the majority of my high school graduating class was moving onto the same step. We all had a general idea that we would be continuing our education for the next four years. Fast forward four years, I look at my classmates, and they are either accepting full-time offers, actively applying for jobs, taking a year off to travel or applying to grad school. Before we were in the same boat, but now we are individually trying to figure out where we fit in this world.

When you make it to your senior year, stress is guaranteed. You not only have the stress of ending strongly academically, but you also have the stress of facing your adult future in eight short months. This stress cannot overtake you; you must balance what is actually important to you and what you want to remember. Like they say, “You can always retake the class but you cannot relive the party.”

Everything senior year turns into “the last” of something. This year will be the last time you see your friends every single day, the last time you have to do awkward ice breakers, the last time you experience walking into the football stadium as an undergraduate or the last time you call Marky Mark for a $2 cab ride. 

College happened in the blink of an eye and so will senior year. I wish all of the seniors good luck in our last year of what I like to say is “our vacation period before adulthood.”

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