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The case for Twitter

| Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I love Twitter. It’s my favorite app on my phone. It’s my favorite website on the internet. It’s my favorite form of social media. A lot of people don’t understand why I like Twitter so much, so here’s why I care for Twitter.

I’ll start by listing why every other form of social media sucks. Instagram is too perfect, too filtered, too self-obsessed. Everyone on Instagram is worried about followers and likes. On Twitter, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many likes you get. You don’t even have to send any tweets at all to have a good time.

Facebook is for old people, OK boomer. Not to mention Mark Zuckerberg, whose haircut is a disaster, or “The Social Network,” which exposes the platform’s suspect beginnings, or all those pesky political ads. Twitter doesn’t have the complicated, problematic past, and its CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced (tweeted) that the platform would stop all political advertising globally.

LinkedIn is for business majors only.

VSCO is for ~VSCO girls~.

TikTok is a sad Vine knockoff for kids born after 2005.

Twitter is for everyone. 

What makes Twitter so great is that it’s tailored toward your interests. If you like sports, you can follow all the best sports players, announcers, personalities, commentators, bloggers, etc. If you like politics for some strange reason, you can follow the candidates, the representatives, the Democrats, the Republicans and even the president (although I recommend against doing that). If you like TV and movies you can follow actors, actresses, directors, critics and the shows and movies themselves. If you have a niche interest, like my interest in music and hip-hop criticism, you can follow the experts on that subject — for music and hip-hop criticism, those would be @joncaramanica and @Al_Peeair among others.

Twitter is also a great source of comedy. There are so, so many accounts that tweet nothing but funny jokes. Twitter has even started to develop its own brand of comedy with certain joke formats taking off. If you want your Twitter timeline to be nothing but an endless stream of comedy, follow a bunch of accounts like @Fred_Delicious, @ch00ch, @jaboukie, @mrjohndarby or any of the hundreds of people tweeting out hilarious content. If you just want good vibes, there are accounts like @dog_rates that just rate dogs. 

But most of all, Twitter was made for friends. You can follow your friends, liking and retweeting their posts. Or you can direct message them tweets, ones that made you laugh, ones that made you cry or ones that just reminded you of them. Twitter was made for you, so enjoy it.

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