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An homage to friendship

| Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Walking into my junior year of college, I was prepared to face a lot. I expected to be busy all the time. I expected to be working harder than ever. I expected to be networking, trying to find internships and attempting to maintain some semblance of a social life. What I didn’t expect was the constant feeling that college is starting to pass me by. For whatever reason, this semester, more than ever, has been a time when my roommates and I have often paused to contemplate the moments that solidified our friendships. After reflection, I realized this is only something an inside column can address.

If you’ve had the opportunity to acquaint yourselves with the famed columns “Make it a hot girl semester” by Maria Leontaras and “On living with extroverts” by Sara Schlecht, then you might know what to expect next. If you have not, first, you should, but second, brace yourselves for a dramatic documentation about what it’s like to live with your three best friends. 

In a room full of incredibly different personalities ranging from boisterous to pensive and chaotic to introspective, how we all fit can appear bewildering. There are pages worth of answers why we do, but I will spare all of you. Instead, I will talk about the first and most universal answer — music. 

I was once a young, inexperienced freshman trying to find her way before the start of her first semester. I met my first friend and roommate, Emily, and we immediately bonded over our love of Darren Criss (For those of you unfortunate people who do not know him, he is best known for his fantastic portrayal of Blaine Anderson on “Glee.”). If you ever find yourself walking down our hallway and happen to hear the melodious “Glee” covers playing, you will know Emily and I are alone in the room. (This is because my roommate Sara forbids the streaming of these wonderful albums when she’s in the room, and, more importantly, because Emily and I have been, and will always be, nerds.) 

Only hours after meeting Emily, I literally stumbled into my friend Maria as our first encounter consisted of her tripping on a stick and (almost) falling over. Evidence of Maria and I consists of blasting Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and general screaming sounds echoing throughout the hall. (Together, Maria and I play some of the most obnoxious music selections, which is only fitting seeing as we have the most obnoxious personalities.)

I met my last roommate, Sara, through this wonderful paper. Sara and I are best known for lying on the futon blasting our sad boy music. On any given day, Sara and I can be caught listening to anything from Father John Misty to Lucy Dacus. (Some people liken our great music taste to funeral music, but we both know better.)

If you’ve managed to finish reading this column, you might be wondering what was the point. The truth is, there is none. I just really love writing about my friends.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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