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90th annual Bengal Bouts continues with Semifinal bouts

, , and | Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Nola Wallace | The Observer

Danny “Smiley” Rodgers (Zahm) def. Matt “The Indonesian Assassin” Muliadi  (Off Campus)

The first bout of the night began as Matt Muliadi, an off-campus graduate student, dodged Danny Rodgers’ flurry of jabs. After both boxers landed a few body shots, Rodgers, a junior from Zahm House, connected on a powerful uppercut to Muliadi’s head. Muliadi was able to avoid a number of dangerous swings, but Rodgers eventually dealt two strong punches to Muliadi’s side. In round two, Rodgers’ strategy was to let Muliadi quickly attack while relying on many counter swings. Rodgers would lead Muliadi around the ring before trapping him in the corner. From this position, Muliadi endured heavy damage and would need a dazzling final round for a chance at victory. It seemed like the momentum was favoring Muliadi as he began to land some punishing head shots; however, Rodgers ended the match on a high note by cornering Muliadi and was awarded with a win by unanimous decision. 

Kyle “Nemo” Mettler (Alumni Hall) def. Kiernan “Mr. Wurlwide” Wurl (Siegfried Hall)

In round one, Kyle Mettler, a junior from Alumni Hall, aggressively attacked Kiernan Wurl, who stumbled after taking a huge hit to the gut. Wurl, a junior from Siegfried Hall, fought back from the defensive but continued to sustain heavy damage. After a particularly hard hit to the head, Wurl looked dazed, and the referee had to stop the fight. As round two commenced, Wurl danced around the ring and tired out Mettler before landing a strong swing to his opponent’s head. Mettler responded well with a collection of punches to Wurl’s body and would come to dominate in the final round. Wurl attempted to dodge Mettler’s uppercuts but finally succumbed to his advances when Mettler connected on a trio of head shots, which solidified his victory by unanimous decision.     

Luke Slahor (Duncan Hall) def. Dean “(Sug)ar” Maloney (Duncan Hall)

As the match began, Dean Maloney, a sophomore from Duncan Hall, broke through Luke Slahor’s defenses before connecting on several shots to his opponent’s body and face. Slahor, a freshman from Duncan Hall, battled back shifting to the offensive and landed a brutal counterstrike to Maloney’s head. In round two, Maloney attempted to blast through Slahor’s defenses but sustained heavy blows to the head in the process. Slahor then trapped Maloney in the corner and punished him with a couple of swift body shots. Maloney escaped but bled profusely as the final round loomed on the horizon. Maloney aggressively charged out of his corner and landed a few punches to Slahor’s body; however, Slahor pushed him into the ropes and connected on a powerful swing to Maloney’s head, causing the referee to stop the action temporarily. At the end of the match, Slahor celebrated as he was awarded victory in a split decision.  

 Drew “Mr. Nice Guy” Nicely (Off Campus) def. Layson “The Lionhearted” Savant (Alumni Hall)

In this fast-paced bout, Drew Nicely, an off-campus graduate student, patiently endured Layson Savant’s barrage of quick jabs before connecting on some energy-efficient counter strikes. Nicely then trapped Savant, a junior from Alumni Hall, in the corner and landed a massive shot to his opponent’s head. In round two, Savant looked exhausted as he missed on many wild swings. This allowed Nicely to pummel Savant as he could not put up a defensive front. However, the momentum shifted in the final round as Savant finally connected on his punches. After landing a few jabs to Nicely’s face, Savant actually looked like he could win, but Nicely fought back well with successive swings to Savant’s face, which loosened his helmet. After a period of deliberation, Nicely was named the split-decision victor.     

Lenny “Typhoon” Calvo (Keough Hall) def. Barry “Big House” Lee (Dillon Hall)

The fight started with both fighters meeting in the middle of the ring. Barry “Big House” Lee, a junior, was much taller than his opponent. Lenny “Typhoon” Calvo, also a junior, used his size to get underneath Lee’s reach and land powerful body shots. The pair danced around the ring for the duration of the first round, with Calvo keeping Lee on his back foot throughout the round.

At the start of the second, Calvo came out swinging. Lee fought much more aggressively, using his jab to keep Calvo at bay. The two exchanged blows more evenly in the second round. The official had to stop the fight momentarily to give Lee a count. After the second round, it was clear Calvo was wearing his opponent out. Lee came into the third round with hustle, but so did his opponent. Calvo continued to duck under Lee’s range to land body shots. Lee had a few good punches, but he was continuously danced around the ring by Calvo. As the fight went on, both fighters began to slow down. The winner, by unanimous decision, was Lenny “Typhoon” Calvo.

Tim “Dirty T” Mikulski (Duncan Hall) def. Terrance “Slinker” Cameron (Sorin College)

The fight was heated from the start. The pair slowly measured each other out and then jumped into action. Tim “Dirty T” Mikulski, a senior, landed cleaner combinations than his sophomore opponent, Terrance “Slinker” Cameron, in the first round. With that, Cameron had a high frequency of jabs. Right into the second round, the pair lunged at each other. Mikulski tried punching Cameron into the ropes, but Cameron resisted with a round of punches. Landing a big jab to the face, Cameron began to gain more confidence. Mikulski came at Cameron, but Cameron responded every time.

In the third round, the fighters left everything they had in the ring. Mikulski forced Cameron into a corner and landed a series of convincing blows. Cameron responded in his own way, moving himself out of Mikulski’s reach. Mikulski landed heavy shots throughout the third round, which lent itself to the bout’s conclusion. The winner, by unanimous decision, was Tim “Dirty T” Mikulski.

Parker “High Gear” Revers (Fisher Hall) def. Chasen “Gumdrop” Brutocao (O’Neill Hall)

The fighters were quick into action. Chasen “Gumdrop” Brutocao, a junior, quickly abandoned any defense and started flinging punches towards his opponent. Parker “High Gear” Revers, a senior, did the same. It quickly seemed this fight would be determined on quantity of punches. Brutocao baited Revers and then lunged with a volley of swinging punches. At the end of the first round it was clear both fighters still had a lot left in them. Revers came out of his corner aggressively and was met by an equally aggressive Brutocao. Revers put Brutocao on the ropes a few times, which was enough to have the official stop the fight and give Brutocao a count. The pair fought in close quarters, leaving little distance between each other. Meeting in the middle, the fighters resumed where they’d left off. Revers seemed to be the more dominant fighter in this round. Brutocao, visibly tired, was forced to be given the count once more. At the end of the fight, the winner by unanimous decision was Parker “High Gears” Revers.

Chris “tmas” Lembo (Dillon Hall) def. Matt Hardiman (Morrissey Manor)

The fight between these two seniors started off slowly. The fighters measured each other out. Matt Hardiman was the first to strike, forcing his opponent, Chris “tmas” Lembo, to run across the ring into a corner. Lembo landed a massive combination, but not without meeting resistance from his opponent. The second round started with lengthy hesitation before Lembo landed a combination and darted away to another corner. Hardiman forced his opponent to come to him. The pair engaged and Lembo got tied up on the ropes. In the third round, the pair did not change their strategies. Lembo still landed punches and darted away, forcing Hardiman to chase and fall on the mat. Hardiman rushed Lembo and forced him to throw a few wild punches. The fight ended with both fighters appearing fatigued. The winner by unanimous decision was Chris “tmas” Lembo.

Evan “Fringe Guy” Muller (Zahm House) def. Patrick “The Collector” Donovan (Dunne Hall)

At the start of the fight, Evan “Fringe Guy” Muller, a junior, was quick to rush to Patrick “The Collector” Donovan’s corner. Donovan, a senior, immediately responded with combinations of his own. Muller kept the pressure throughout the first round, forcing Donovan to stay on his back foot. Muller engaged Donovan, who responded in turn. There were few exchanges in the first in which Donovan was the first to throw a punch. In the second round, Donovan was more aggressive. He tried staying out of Muller’s reach and landed deeper punches. Muller did not change his strategy and continued fighting on his front foot. In the second, the pair danced around the ring more evenly. Neither fighter landed knockout punches, but Donovan snuck in a jab before the conclusion of the round. At the start of the third, Donovan furiously attacked Muller, but Muller did not back down and the two committed to a heated round. By the end of the round, Muller clearly wore his opponent down. The winner by unanimous decision was Evan “Fringe Guy” Muller.

Will “Manly” Hanley (Stanford Hall) def. Ryan “Hoodie” Melotik (Carroll Hall) 

At the start of the fight between these two juniors, Will “Manly” Hanley was quick to rush his opponent. Ryan “Hoodie” Melotik had a longer reach and tried using that to his advantage. Hanley tried to engage in a close-range battle. Melotik landed a series of jabs and kept Hanley at bay. With that, Hanley forced red to bleed, and the official stopped the fight. Back in the fight, Melotik appeared eager to make up for lost time. At the start of the second, both fighters came in with much energy. Hanley landed a series of convincing blows and forced Melotik onto the ropes. Melotik tried using his reach, but Hanley kept reaching under his punches. At the end of the second round, Melotik had found his rhythm once again. In the third round, Hanley came out aggressively. Melotik looked to retaliate, but was met with another volley of punches. Both fighters looked exhausted by the end of the third round. The winner by unanimous decision was Will “Manly” Hanley.

Luke “Big Chunky” Sheridan-Rabideau (Keenan Hall) def. “Northside” Nick Fahrney (Dillon Hall)

Both fighters came out and landed headshots simultaneously, but Sheridan-Rabideau, a sophomore, eventually fell victim to Fahrney’s close-quarters prowess. Fahrney ducked under Sheridan-Rabideau’s punches to land several body shots, and he deftly dodged several attacks. Sheridan-Rabideau had more success in the second round. He began by closing the gap, then stood his ground, absorbing Fahrney’s shots to his arms and landing several blows to Fahrney’s head. “Big Chunky,” having been checked by the referee at the end of the first, forced the referee to inspect Fahrney at the close of the second as the final round loomed large for both fighters. Sheridan-Rabideau forced Fahrney into the ropes early in the final stanza, but Fahrney landed his fair share of hits, as both fighters looked to score as many points as possible. Sheridan-Rabideau once more forced the referee to check Fahrney, and he landed a pair of big blows to Fahrney’s head as the final bell rang. Ultimately, Sheridan-Rabideau overcame his rocky start to win by split decision.

Kevin “The Wild One” Sanchez (Off Campus) def. Fouad “The Foreign Fury” El Zoghbi (Sorin College)

El Zoghbi and Sanchez opened relatively tentatively, both looking to find an opening. The former managed to find success first, using his slight advantage in reach to land jabs to Sanchez. However, Sanchez anticipated some of El Zoghbi’s movements, attacking the latter as he attempted to duck and evade.

Sanchez found more success in the second round, forcing El Zoghbi into the ropes and making adjustments to deflect and counter his attacks. Sanchez “The Wild One” landed a blow to El Zoghbi’s midsection that knocked the wind out of him; after inspection, the referee decided to end the fight. Sanchez advanced to the finals in a referee-stopped contest.

Fr. Nathan “Last Rites” O’Halloran (Off Campus) def. James “The War Machine” Warren (Duncan Hall)

O’Halloran, a grad student, threw the first punches of the bout, and he looked to avoid Warren’s powerful shots. In doing so, he fell off balance and stumbled into the ropes, but competition resumed after the referee inspected him. As soon as he got the signal from his corner, Warren, a senior, unleashed fury upon O’Halloran, but O’Halloran responded with shots that caused Warren to wrap him up. Still Warren recorded another strong attack to close the first.

Both fighters probed to start the second, as O’Halloran gained the upper hand and dislocated Warren’s headgear. After the referee fixed it, Warren looked to respond, but appeared to wear down, stumbling as he wrapped up O’Halloran and fell into the ropes.

As the final stanza began, Warren offered the first attack, but O’Halloran took the hits and responded, forcing Warren to wrap him up again. Warren tried to reach for headshots, but exposed himself and O’Halloran landed a big headshot. “The War Machine” was visibly exhausted, leaning over and losing balance as he threw punches. Because of this, the referee elected to call the fight, and “Last Rites” won by referee-stopped contest.

Ryan “Short Stack” Smith (Morrissey Manor) def. Austin “Audimatic, Still Is” Derrick (Off Campus)

In a bout between two fighters originating from New York, the fighters came out with enormous energy, a marked change of pace from the heavyweight bout preceding it. Derrick, a senior, appeared to have the advantage in the first round, narrowing the distance and unleashing a relentless attack to begin. Smith, a junior, countered and pushed Derrick into the ropes briefly, but the former quickly turned the tables and put Smith on his heels once more to chants of “Audi” from the crowd. “Short Stack looked to be the aggressor in the second round, forcing Derrick close to the ropes and looking to corner him, but the latter managed to escape while taking a few shots. Both fighters looked for an opening until Smith managed to briefly find a couple to land strong series. The energy picked back up in the final round as both fighters displayed a sense of urgency. As the fighters once more disengaged and looked to be more tactical, another battle ensued between the rival fan contingents chanting for their fighters. In the end, Long Island beat out NYC as “Short Stack” negated enough of Derrick’s reckless attacks and landed his own to take the bout by unanimous decision.

“Cool Hands” Luke Fraser (Alumni Hall) def. Alex “Jack” Potts (Duncan Hall)  

Fraser, a junior, kept his hands and feet active, looking to find an opening against the freshman Potts, but the latter kept out of reach for the most part. Fraser used his reach to land a few shots, but in leaning forward, he exposed himself to a headshot from Potts. Potts kept his distance until right before the bell; with Fraser exposed, Potts let loose on him with several quick shots. “Cool Hands” came charging at Potts and managed some contact on a headshot, but Potts wrapped him up to avoid further damage. Fraser remained aggressive as Potts looked to duck and evade. The latter connected on Fraser’s head, but Fraser quickly responded by briefly forcing Potts into the ropes.

Once more Fraser began the round aggressively, but Potts was more successful in avoiding his attack. Still, chants of “Fraser” from the crowd gave “Cool Hands” a brief spark, but Potts responded with a short attack of his own and dodged three successive hooks before wrapping up Fraser. However, Potts couldn’t seem to find any more openings, desperately trying to limit the damage Fraser was inflicting on him. Ultimately, Fraser was too much for Potts and won by unanimous decision.

Pat “Good Guy” Rafferty (Duncan Hall) def. Marcelo “Iron Liver” Castellanos (Alumni Hall)

Castellanos, a sophomore, found the first solid punches of the bout, connecting to the senior Rafferty’s midsection and evadinngg several throws, but Rafferty still landed punches of his own. Castellanos’ aggressiveness started to prove dangerous as he lost balance and exposed himself to Rafferty’s shot, and the latter landed a solid headshot as the first round concluded. “Iron Liver” came out aggressive once more in the second, but “Good Guy” responded with a series that brought his contingent of fans into chants of “Let’s go Raff,” countered by cheers of “Liver.” Rafferty slipped a big swing by Castellanos and landed his own strong shot once more as the round wrapped up.

In the final round, both fighters looked for an opening, and it seemed like Rafferty found more of them. Rafferty connected on a headshot that caused the referee to inspect Castellanos. “Good Guy” maintained the upper-hand and continued evading, eventually forcing Castellanos into the ropes and another inspection as the final bell sounded. In the end, Rafferty’s strategy proved more effective and he won by unanimous decision.

Thomas “Tex” Edwards (Knott Hall) def. Arthur “Rice Cake” Ortiz (Off Campus)

Edwards, a sophomore, looked to instigate the action, but by closing the space, he allowed Ortiz, a senior, to find openings to his head. Even so, Edwards quickly put his strength to good use and forced Ortiz around the ring, punching him back and looking to charge at him. Both fighters got entangled and exchanged heavy fire until Edwards gained a slight advantage before the round concluded. Ortiz looked to exert his will in the second, quickly attacking and retreating. Even as Edwards looked to use his strength again, Ortiz remained steadfast and would not relent in attacking his opponent’s head. However, as Ortiz looked to step in, Edwards landed a strong blow and continued to do so as Ortiz barreled at him. In the final period, “Tex” came out looking to gain separation, but “Rice Cake” refused to back down. Still, Edwards seemed to be landing more blows and wearing down Ortiz, before the latter went tumbling to the mat right before the final bell sounded. Edwards’ strength proved to be enough to put him over the top and win the match by split decision.

Aidan “Ace” Becklund (Dunne Hall) def. Conor “Con Con” McConville (Keenan Hall)

Neither fighter could find an opening initially, but cheers of “Con Con” rang through the Dahnke Ballroom in an attempt to motivate McConville, a junior. Still, the sophomore Becklund and McConville continued to exchange punches and evaluate from a distance, with neither able to gain a clear upper-hand. They briefly got entangled as the first round concluded.

There was far more fighting to open the second, as both fighters came into close quarters and threw shots to one another’s midsections. Again McConville’s fans cheered him on as the competitors vied for an advantage. The round concluded somewhat as it began as the two came back together to look for some late-round points. The third round began with an almost immediate stoppage as the referee checked McConville after a quick blow to the head. The result was not what “Con Con” wanted, as the official decided the contest needed to end and awarded “Ace” the victory by referee-stopped contest.

Dan “Pilgrim” O’Brien (St. Edward’s Hall) def. Andrew “The Irish Goodbye” Turazai (Off Campus)

Both fighters were composed and steady at the beginning of this contest. O’Brien, a junior, landed a few big shots on Turazai’s head early which forced the referee to pause the fight. Turazai, also a junior, came back into the fight swinging with wide hooks but O’Brien opened up inside with heavy jabs as he dealt a blow to Turazai’s body near the end of the first round. The hit sent Turazai to the ground just before the bell. O’Brien kept the pressure on in the second round and dominated Turazai with unavoidable heavy body blows. O’Brien sealed the fight in the third, leaving Turazai too fatigued to make a comeback. That being said, Turazai aggressively pursued O’Brien in the third, which opened him up and made him more vulnerable, allowing O’Brien to continue landing with speed and ferocity. The fighters went the distance and O’Brien was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Greg “Yellow Cat” DeFalco (Alumni Hall) def. Elton “Rocketman” Zhang (Dillon Hall)

This fight between DeFalco, a freshman, and Zhang, a sophomore, started fast as both fighters came out swinging wide, connecting to each others’ heads often. The fighters got tangled up on a few occasions in the first round, with both seeming to land at an even rate. Zhang landed early in the second, but DeFalco was able to respond with some blows when Zhang extended too far on his swings. DeFalco opened a cut on Zhang’s nose which forced the official to pause the fight in the second. After the bleeding was contained, DeFalco came out aggressively and connected to Zhang’s face again before the second was over. DeFalco had the advantage going into the final round, but both fighters still connected often and with much strength as time winded down on the clock. Zhang’s attempt at a comeback in the third fell short, however, and DeFalco was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Eric Devilliers (Off Campus) def. Matt “Money” Cyrs (St. Edward’s Hall)

Cyrs, a senior, was the aggressor in this fight. Devilliers, a graduate student, connected with a huge right hook that shook Devilliers early. He landed another just a few moments later and sent Devilliers stumbling back. Finally, he landed with a blow that sent Devilliers to the canvas and the referee declared the fight over early. Devilliers was declared the winner by referee stoppage.

Ali “Mega Chungus” Thomas Jr. (Duncan Hall) def. Colin Gutzmer (O’Neill Hall)

This heavyweight bout saw Gutzmer, a sophomore, come in with a patient approach, covering up and letting Thomas Jr., a senior, wear himself out. Thomas Jr. found himself crammed up in the corner several times in the first round, and he pushed his way out, not earning any points. Thomas Jr. was able land a couple of big hits to Gutzmer’s head, and before the bell rang he connected with enough power to force the referee to pause and check on Gutzmer. Thomas Jr. landed some heavy blows in the third and stunned Gutzmer to the point that the referee stopped the fight.

Sam “The Hammer” Miller (St. Edward’s Hall) def. Will “No Tarps” Jones (Off Campus)

The final fight of the evening saw the freshman Miller get out to a quick start as he landed several jabs to Jones’ head throughout the first round. Jones, a senior, responded for moments and managed to keep it relatively close as the first round drew to a close. Miller was not phased, though, and he came into the second with a similar ferocity as he had at the beginning of the fight, despite blood gushing from his nose. Jones exploited this and caught Miller with more jabs to the head in the second. Jones seemed to be gaining ground, and seemed to hold an advantage over Miller when he suddenly grabbed his shoulder and winced with pain. He retreated to his corner by the referee, and after a doctor looked at him it was deemed best for him not to continue. Miller was declared the winner by referee stoppage in the second round.

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