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Biggio: Five sports for everyone stuck at home

| Friday, April 3, 2020

In times of extreme hardship, people from all over the world have turned to one thing to unify them — and that one thing is sports. No matter the level of turmoil people are facing, nations all across the globe have always turned to sports to uplift them in times of trouble.

In 2001, only 10 days after the September 11 attacks, New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza hit his iconic two-run home run in the eighth inning against the rival Atlanta Braves, giving the Mets a 3-2 win, and the atmosphere in the stadium became electric. Later that year, another New York sports team would make it to the World Series. The Yankees would go on to lose the World Series, but they rallied the people of New York, both Mets and Yankees fans alike, behind a city that gave people hope through sports.

We are living in this absolutely crazy and unprecedented time in which the coronavirus has seemingly come into our lives and turned them upside down. As a nation, we need to follow the guidelines and social distance ourselves in order to keep each other safe. We all need to do our own part so the world can heal and we can defeat this virus.

I know I am for sure missing being on campus and being with all of my friends there. Instead of being with our friends, we are now all back at home with our families, with limited options to occupy our time and keep us all entertained. I know I feel like I’m running out of books to read and shows to watch; there’s only so many times I can watch “Tiger King” and discuss if Carole Baskin killed her husband (she definitely did.)

Since all we can do right now is stay home, tensions can be running high within the household. It’s easy to take your frustrations out on your siblings for little things, like your little sister borrowing your clothes without asking or your older brother hogging the television remote. This is the time where we would normally turn to sports.

Sports give people hope in times of adversity, and in the wake of the growing spread of COVID-19, we need all of the hope we can get. But what can one do when the sports world has suddenly come to a standstill? There are only so many documentaries on our favorite athletes and replays of the best games in history we can re-watch. I’ve realized that while we all may be missing our sports teams right now, it doesn’t have to be the teams we rally behind, but the games we love to play.

For those who have had some tensions building for a bit, for those who simply miss playing sports and the competition that is attached to them or for those who just need something to do instead of being stuck in their house for a month, I’ve come up with a list of five ideas of sports-related games that any family can play from inside their house or their backyard. I know my family is extremely competitive, and we all play sports, so this has been perfect for us. We even played a Stick Ball World Series and made it an event where we had hot dogs for dinner and made it feel like a real “ballpark.”

So, here are five do-it-yourself sports for all the families stuck at home missing their favorite pastimes.


Stick Ball

This helps take the place of baseball and softball for all those who just love the diamond. All you need is two teams, a stick and some type of ball — a tennis ball or even a ball of tape will do. I recommend using old cardboard boxes for bases from experience, because when someone runs to second and is pegged, an argument can break out from not knowing where the base is.

The best part of this game is that it doesn’t matter how much room you have. Work with what you have and adjust your field accordingly. Play nine innings just like a normal game and make sure to set rules. For example, the way my family played, if you hit the ball over the house you were automatically out .


Ping Pong

Do you have a dining room table? Perfect! All you need to do now is dig out that one ping pong ball every family has hiding somewhere, along with a few paddles. For your ping pong paddle you can always use something such as a plate, your phone, a hardcover book, or even a calculator. Now, because this isn’t normal ping pong where there would be a net up, feel free to mark the center of the table as the “net.”

If you have a circular table you can play it slightly more like spike ball. Play a 360 in play game where you can hit it anywhere as long as it hits the table. I don’t recommend playing with anything other than a ping pong ball in the house without upsetting your family.


Bauchi ball

If you have a quasi-ball or even a rock then you are set for this game. Take an object and set it as the marker. Then take 10 steps back and you and others take turns trying to get your ball or rock closest to the marker. To make it more interesting, maybe even put something on the line, such as who washes the dishes that night or who has to cook dinner tomorrow. Place high stakes and let the competitive nature take over.


Relay race

This is perfect for a workout or just to have fun with your family. You can make this as ridiculous or easy as possible. You can make it to where you run to the end of the driveway and back, to the end of the street or even from the couch to the front door.

You could simply run it or even throw little surprises in. For every round you could do something different like skip, hop on one leg or walk backwards. You can also put little tasks at the halfway point where you have to spin around five times and come back, or even combine this with Bauchi ball.



Do you have a pot? Or you can even use your arms for this one. All you need for a ball is something you can throw: a ball of tape, a rolled-up dishrag, a piece of paper, etc. Now set your pot somewhere, whether on the ground or in the air, and play. It is easiest to just play horse or around the world and just try to out shoot your opponent.


While we may be missing our favorite sports teams and our favorite players, playing these at home games is a way to get your legs moving, keep the momentum alive and come together as a family.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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