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Ranking Notre Dame social media accounts

| Friday, April 24, 2020

Notre Dame is blessed with a wide variety of humorous social media pages offering commentary on the ND experience. With so much choice, students may wonder where they ought to invest their time and valuable follows (as it is important to keep a good follow-to-follower ratio). Well, look no further! I took it upon myself to rank the humor driven Notre Dame social media accounts. Here are my expert findings.


8. @notredankmeme — Instagram

Not funny. There really is not anything more to say. Take my word for it. Content is not even Notre Dame specific.


7. @dubafterdark — Instagram

@Dubafterdark is one of the newest meme accounts at Notre Dame. This Instagram account, run by members of the Pdub community, really tries its best to produce innovative content, but falls short on not most, but all, of its posts. A good portion of the very few posts are essentially the same meme. The creativity is really lacking for me, landing @dubafterdark in the bottom half of the list. Follow at your own risk.


6. Notre lame memes for straight edge teens — Facebook

Admittedly, the private Facebook group has not accepted my follow request. Nevertheless, Facebook is a dying medium, and I find it hard to believe that this group is very active anymore (especially considering they are not accepting new follow requests from students). The cover photo for the page—a photo of Trump holding a sign reading “Leaving campus is now illegal” — did make me laugh, so it ranks above @dubafterdark and @notredankmeme even though I cannot view the page. “Notre lame memes for straight edge teens” has an interesting differentiation from the other meme accounts: anyone can post in it. In Erin Swope’s article “Notre Dame meme page informs campus through comedy,” she emphasizes the usefulness of this feature and the creative outlet it offers students. However, quantity does not mean quality, and I am guessing the page is filled with a hefty amount of unfunny posts with minimal funny content sprinkled throughout. You can try to follow, but I am guessing your luck will be as good as mine.


5. @BarstoolIrish — Twitter

The Barstool Twitter account for Notre Dame dabbles in memes but focuses much of its content on sports updates or merchandise promotions. The page does promote a little bit of funny, relevant meme material, yet most of it is of disappointing quality. @BarstoolIrish has content like Baby Yoda continually playing the ND fight song and Bernie Sanders “once again asking for the NCAA to put us in March Madness,” but nothing that really knocks it out of the park. Thus, if you are looking for an account to give you a consistent good laugh, look elsewhere.


4. @ndbarstool — Instagram

@Ndbarstool’s Instagram account provides far more funny content than its Twitter page. Similar to “Notre lame memes for straight edge teens,” the account posts a fair amount of submitted photos and videos, allowing the students to participate in the creation of content. Not all submissions are posted, however, allowing for quality screening. The account offers everything from kids pouring beer down their pants (for Lord knows what reason) to students sliding on Venmo for an SDH date. Overall, the account maintains a fairly average level of humorous material with the occasional genuinely funny post.


3. @blacksheep_nd — Instagram

This account produces uniquely ND content and almost always gets a laugh from me. Not only are the memes themselves consistently very funny, but also the captions are humorous too: “I woke up from a nightmare that ND football players were going dorm to dorm collecting money in their fancy backpacks.” The creator comments on the community, current events and experience of Notre Dame students, ranking it in the top three. Sometimes execution falls short of a meme’s potential, but drop @blacksheep_nd a follow if you like regular good laughs.


2. @blacksheep_nd — Twitter

The Twitter account run by blacksheep_nd is both funny and informative with posts like “Cults you didn’t know were cults” which includes various ND cults such as RecSports employees and people from New Jersey. Almost every post makes me laugh. Follow for very relevant content to Notre Dame students.


1. @memesafterparietals — Instagram

@Memesafterparietals is the new kid on the block for meme pages. Follow this account if you want Notre Dame specific content, with sometimes ruthless satire about the campus and its faculty. Since the account is so new, the content is not tired. Instead, the page is obviously an enjoyable hobby for some Notre Dame student (rather than a funded account that is part of a larger social media platform, such as Blacksheep or Barstool, where owners are required to post regular content). The posts are funny, creative and generally high quality. I can count on an @memesafterparietals post to make me laugh.

 Christina Cefalu


Apr. 15


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