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My top 5 Halloween candies

| Thursday, October 22, 2020

Halloween is right around the corner and it is not getting enough attention this year. To give Halloween some of it’s due credit, I will be ranking the best candies you can get when trick-or-treating.

5. Tootsie Fruit Rolls 

You always ended up with a few dozen of these flavored Tootsie Rolls and had no idea what to do with them. Some of them were alright, but none were great. The blue one was especially deceiving to children not reading what kind of candy they were eating as one would expect blue to be some sort of berry flavor but in reality it is vanilla flavored. These aren’t earning a spot on my list because they tasted good but because you never knew what to expect when you ate them, and it was a fun surprise every time because they only seemed to come around on Oct. 31.

4. Snickers 

A true classic, an argument could be made that this list needs to be broken up by chocolate or chewy snacks, but I only have 500 words to work with here so take an all-time great candy bar to fill whatever void may be left in this list by my love for chewy and fruity candy. Some other good candies of the chocolate variety: 3 Musketeers, Twix and Resse’s.

3. Bottle Caps

They taste like Smarties but are bigger and better. You also feel super cool eating them (or at least I did) because they are made to look like bottle caps. They have a chalky texture which can easily lead to a dry mouth so have some water close by. Each color also has a distinct soda inspired flavor that made trading with your friends fun, when you’re not in a pandemic of course.

2. Twizzlers 

I was never a huge licorice fan, but I remember the first time I tried one of those Twizzlers that is filled with sweet and sour chewy candy. I was in love. Bonus points: I’ve heard that licorice is good for you. Now when you stuff it full of more sugar I’m sure it negates a lot of those alleged health benefits but it sure does taste good. Twizzlers are awesome only when they are encasing a huge chunk of sugar.

1. Skittles 

The best candy to get in your bag on Halloween hands down. Skittles are awesome because you never know what you are going to get. What I mean by that is no one in their right mind eats Skittles one by one — you pile those things in your mouth all at once. It’s almost like a snowflake, each handful of candy is different from the next. There is one thing that you can count on every single handful though: It will be delicious. Skittles can also be used more maliciously however. Many times have I eaten a Skittle thinking it was an M&M or vice versa, and this is truly an unsettling experience that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. Skittles are objectively the best halloween candy.

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