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Which witch are you?

| Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Ellis Riojas | The Observer

Come little children I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment … Is what I would say if I was an evil Sanderson sister from Salem, Massachusetts. You heard me right. It’s officially spooky season!

Halloween might look a little different this year than most, however we can’t let that stop us from having a great October. In honor of Halloween being a mere 17 days away, let’s dive into the tale of “Hocus Pocus” witchery and discover the true witch in all of us.

For my non-Halloween lovers, “Hocus Pocus” takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the witch trials some 300 years ago. Sanderson sisters Winifred, Sarah and Mary were accused of witchcraft as well as eating children to enhance their beauty. They were then hanged in the trials. Three hundred years later, a virgin, Max, lit the black flamed candle while trying to impress a girl, Allison, and brought the sisters back from the dead. The two teens, plus Max’s little sister Dani, had to save Salem once again from the evil Sanderson sisters. But spooky season is all about, well, being spooky. So let’s find out which witch you are.


Winnie Sanderson

Do you ever feel like you’re the smartest person in the room? Well if this is the case then you’re in luck because you might have a ghoul-sister. Winnie Sanderson is extremely talented and enjoys the spotlight. Her stubbornness is typically what drives her to make her decisions, especially when it comes to her 300-year grudge about her dead boyfriend. She is the witch in charge, and if you mess with her, you might as well be dead meat.

If you find problem-solving easy, enjoy casting spells, or if you particularly like to bask in the limelight, or moonlight, I’d encourage you to embrace your inner Winnie. She’ll be sure to have you saying “bow down witches” in no time.


Sarah Sanderson

Is your inner child is ready to come out and play? Sarah Sanderson would say, “Yes please!” This free spirit loves to flirt and can be a bit of a ditz, in a good way of course. She is fascinated by everything giving her a childlike innocence. While her childlike personality can be charming, she is also a pivotal part in the capture of children by enchanting them with her beautiful singing voice.

If you like to embrace your inner five-year-old and aren’t afraid of others’ judgments, Sarah will help you creep it real.


Mary Sanderson

Do you have a keen sense of smell … for children? Probably not, but this witch does. Mary Sanderson is extremely loyal as well as a key part of her ghastly team by tracking down children with her super sense of smell that can not only find children but can also decipher their age. She can seem a bit strange at first, but when you get to know her, she is charming in her own special way. Often staying back to observe from behind, she is a bit of a wallflower.

If you are a team player with a bit of a crazy side you and Mary will surely brew up a storm.


By now you have an idea of which witch you are, but if you’re eager to know the truth, take this Buzzfeed quiz and find out for yourself.

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