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| Thursday, November 5, 2020

The indescribable undefinable most admirable passage of time

The twisting listing constantly persisting reason for my rhyme

It slips and slides, an eclipse of tides, holding me beneath the current

Its pull provides unwanted guides to things that were or weren’t 

Meant for silly little souls with facsimiles of goals that are surely set to save us

From thinking thankless thoughts in our minds made up of knots that you, King Cronus, gave us


With sickle and scythe you promised us life and days, months, years, to fill it

And this garden of ours sat under the stars to grow as you would will it

But the days proved too much, and the night lost its touch on the things that you’d created

We stayed in our heads, each thought twisting threads, as a doomsday we awaited

Though divinely designed, our feeble young minds, could not handle the time eternal

Like your father before, we settled the score, with an evil most paternal


The hourglass shattered as the blood quickly spattered on the floor of the father’s quarters

The clocks sternly halted and the children exalted as they tore down the brick and the mortar

We shouted with glee, we were finally free from the shackles and chains of each hour

We cried with relief, no more fear from our grief, but plans would still quickly turn sour

As we broke the last brick, we heard a faint tick, and the gears of the clocks started turning

Our hearts quickly sank, and like cruel prank, the movement of time was returning

The bricks slowly stacked and the father came back with a smile on his face, his lips licking

He had rage in his eyes and we realized we would never escape from his ticking

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James Cullinane is the Assistant Executive Director of Show Some Skin, a student-run initiative committed to giving voice to unspoken narratives about identity and difference. Using the art of storytelling as a catalyst for positive social change across campus, we seek to make Notre Dame a more open and welcoming place for all. If you are interested in breaking the silence and getting involved with Show Some Skin, email [email protected]

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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