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COVID semester two: Electric boogaloo

| Friday, February 5, 2021

From the creators of the HERE™ campaign and the studio that brought you the smash hit “COVID Semester One” comes the long-awaited sequel “COVID Semester Two: Electric Boogaloo,” arriving this February. The second installment in the budding franchise has onlookers at the edge of their seats, as they eagerly prepare to post trendy memes or write lengthy Facebook comments about the upcoming film’s strengths and weaknesses.

Fans of the stunning, blockbuster debut will remember its action-packed, jaw-dropping thrills and chills. Our characters, both friends and foes, ventured far and wide. At the infamous Rose Garden, misplaced trust and a near-fatal error in judgement led to a sticky situation for everyone involved. Under the bright lights of national television, our protagonists vanquished the evil Dabo Swinney after storming the field of battle — but that was hardly the climax.

“COVID Semester One” ended in dramatic fashion. Political intrigue emerged as a surprise storyline and included a wrestle for power and the chilling declaration “I am the senate.” The curtain closed as our heroes were on the run, narrowly escaping after their enemy claimed victory at Legacy Village and advanced onto campus a second time. Luckily, they fled in the nick of time, leaving those on the home front to deal with consequences and retreating for long enough to lick their wounds and attempt to forget the trial and tribulations they had faced so far.

But who could forget such epic events? “COVID Semester One” pushed the boundaries of what people could expect, constantly one-upping itself and proving that nothing was too outrageous to occur. Not only did writers jump the shark, they proved that they would also do a backflip through a ring of string lights on the Library Lawn if necessary. And that’s not to mention that they did all this in unrelenting fashion, giving the audience not a second to rest or recover from the onslaught of ridiculousness.

“COVID Semester Two: Electric Boogaloo” promises to be bigger, better and somehow crazier than its predecessor. The story picks up not far from where it left off, but now the enemy is both stronger and quicker, and infighting seems destined to tear our band of heroes apart. Audiences can expect the unexpected — if that’s even possible.

To outsiders, it may seem that the making of this sequel goes against the better judgement of literally everyone, but what more can you expect from Hollywood? Where you see green numbers on a dashboard, they see green dollar signs, and because they turned a profit on the last one, they’ll do it again.

In the end, there’s no telling what’s in store this time, so buy a ticket and take the ride, do your part and if everything goes according to plan — which let’s be honest, it probably won’t — we won’t have to make this a trilogy.

Due to circumstances beyond the studio’s control, “COVID Semester Two: Electric Boogaloo” will not play in theaters, but will instead be made available on streaming platform Sakai.

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