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Editor’s Notes: Cigs, coffee, phone

| Friday, March 5, 2021

Maggie Klaers | The Observer

Editor’s Notes is a bi-weekly column from Scene Editor Ryan Israel. It is about whatever music, movie, television series, celebrity or trend he’s into at the moment.

Don’t talk to me unless you want to talk about Anya Taylor-Joy

It appears that Anya Taylor-Joy is built differently. Mere days before the Golden Globes, where she was nominated for two awards, Queen Gambit went for a quick walk/cigarette and coffee break. The photos were stunning — Louvre-worthy.

Hang these in the Snite immediately.

I’ve smoked a cigarette (once), I’ve drank a coffee (more than once) and I’ve even held a phone (almost all the time), but the idea of doing all three at the same time? Implausible. My brain would be shot to the moon and I’d likely spend the following two hours feverishly pacing. But Anya Taylor-Joy can do it effortlessly.

(Disclaimer: Cigarettes are bad.)

Now I want to know what her Starbucks order is; I want to know what brand of cigarettes she smokes; I want to know what she was looking at on her phone. These are questions which will keep me up at night — no more Leo.

To further the point that Anya Taylor-Joy is, in fact, built different, she popped into the Golden Globes Zoom ceremony — unfortunately cigarette-less — in a custom Dior gown. It didn’t beat her all-black fit from the pics, and it (somehow?) didn’t beat Jason Sudeikis’ sweatshirt, but it still looked great as she gave her acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Miniseries. I give in to Anya Taylor-Joy supremacy.

Photograph me for W Magazine

The only downside to writing a bi-weekly column is that I can’t comment on things immediately after they happen. Juergen Teller’s photos for W Magazine, capturing a number of nominated actors in a number of compromising poses in the streets of LA, were the only thing on my Twitter feed last week. It’s discomforting to see that some actors really are as plain and scary-looking as me on a Monday morning, and even more discomforting to see that some others look phenomenal next to literal garbage.

If I finished anything in 20 seconds, I do not think I would get complimented for it.

Notre Dame is in its flop era

A flop era refers to the period in a superstar’s career when they fail to reach the same amount of success as they did in earlier parts of their run. Some things at Notre Dame that are in their flop era are dorms, Father Jenkins, basketball, Mike Brey, Newfs, the Duncan Student Center and @CoronavirusND. Some things at Notre Dame that are still in their prime are off-campus housing, Father Pete, women’s lacrosse, COVID-19, Quad Lodges, @dogsofnotredame and The Observer Scene.

We love to see Jack Harlow succeed

Curly-haired cutie Jack Harlow did an NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert on Wednesday and, as is the case for the best rap performances in the series (see Tyler, the Creator), he brought a full backing band. The transition from Harlow’s “It’s a lotta clubs tryna call for appearances / Last one I did, I caught a vibe with the bottle girl” into the smooth vocals of the backup singers just doesn’t hit the same on the original record.

Young Harlow did not do much talking between his songs, which is a shame, because some of his best moments come when he’s rambling off the cuff in an interview. It’s impossible to hate this kid after listening to him break down his hit song “What’s Poppin” for Genius or revealing the contents of his bag with GQ.

R.I.P. in peace Daft Punk (1993 – 2021)

I wish I was in a crowded dorm party right now hijacking the AUX so I could play “One More Time.” Sad.

The Weekend at ND

Here’s a list of the best places to catch COVID-19 over the weekend:

1. An in-person club meeting

2. The dining hall

3. Monts

4. Newfs

5. Your dorm bathroom

6. The arcade

And here’s a list of the best places to avoid COVID-19 over the weekend:

1. The East Bank trail

2. The lakes


4. The Snite

5. An empty bar

6. A darty

Remember to always wear a mask.

This edition of Editor’s Notes would not have been possible without the ideas and contributions of Managing Editor Mariah Rush.

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