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Observer Editorial: Support student journalism, support our community

| Friday, April 16, 2021

Ever since The Observer was established in 1966, our student journalists have strived to fulfill the promise and purpose of uncovering the truth and reporting it accurately. For instance, in 2015, The Observer broke the news of Fr. Ted Hesburgh’s death to the world. And this year, our coverage of the pandemic and campus life has made national headlines.

As an independent newspaper, we seek to bridge the gap between students, the administration and the community, contributing to important conversations on issues that affect us all. During a time when our physical health calls for social distancing and isolation, The Observer seeks to provide a platform through which we can continue sharing ideas and forging connections with one another.

The pandemic altered our printing schedule, but despite this we’ve continued to publish articles, letters, columns and reviews five days a week, because we are committed to serving the tri-campus community by holding our schools accountable and by giving a voice to all. We continue our work because we believe journalism can be a force for good and a space for truth to reveal itself. The headlines of today can lead to the changes of tomorrow.

As student journalists, we juggle the same responsibilities of our peers while also maintaining a commitment to inform the public. Despite exams, homework and burnout, we take on additional tasks out of the love we have for our tri-campus community. We strive to shed light on the good, the bad and the ugly, because only a community with knowledge of all three can be equipped to keep growing.

At The Observer, we are also always looking for ways to grow. We need our readers to help us continue serving Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross to the best of our ability. So, we ask you to continue supporting the student journalism we carry out. There isn’t just one way of doing so — support comes in different forms, and we’re grateful for all.

As an independent newspaper, we also rely mostly on advertising revenue and donations to continue our work at The Observer. This year, we received a $50,000 gift from the estate of John McCoy (Notre Dame ’69) to establish the new Observer Technology Fund, which will allow the paper to invest in new computers and technology. We are incredibly grateful for this generous gift. And though we recognize that not everyone has the means to contribute financially, as we approach ND Day on April 18-19, please consider making a donation. No matter how big or small a gift, every single contribution enables us to further our mission to inform the tri-campus.

You can also support The Observer by sending us Letters to the Editor and tips, by or reaching out to us with feedback. The Viewpoint department works hard to share different opinions from students, professors and alumni. Our News department is always looking for stories we should be sharing with the community. At The Observer, we strive to be a platform where anyone and everyone’s story is heard, especially those who may otherwise not feel represented within the tri-campus community. But this scope of representation can only be achieved if you share your voice with us.

Perhaps the easiest, best way to support The Observer is by reading and sharing our content. From tri-campus events and opinions on vaccination to movie reviews and sports predictions, you may discover something you had never heard or thought about in our pages. You might even be inspired to speak up, take action or pick up your pen and write to us. So give us a chance to keep serving you and the tri-campus.

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