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My first time at Cedar Point

| Wednesday, September 15, 2021

This weekend I went to Cedar Point for the first time. And before you ask, of course I got the “First Visit” button. Who do you think I am? It was the best part of my outfit that day. I went to the park with my volleyball team from Saint Mary’s and we fit six roller coasters in about four hours, which I would say that is a pretty successful day if you’re asking me. Since riding the roller coasters are still fresh in my mind I thought I would rate the ones that we went on. Let’s get into it! 

Iron Dragon

Coming in at the bottom of the list at number six is the Iron Dragon. This was the last coaster of the day and we went on it because my coach wanted to ride one with us, but not one of the more intense ones. Now, I’m not saying it was a terrible ride, I was quite satisfied with it. But it was just short and sweet. There were no huge drops or twists and turns. It is a great coaster for beginners. I would highly recommend it for younger kids who pass the height requirement. 

Steel of Vengeance

At number five I would have to put Steel of Vengeance. Out of all the coasters, we waited in this line the longest for it to just be decent. In my opinion at least. Especially after going on some of the staple rides at Cedar Point, this coaster just didn’t pique my interest. 

The Raptor

The coaster coming in fourth place has to be the Raptor. This was the first coaster we went on and had no wait time, which was an absolute miracle! It was a great one to start out with. It had everything from unexpected turns to more loops than I thought it would have. I would definitely recommend this to first time park goers. 

The Maverick

For third place I am going to have to put the Maverick. While waiting in line I tried to get a feeling for what the ride was going to be like. But when I got on, it was nothing like how I expected — it was way better! (Minus the part when one of the workers said my seat belt was unbuckled as a joke right before we sped up onto the incline.) After I got off, we had a good laugh about it. But my favorite part was about half way through the ride when we slowed down before speeding up really fast to go straight into a loop. Now that was good. 

The GateKeeper

In second place will be The GateKeeper. What I loved about this is that you go over the entrance of the park and you can see all the people coming and going. They also get to see you laugh or scream your head off which I thought was pretty funny. Another great part was as you are coming to the drop, you get a gorgeous view of Lake Erie. Out of all the coasters we went on, this one was the longest, yet it felt short. Right after it was over, I wanted to go on it again. 

Millennium Force

And finally, the coaster that comes in first place is the Millennium Force. I know I might sound basic for saying that this coaster comes in first, but it truly deserves the title. On this coaster I felt both scared to death and pure joy. As I got into the cart I panicked because the bar went over your lap and not your shoulders. As we made the steep journey to the top you saw a lovely view of the lake and then almost immediately plunged to your death with a huge and long drop. After the drop the roller coaster was no longer scary and it was the most fun I had at the park. 

As we were walking out, although I felt a bit queasy from the amount of coasters we went on in such a short amount of time, I loved having this experience with my teammates. After long days and nights of school and practice, it was nice to just go have fun with everyone. The weather was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I know my teammates and I will remember this trip for a very long time. It has also made me want to go back to ride all the ones we didn’t get to do. I will definitely have to be convinced to go on the Dragster because that just looks scary, but making memories is the most important part. I am very grateful for this weekend and look forward to going again soon. 

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