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Baraka Bouts Quarterfinals: Ring A bout results

| Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The 19th annual Baraka Bouts Boxing Tournament started off Monday night. The quarterfinal bouts took place in two rings in the Dahnke Ballroom at the Duncan Student Center. These are the results from Ring A.

Carrie Davis of Welsh Family Hall vs. Mia “Mayhem” Lecinski of Lyons Hall 

The first round of the first match of this year’s tournament was immediately dominated by senior Lecinski. Davis got a few jabs in but from the first round on, Lecinski kept control of the match, ultimately winning by unanimous decision. 

Olivia “Pound for Pound” Mancuso of Howard Hall vs. Dani “Mighty Muffin” Harold of Howard Hall 

Immediately in round one, Harold came out swinging. She got Mancuso backpedaling but not before Mancuso began to answer. The two battled back and forth for the rest of the round. To start the second, they switched roles. Mancuso came out out of the corner ready to rumble, landing a few good punches on Harold but not before Harold returned the favor. After a few exchanges, Harold closed the round with a strong right hook. The third round again fell pretty even. About halfway through Mancuso landed a good few punches, but Harold quickly answered just before the round ended. By split decision, Dani Harold advanced to the semifinals. 

Kiera “Red Lightning” Judd of Walsh Hall vs. Grace Bezold of Farley Hall

Judd went on the offensive from the start, but defensive jabs from Bezold would knock her back every so often. Judd maintained a hold on the momentum and, to end the round, cornered Bezold for a few jabs. In the second round, Judd took the momentum again, forcing the ref to stop and check Bezold. She spent most of the third match on her back feet again with another knockout break from the ref. In this break the referee decided to stop the contest, automatically naming Judd the winner. 

Karen “Can I Speak to Your Manager” Alvarez vs. Abby “the sLAMMer” Lamm of McGlinn Hall

Alvarez kept to quick feet and quick jabs, landing a number of them. When she could grab a few, Lamm left a mark, but Alvarez’s speed often kept her out of reach in the first round. Alvarez landed a few one-two combos through the beginning of the second round but was forced to take a few steps back from Lamm when one of her swings connected. In the last round, Lamm found another gear. For the first time, she had Alvarez on her heels for an extended period of time. Alvarez caught her off guard though at the close of the round and used her speed to corner Lamm and land several punches before the ref stopped the contest shortly after. Due to her continued dominance, Alvarez won by unanimous decision. 

Maddie “The Blonde Bolt” Czerwiec of Welsh Family Hall vs. Amelia “Meals on Wheels” Love of Farley Hall

Love stayed true to her nickname as her speed and her reach appeared to be her strengths in the first round. When Love got too close though, Czerwiec was able to land some punches. In the second round, Love landed a few punches coming out of the gate, but Czerwiec took over for most of the round and kept control until the end. In the third round, however, Czerwiec made a good couple of power plays, keeping Love back peddling. It was Love’s speed and reach that ultimately won out, making hits Czerwiec couldn’t reach. Because of that, Love won unanimously, much to the thrill of her fans on the ground. 

Clare “Spider Monkey” Wieland vs. Mags “Little Bull” Roccato

Coming out of the gate, Roccato took over round one. She out swung Wieland in the first and second round, landing hooks left and right. While Wieland had a bit of a speed advantage, Roccato’s punches landed hard in the third round and took Wieland out of her step at times. The win was clear, Roccato by unanimous decision. 

Kelly “Wardog” Ward vs. Colleen “Crusher” Driscoll 

This bout quickly became a battle between who could maintain top speed the longest. Both boxers came out swinging hard and swinging fast. About halfway through the first round, Ward seemed able to maintain her speed when Driscoll couldn’t. Ward took control, and that continued through the second round as well. In the third round, Driscoll kept her distance. With every hit Driscoll tried to land, Ward was there first with the same hand to keep her out of reach. By unanimous decision, Ward, the senior from Queens, won the bout. 

Adriana “Big A” Baez vs. Rachel “Same Hat” Salamone

For most of the first round, Salamone kept Baez on the defensive. She forced Baez to get low against the ropes, but that ultimately allowed Baez to get a few hits in. To close the round, Salamone landed a few more punches, keeping Baez on the run. To start the second round, Baez began to use her lower stance to gain an advantage. That didn’t stop Salamone though. Instead, she struck from farther back, using her reach until she could get close enough for her strength. To a chorus of “Cav loves Rachel”, Salamone took over the third round. She kept Baez on her back foot almost exclusively and, just before the close of the bout, cornered her for a number of strikes. Despite being a junior captain, this was Salamone’s first bout, and she came away with a unanimous decision win and a screaming fan section of women from Cavanaugh Hall. 

Lily “Lightning” Whitman vs. Katie McManaman

Lightning couldn’t have been a more accurate nickname for Whitman, as she struck fast and then she was gone. She took this to another level in the second round. Whitman connected with McManaman so fast that she didn’t even have to move her feet. McManaman got a few punches in, but couldn’t find a rhythm on Whitman before the round ended. The third round passed quickly. Whitman found her stride again and McManaman slowed down, unable to follow Whitman’s movements. Ultimately, Whitman won by unanimous decision. 

Sarah Nowak vs. Chevelle “Sorry Not Sorry?” Boomershine

The first round of this bout was very even, but Nowak’s stamina seemed to outlive Bommershine’s in the second. While Boomershine had the reach on her, Nowak was able to get inside. In the third round, Boomershine found her power again, but not without an answer from Nowak. To a chorus of “Let’s Go Sarah”, Nowak won by unanimous decision. 

Lauren “6-feet Hero” Barnes vs. Shannon “The Sharon” Steines

From the bell, this bout was all about who could combine speed and reach best. In the first round, experience won out as Steines was able to maintain a definitive advantage. Barnes took a slight advantage to start the second round, but as soon as Steines found her way inside, “6 Ft Hero” took over again and the ref had to reset the match several times. Towards the end of the third, Steines started to get tired and had a harder time getting inside. Barnes was able to land a few punches, although she had started to tire as well. Two rounds of clear success proved to be more than enough though as Steines won by unanimous decision. 

Samantha “Twinkle Toes” Manfreda vs. Mary “M&M” Menger

The first round of this match opened fairly even. Manfreda landed a few more hits, but Menger kept Manfreda on the run. Manfreda took over in the second round, and a hard hit caused the ref to end of the second round so Menger could catch her breath. After every break, Menger managed to land a good few hits, including after breaks from the ref. But it was Manfreda who would find the advantage each time, winning her the bout by unanimous decision. 

Cam “Can’t Touch This” Dowd vs. Emily “The Enemy” Nowak

As the three rounds went on Dowd just got more and more dominant. Her reach and her speed allowed her to gain on Nowak, ultimately backing her into a corner and forcing a KO test in both the second and third rounds. Dowd dominated the whole way through and won the bout by unanimous decision. 

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