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Feeling Hungry? Sad? Stressed? Artsy? I gotchu

| Friday, November 19, 2021

Feeling Hungry? Eat cereal for dessert! Honestly, this was the best decision I made this past week. Well, it wasn’t really a decision but a happening. I was sitting there staring into space in my seat at SDH during lunch, when it hit me. Literally. A full bowl of Lucky Charms rained down from the heavens. After that happened, I said something really smart like, “um, I gotta go” and yeeted my way out of the dining hall in a dusty scent of dry sugar cereal. The ND squirrels did follow me for a while, probably thinking I was their next snack or a blonde Snow White in sweatpants or something. However, I ended up realizing that it was a fantastic idea to eat cereal for dessert, and ended up eating a different kind of cereal after dinner for the next three days. Never underestimate the power of a main-character-getting-something-spilled-on-you fiasco. It just might change your life. 

Feeling Sad? Maybe a hug would help! I really enjoy hugs, especially now more than ever after COVID. I even wrote one of the admissions essays to Notre Dame about hugs. My family has a song that we like to sing that goes: “Four hugs a day, that’s the minimum, not the maximum.” I always feel better after I get a hug, and I think I give great hugs, which are not the kind that you give a distant cousin where you stand at an awkward distance, slap each other’s backs, and do the awkward shuffle away. The best hugs are when you haven’t seen a friend in a long time and they squeeze you a little too tight and you can’t breathe. That was my main hug strategy when I was eleven. I called it the “death squeeze,” and my parents say that I can’t do it anymore, so trust their judgement and have stopped that. But sometimes I can’t help it and my friends get a little winded. Nevertheless, I love a great hug, and they’re free, which is even better!

Feeling Artsy? Find random events and go to them! In the past week, I have been on an art-event spree: I went to the MFA Art Critique in Riley Hall and met the coolest people, watched a moving French film in DPAC about police brutality, and went to the best improv show I have ever seen (shoutout to The Humor Artists!) If shows aren’t your thing, maybe start a craft! I just finished crocheting a sweater over fall break with the help of my mom, twin sister, and aunt, and it was really fun! I made the Harry Styles cardigan that was blowing up on Pinterest, but like a pastel version, and had a ton of fun doing it!

Feeling Stressed? Call a close friend! One of the best things I did recently was call a friend I had danced with for over ten years. It had been a long time, but it was just really nice to reconnect and remember all the fun we had together dancing late at night in the studio. One strategy I have is just to scroll through the contacts in my phone and just randomly call people I know, or leave them a voicemail if they’re not there. Don’t worry if it’s awkward or short. Just let them know you are thinking about them and that you care! I even write snail mail letters to one of my friends from high school. The smallest thing can really make someone’s day. 

Feeling Like You Wanna Hop Into a Book? I am an English and Design major, so books and art had to end up somewhere on this list! I tend to go right to the Percy Jackson books when I am stressed, because I am still twelve years old and love to just laugh and not have to look up a million words, which is what I am doing right now for my readings in my English class. Harry Potter is also a big one for me, because I always end up crying over the gorgeous descriptions of the puddings in the Great Hall, my forever love for Remus Lupin, and the epic moment of Hermione punching Draco Malfoy in the face. If you can’t tell already, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite! 

Feeling Like Your Style is Losing its Pizazz? Don’t just whip out Pinterest! Put your phone in your pocket (but maybe keep jamming to Taylor Swift) and look around campus! Be inspired by the outfits put together by the people in your class! Shoutout to the dope guy in my design class who has the coolest silver rings and the kind of sweatpants/sweatshirt look that is somehow put together and artsy. Also, every single person in my English class looks great. Honestly, y’all just inspire me to become the Wes Anderson style icon I have always wanted to be. 

Finally, I just want to say that these suggestions aren’t long term fixes. I wish all the bowls of Lucky Charms in the world could fix my anxiety, but that won’t happen. If you are really struggling with mental health, please reach out for help. I know it can seem like everyone here has everything under control, but I assure you that you aren’t alone in feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or not good enough, because I have felt all of those feelings. You are too wonderful of a person to think you are any less valued than another based on academics or achievements. 

Hopefully if you are feeling any of these things like me, I hope you can get a little happiness from trying any of these ideas out! Maybe if you find yourself thinking, “I am the SAME PERSON and want to do all these things,” you might be my twin, who is actually here at ND, but you also might be someone who would be a great friend!


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