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Fennessy: Re-ranking the CFP Week 12 Top 10, according to whose uniforms I like best

| Monday, November 22, 2021

Let’s get this out of the way early: I’m not a fan of the four-team College Football Playoff model. Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, I remember the days when going to the Rose Bowl after winning the Big Ten championship was a big deal, and there was none of this “what The Committee likes to see” nonsense. 

I’m no expert on college football, but it doesn’t take an expert to know that since Michigan State beat Michigan, the Spartans should be ranked ahead of the Wolverines. With this in mind, it makes about as much sense to rank the top 10 based on how much one college senior likes each team’s home uniforms as it does to rank them based on whatever criteria The Committee has in mind. 

So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

No. 10 Georgia

As my roommate put it: “That shade of red is heinous.” Not quite red, but almost orange, and in some lighting, verging on little-girl lipstick pink, the Bulldogs’ unoriginal red-and-white palette is uninspired at best and gaudy at worst.

No. 9 Oregon

While I actually do like several of the Duck’s home outfits, the fact that they have a new one every week is annoying. Pick one shade of green and stick with it! Plus, the highlighter yellow should be saved for special, monochrome occasions — it’s all or nothing for me.

No. 8 Michigan

Notre Dame’s traditional rivals, the Wolverines boast a sharp color contrast for their gameday getups. The problem? That shade of yellow is garish. While they get points for their unconventional helmet design, I just can’t look past that harsh shade of fake gold.

No. 7 Alabama

Simply put, the Crimson Tide has no “wow” factor. I feel absolutely underwhelmed, looking at this white-and-not-quite-red color scheme. While the simplicity of the players’ numbers on their helmets is a nice touch, Alabama is at the center of the pack because there is nothing that makes them stand out.

No. 6 Ohio State

Another red-and-white combo, the Buckeyes are ranked just above the Crimson Tide because of their silver helmets and their commitment to proper, unequivocally bright red. I took points off for the Buckeye helmet stickers because they don’t make sense to me.

No. 5 Cincinnati

Rounding out the bottom 5 is the Bearcats. Despite the fact that I don’t know what a Bearcat is, and I don’t know why someone would choose that as a school mascot, and that they beat us at home, their all-black home uniforms with muted red helmets are the best of the red-based color schemes.

No. 4 Oklahoma State

I only like orange paired with all black, and the cowboys delivered on this front. No further comment.

No. 3 Michigan State

Unlike Oregon, Michigan State isn’t afraid to commit to their classic green color scheme. The shades of light green on solid dark green modernize the traditional white-and-green, and I like it.

No. 2 Wake Forest

I’m a big fan of gold-based color schemes done right. So, I enjoy the simplicity of the Demon Deacons’ black-and-gold home uniforms, which are flashy without being over-the-top.

No. 1 Notre Dame

We have the best uniforms in college football, hands down. While many try to imitate those brilliant gold helmets, all others lack the gorgeous symbolism of the Golden Dome. Combined with our simple navy jerseys which erase the individual in favor of the team, the fashion of the Fighting Irish is an unparalleled classic that deserves a celebration.

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