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Ten songs to help stop Notre Dame from ripping off Wisconsin’s ‘Jump Around’

| Friday, November 12, 2021

When Notre Dame debuted the light show against USC, it not only caught the Notre Dame Stadium atmosphere up to modern times but it even started to distinguish it. With the “Hell’s Bells” intro and the light show at the end of the third quarter, the environment was not only electric relative to Notre Dame’s typical wine-and-cheese crowd, but it competed with some of the best atmospheres in the sport.

Before we get too caught up commending the light show, we must address the playing of “Let Me Clear My Throat” at the end of the third quarter over the past three games. This is blatantly copying Wisconsin’s “Jump Around” tradition. Not only does it try to invite everyone to jump before the fourth quarter starts, but we started playing it after we witnessed the “Jump Around” spectacle for ourselves at Soldier Field.

“Let Me Clear My Throat” needs to go. I wanted it to succeed, but whenever I try to jump to it during the game I feel like an unoriginal fraud. Florida has “I Won’t Back Down”; Duke basketball has “Everytime We Touch”; the Steelers have “Renegade.” The best sports atmospheres have songs they can draw on to electrify the crowd, and if Notre Dame wants to play with the big boys, they need to find “the song.” 

The kickoff with “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” is electric, but after juxtaposing the “1812 Overture” with “Jump Around” in Chicago, Notre Dame needs a song specifically to fire up the crowd before the fourth. “Let Me Clear My Throat” is a lazy attempt at finding one.

I’m not looking for the next “Jump Around” or “Enter Sandman” here. We have to be honest with what we’re working with. If “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” can’t get everybody jumping, nothing will. All we need is a (somewhat terrible) song that most people recognize, is not overused at stadiums and lets everyone know it’s time to get rowdy. And you won’t see any Bon Jovi songs here because we’ve already tried that. Without further ado, here are my top ten songs to replace “Let Me Clear My Throat.”

Honorable mentions: “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll),” “Like a Prayer,” “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and “Marvins Room.”

10. “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” — Limp Bizkit

The biggest hit from the kings of nu metal would get everyone to throw their hands up and head bang. Unfortunately, not enough of the younger demographics in the crowd would be familiar with the stars of Woodstock ‘99.

9. “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” — DMX

Instantly recognizable and catchy, but lacking the hype necessary to keep the crowd engaged and dancing.

8. “Shout, Pts. 1 & 2” — The Isley Brothers

Has some great calls to action to get the crowd moving, but the song feels a little too wedding-esque and would feel out of place when the Irish are looking to close out a home win.

7. “Low” — Flo Rida (feat. T-Pain)

One of the biggest hits of the aughts, “Low” would certainly get everyone in the stadium grooving. But with “My House” being a staple of the Notre Dame Stadium playlist, the last thing we need before the fourth quarter is more Flo Rida.

6. “Jump” — Van Halen

The only way Notre Dame can outdo “Jump Around” is with a few synchronized mega-jumps that cause the bleachers to collapse.

5. “Let’s Get It Started” — Black Eyed Peas

Fergie’s intro leading into the bass would let everyone know what’s about to come and get the crowd going. Everyone knows this song — enough time has passed that it’s now nostalgic and less cringeworthy and it builds suspense and hits the chorus quickly to keep the crowd engaged.

4. “Dynamite” — Taio Cruz

This 2009 hit would get everyone to throw their hands in the air, sing along and dance. Strong contender, but it’s not quite as iconic as the top three.

3. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” — Whitney Houston

This song made an appearance at the Navy game but underwhelmed. Catchy, everyone knows the lyrics and is easy to dance to. Just takes a little too long to get going.

2. “Get Low” — Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz (feat. Ying Yang Twins)

This universally known banger gets everyone to go low and dance side to side and would send a message to the opposing sideline. 

1. “Come On Eileen” — Dexys Midnight Runners

Predicting what songs the crowd would sing along to is impossible, but I’m certain this one would work. And what the heck, we’re the Fighting Irish, and Eileen is about as Irish a name as they come.

This task is daunting. Let’s continue the conversation so we can find the perfect song for the next great fourth-quarter tradition. Tell me your ideas on Twitter @peterrsryan contact me at [email protected] if you prefer email. Also feel free to yell your ideas at me.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.

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