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Harmless’ ‘Mr. Baby’ EP: For the hopeful romantics

| Friday, March 25, 2022

Maggie Klaers | The Observer

Nacho Cano, known by the name Harmless (formerly Twin Cabins), just released an EP entitled “Mr. Baby” following a slew of single releases over the past few years. While he is best known for the song “Swing Lynn,” which currently has over 130 million streams on Spotify, Cano’s latest project takes a much different approach lyrically and musically.

“Mr. Baby” explores isolation, longing and feelings of worth, guiding the entire seven-track project with smooth vocals, danceable beats and flirty lyrics. The entire EP feels like a drunk phone call with a potential lover. It is conversational, raw and (at times) anti-climatic, but it’s also enchanting.

The EP opens with the title track, which is a bouncy song with synth and a killer beat drop about trying to remove someone from your life. Despite the harsh and scathing lyrics, the song is romantic, even including common terms of endearment, which is persistent throughout the entire EP. This is the ultimate song to vibe to while on a slow walk to the class you’re already five minutes late for. It’s upbeat and rhythmic, comprising the perfect walking song.

“Mrs. Moody” and “U Up?” follow the opening track. “Mrs. Moody” is a song about pleading for intimacy and wanting to feel needed and validated. The slow, lo-fi vibe of the song, accompanied by a cha-cha rhythm, immerses the listener with the desire to lose themselves in another person. “U Up?” has a similar pacing to “Mrs. Moody.” The lyrics are pretty simple, and there isn’t much momentum or build-up in the song. However, the wholesome chorus makes up for it with its lyrics, “I just wanna be near you / Can I call you up?” 

Next up is “Nacho’s,” the only entirely Spanish track on the EP. It has a more enticing beat than the previous two songs, and while it required me to do some Google translating and digging into my high school Spanish knowledge, the lyrics delivered. Some of my favorites (due to their embarrassing relatability and vulnerability) were “I’m alone every day” and “Give me love.” The song is a gem on the EP for its honest lyrics and funky, danceable vibe.

“Hannah Don’t Lurk” follows with chipper instrumentals and repetition — it’s almost hypnotic. The song’s lyrics feel like an older sibling bestowing wisdom, “Not every romance has to work / When are you gonna feel deserved?” The second to last song, “Call Katie,” is the song everyone wants sung about them. This is the best song on the EP. The first verse details wanting someone and being driven crazy by them while the chorus pleads, “Baby, don’t leave me around.” This is a must-listen. 

Finally, “Notice Me” closes the EP powerfully, beginning with “It’s finally over / Babe I think I’m falling in love,” which seems to represent the closure of the narrator’s turmoil. The song ends with a tender question, “Do you wanna fall in love with me?”

Overall, “Mr. Baby” is the EP for the bike-riding main characters weaving through pedestrians. It’s the soundtrack to groove to while on a late-night Grotto trip, thinking about that special person or to fall asleep to. It’s a hopeful romantic’s dream. 


Artist: Harmless

EP: “Mr. Baby”

Label: Nettwerk

Favorite Tracks: “Mr. Baby,” “Call Katie,” “Nacho’s”

If you like: Phum Viphurit, Joji, Vacations

Shamrocks: 4 out of 5

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