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A beginner’s guide to Dallas sports

| Monday, April 25, 2022

This June, I will be moving to Texas to work as a news reporting intern with the Dallas Morning News, thanks to the great connections of the JED program here at Notre Dame. Before I move down south, my family is throwing a graduation party for me, and naturally we informed my family via a few Facebook groups. My mom wrote in one post with an invitation to the party, “In June, she travels to Dallas, TX for a 12-week internship with the newspaper, the Dallas Star.” 

While I will be working for the Dallas Morning News and there are local news outlets called the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Star Local Media, I think my mom was thinking of the Dallas Stars, the city’s NHL team. As flattered as I am, and I do have an ego complex over my ability to ice skate backwards, I tragically will not be writing for (or playing with) the Dallas Stars. However, this got me thinking if I am moving to Dallas, I’ll should acquaint myself with the major sports teams of the area. So without further ado, here are my beginner’s thoughts on the various major league teams of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as I discover most of them for the first time.

NHL – Dallas Stars

Hockey has always been the sport I wanted to get more into since it is my favorite to watch. I find the game to be action-packed, exciting and engaging. As someone from St. Louis, I’ve been Blues fan most of my life, although I admit I only especially cared back in 2019 when we won the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, it appears the Stars battled a  “slow start” to their season, finally winning a game against Seattle this weekend in their last chances to reach the playoffs. I’d like to continue my goal of becoming a greater hockey fan with the Stars, though I don’t know if the fan base can match the energy of my hometown Blues. 

MLB – Texas Rangers

Baseball is just about my least favorite sport to watch on TV, but one of my favorite to watch live. Not because of the game itself, but because of the atmosphere of the stadium. I’ve always found it easiest to chill, eat, and socialize at baseball games since the game is rather slow in my opinion. But when the game picks up especially in the final innings, the crowd becomes an intent energizer. Again, I’m a bit of a fake fan and only pay attention to the Cardinals when we are doing well, but with Yadier Molina’s final season and Albert Pujols return, I can’t see myself rooting for the Texas Rangers just yet. 

NFL – Dallas Cowboys 

Football is my second favorite sport to watch in person behind hockey and probably my favorite sport to watch on TV. However, all I know about the Dallas Cowboys is that Taylor Swift performed the finale of her Reputation tour in AT&T Stadium in 2018. This location was the night in which her Netflix special was filmed, which remains one of my favorite pieces of Taylor content. Based on this loose connection alone, I look forward to visiting the home of the Dallas Cowboys someday and pray that Taylor Swift will return on tour again soon. 

WNBA – Dallas Wings 

While I have to admit basketball is not my favorite sport, the ND women’s basketball team certainly has kept my attention during my time at college. Therefore, I look forward to supporting and following the Dallas Wings, and maybe attending a professional basketball game for the first time in my life. 

MLS – FC Dallas 

I’ve never been to a professional soccer game despite the fact that soccer was the one sport I played in high school. I would love to attend a game to see what the atmosphere of soccer is like. 

NBA – Dallas Mavericks 

Again, basketball is not my cup of tea, and I really could not guess the name of this team although I knew there had to be a NBA team in the area. But now I know! Which was the whole point of this endeavor. 

Of course, there are other collegiate, minor league and recreational sports teams in the area, but these six teams are where I will start to get to know the sports culture fan base of my new city.

P.S. — love you Mom!

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