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Saint Mary’s Sociology Club hosts ‘Women in the FBI’ event

| Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Saint Mary’s College Sociology Club hosted graduates Isabella Speedon ’18 and Favi Cruz ’19 Tuesday night to speak about their experience within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Speedon and Cruz offered students with sociology majors and minors tips on to pursue a career with the FBI.

Speedon, who is part of the Bureau’s interview council for San Diego, offered advice on what students should pay attention to.

“The biggest thing that I’ve noticed would be to pay attention to leadership and initiative because that’s something I’ll admit our office really lacks right now,” she said.   

The FBI pays attention to a variety of other factors but students’ majors isn’t one of them, according to Speedon. Being a criminal justice major isn’t necessary, but you have to have some background in law enforcement, she said. Cruz said that in her experience, she has met a lot of people with different educational backgrounds. Her friends are all different types of leaders, and she said she’s always so fascinated because they teach her things.

Cruz’s favorite part about working with the FBI is the excitement because it is challenging. In her previous jobs, she never had that much challenge for being there.  

“For me since I do teach a lot of folks I would say the teaching aspect is what’s really entertaining for me and is most enjoyable. I try to incorporate hands-on learning because that’s the only way I think you’re really going to be able to understand some of these systems. And so thankfully with my field of work, we have a lot of test environments. So, the fun part is the little things that I find enjoyment in, and I always like to create fake warrants or fake case files. So, I’m constantly adding, you know, superheroes or TV characters, just to make it a little bit more fun but ultimately teaching folks and then watching [others] accomplish their goals,” she said. 

Speedon and Cruz offered advice to current Saint Mary’s students about the importance of reaching out to alumnae of the college.

“I would say reach out to your alumni. I mean, Favi and I are here for a reason. It’s because we love helping other Belles,” Speedon said.

“The Sisterhood is a real thing. Every time I come across a Saint Mary’s sticker, there’s like a little skip in my heart because it just kind of takes you back all the way to the sisterhood that I miss so much. And so, I try in any instance to help somebody from Saint Mary’s,” Speedon continued. “That goes not only for the Bureau, for any career, we’re resources to you. So don’t ever be afraid or ashamed to use your resources. “  

Cruz also offered support to students, saying “I’m always here. I am here every other week. But we’re here to help. I love seeing other people succeed. And I know that’s where like sometimes where I do I enjoy it. When I see friends doing better, I’m like overly excited.” 

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